Canon non-target kills?

There truly are a couple times within the classical trilogy (Silent Assassin, Contracts, and Blood Money) where it does seem slightly canon for non-targets to be killed. When it comes to an example, I just can’t remember. Only joking, in fact I actually do remember a few, but my mind may be missing the bigger picture (AKA, the list of each and every freakin’ one of 'em).

I know that in SA and Contracts, you are allowed to kill a guard or two sometimes and keep SA. Then, in BM, the accident kills will not be considered kills on our ranking, even for civilians.

So, assuming that it is canon that every mission is at the very least passed with Silent Assassin, some of the ones that come to mind for me would be:

SA: The driver and nearby guards around the car that blows up in the Kirov Park Meeting. In my opinion, the most all-encompassing way to complete this mission Silent Assassin, can also easily be done suit only. The mission sets you up to either bomb-em-up or snipe 'em. But I always look for the “fullest” approach to consider my head-canon. So what I do is go get the bomb and rifle by the dumpster, run to the nearby manhole when nobody is looking, pop on your night-vision when in the sewer, since they are provided, this is hinting towards it being a form of canon, make your way to the general’s car parked over the male-hole and place the bomb. Then after that, make your way to the manhole closest to the radio tower. Climb out, go around the alley, wait for the guard to be closer to the street, then run to pick the tower lock, immediate run into the fenced area and crouch behind the dumpster. Then, way for the guard to make his way to the other side, then wait for him to be on his way back to the street side. From there, you have plenty of time to sneak and anesthetize him. Then simply climb the tower, and snipe the mob boss, but not the general. The general will then be blown to bits, along with his driver and a couple guards nearby. They won’t count as kills in your stats, to my knowledge at least, and you still will get silent assassin. For a bit of extra canonization, I will drop the rifle by the knocked-out guard at the bottom of the tower, pick up his AK, and drop it by the dumpster. That way, he will be blamed for the assassination, and will wake up confused and not remembering what happened, and may even come to believe that he himself DID do it, in a sort of delusional state.

Are there any other ones you can think of from Hitman 2: SA? I just can’t remember, but I’m hoping for more.

Contracts: I haven’t played this one as much, although I just do love it. I think there must be a few in this one since the original codename 47 required it in certain missions.

Also, perhaps the psychopathic brother of the Meat King?

Blood Money: Here there could be quite a few, especially with accident system. I definitely think the truest method for the effin’ opera house mission, is to replace the actor’s gun, then drop the jumbo rafter, or (I think) the chandelier? I just don’t remember which one is better stats and method-wisings, but I wish more than anything that I did. Regardless. I know the light fixture kills many civilian actors, perhaps some cops or guards, and of course the target. I believe the chandelier also usually kills at least one guard, but it don’t show up in the stats.

Then IIRC, the Vegas mission with “This is a large casino” also I think has a section where it seems intended to push a civilian off the balcony, can’t remember however. Throughout blood money, there are many times where it seems we are supposed to involve non-targets in accidents, from pushes, to others. Please let me know what you think.

I have a thread made about the question of “how many people has 47 canonically killed” that effectively answers this question to the best of my ability with all the information we have and what was feasible and likely to happen within all the Hitman games.

Yo in which world are SA, C and Blood Money the “classic Trilogy”? You forgot the true and honest original, that defined the Stealth Game Genre as a whole.


Because they were sold and marketed together as “the Hitman trilogy” first, and then later once again as the freakin’ “HD Trilogy”. Also, because those are the three games where they began to be mass produced for all major platforms and receive good reviews. I still like codenand 47 but most I’ve met consider those games to be a certainty special sort of “trilogy” and so I hoped you would know what I mean


Codename 47 is a special case because the whole “silent assassin” concept that became the focus of all the games that follow hadn’t really been defined yet, and couldn’t really be implemented properly at the time. So as far as C47 goes, all non-target deaths are a game necessity, not necessarily an in-universe occurrence, and so they can be imagined away; Contracts helps with this for the most part, and you can imagine a SA version of its events as being how it actually happened. For the Colombia missions, either the contract allowed for Ochoa’s people to be killed in addition to Ochoa himself, or we are to assume that in-universe, 47 did his usual thing and killed only Ochoa, and evacuated the drug lab before he blew it up.

The car explosion in H2:SA, we can image that only the targets were in the car at the time, and that the driver and bodyguards survived, and the submarine explosion on Contracts, again either the contract allowed for deaths due to the nature of needing to sink it, or nobody was on it at the time 47 decided to blow it.

In Blood Money, the courier he shot after getting the code red either was a target by the very nature of delivering a code red, or it’s just ICA protocol to ensure no leaks, and 47 wasn’t actually on the job at the time, so he’s not adhering to the requirements of a contract, allowing him to kill whoever he needs to for the sake of safety and security.

That also applies to the shootouts at the end of the earlier games. The Mr. 48s and Ort-Meyer weren’t official targets, but he had already finished his contract and this was a personal matter. Plus, he learned that Ort-Meyer had been the client throughout the game and ICA was already thinking of getting rid of him once they found out who he was and that he’d been using them for a wider agenda, so he just did the job early and for free. Killing Sergei at the end of SA could have been done without killing any of his men, and they could have fled once they learned he was dead and they didn’t have to deal with the super killer they’d been hearing about all that time. For Requiem, 47 was killing for his own survival, and could not leave witnesses, so thats why Canye and his people had to die, but also the reporter and priest. To be fair, he could have taken the reporter and priest as human shields and let Cayne’s people shoot them, thereby sparing him from having to directly kill innocents.

In Absolution, while he’s not really on a contract most of the game and choosing his own targets, even though it’s all technically one big contract from Diana to protect Victoria from anyone who is after her, I don’t think 47 takes any action that kills anyone he doesn’t have to. The actions of other characters likely do, but 47 stays precise.

And then there’s WoA, and IOI confusing the fuck out of everybody with Novikov and that goddamn light rig. Plus that dude in the room in the final cinematic for Patient Zero, and that schmuck he takes the uniform from at the end of Dartmoor, both of whom are unconfirmed if their alive or dead, but the case can be made for both of them still being alive, so imma go with that until I learn otherwise.

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