Cant access h1,h2 but get h3 on my ps4 accnt

Ok so i used my ps4 account and downloaded hitman 3 for my girlfriend on her ps4, i have no problem accessing any of what was purchased. Now my girlfriend on the other hand is having issues. She only has access to h3 and not the other campaigns. She has to load my account then close it then it opens all the content. Not a big deal just a inconvenient way of her getting to play the game I bought her. Thank you ps4 digital download btw

Judging from your description, I’d assume you used your account to digitally purchase H3, then switching to her account to play the game. It’s most likely that you own those H1+H2 access passes yet you didn’t install them immediately after the main game was installed.

Anyway, both of your accounts should be okay to access all contents once they are installed, as long as both accounts have the exact same PS4 registered as their primary console.

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