Cannot Create IOI Account, No help from IOI either

I purchased H3 on Epic and I have H1 and 2 on Steam. I wanted to be able to import the hitman 1 & 2 levels. I tried creating an IOI account but I never receive a confirmation e-mail. And yes I have checked all folders, incl. Junk and spam. I even contacted IOI support on the issue and received an automated e-mail saying they received the request but I never heard back from them. I have tried creating a stand alone account and also creating with linking steam and or Epic but no way works. Is there anyway to import the levels without an IOI account on PC because clearly their IOI account system is broken and they do not care to fix it. I am tempted to just refund H3 because off these ridiculous hoops the make loyal players jump through.

There is no way to import locations without IOI Account.
I can only suggest use another email service for creating IOI Account.
Also there is a possibility that you’ve mistaken with your email address. Try to double check it and try again

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You didn’t specify exactly how you “contacted IOI support”, so if you haven’t already done the following then you should log your query in their new official Zendesk support system at:

This will allow you to create a Support ticket with a reference number that you can follow up on if your query does not get resolved with their initial response.


I have double checked the e-mail address and I have used different e-mails. It is clear it is broken on their end.

Have you logged a Support ticket with their Zendesk?

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Zendesk is where I submitted a support ticket. Still have not received a reply.

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Thanks for the clarification. I guess your only option is to try contacting them again (on Zendesk or elsewhere), referencing your original Zendesk ticket and explaining that you haven’t yet received a response that solves your issue. Hope it gets sorted for you.

You may try to create one with a different email address. Note once you create your IOI account, you cannot change the email address linked with the account.