Can't access to some items of the 2 previous games in Hitman3 on my main PS4 account

Hello everyone.

I hope I made the post, in the right category, of the forum. I am new here (just made the account here a few minutes ago) so I hope to get help, for the issue I have with the game.

after 3 months (if not more) that I played the game & finish it not on 100% (but getting close to it), i somehow can’t access, some items & suits from the game on my main account on the PS4.

I have every game, of the trilogy on physical Blu-ray disc & the copy of Hitman3 was ordered on limited run games (because most of the stores in my location didn’t have the game for pre order at the time). But when I load up, the game (after I did the, progress transfer a weeks before getting the game) I can see some items & suits are not available in the the us/ntsc Copy that I have.

For example items that I miss in the us version is the clown suit but the bat from the mission is available (the same is for the sniper & the striker gun) & the same is for some of the collector and dlc suits in the game.

But when I load the eu starter pack of Hitman3 in my main user I have everything (even the deluxe suits & items are appearing there but the trinity pack is the only thing that don’t show up there)

I have every account on my ps4 console set to primary but it’s still in the same state & don’t know what to do about this i have ask everywhere I can for answers & some people said that I should try to ask here.

Hope to know what is the thing that causes this issue in the first place.

Thanks for everyone that will try to help me with this issue

Hello Dragonpool. Nice to see you registering on this forum. Welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t quite understand why this would happen, although I am aware that Playstation has been always restrictive when it comes to region-locked DLC content. Anyway, I don’t know how to resolve this, but you may try and contact the developers via this website. Your description of the issue is very well detailed, so I believe you shall receive official supports with it.

I hope this will eventually get resolved. Have a nice day.

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@YellowZR1 thank you for commenting & for try to help.

Before that I will contact them I will need to re-download the starter pack (I deleted it because didn’t have enough space for some games to download).

I will contact soon when I will have something to say about the issue that I have.