Can't be arsed to complete the H2 Masteries

I really cannot be bothered to achieve the masteries for most H2 maps (Hawke’s Bay, Miami, Santa Fortuna, and New York excluded), is there anyone else that struggles with the same? :thinking:

Is there anyone out there that could provide some proper motivation so that I could have them done? :grin:

Otherwise I won’t do them, no matter how much it pains me to have mastered only H1 and H3. :sob:

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Do you like 1 and 3’s levels more?

Yeah, I do! On the account on them being cleaner, smaller on average, generally more open. The masteries unlocks are cooler(!)

The targets are way more fun, so were the challenges.

While I do appreciate Hitman 2 for what it was - a new installment to a game-series that I love; if you ask me that game will never come close to H1 and H3.

I‘m kind of in the same boat as you :joy: Hitman 1 is completely done so is Hitman 3. Apart from Hawkes Bay i haven‘t completed the mastery on any of the Hitman 2 maps :joy:

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Glad to hear that it isn’t just me! :grimacing:

Well, Haven has the Sieker, an honest-to-god game changing item. The remote emetic gas device is similar, but it’s kinda finicky. Whittleton Creek has the crowbar, a pretty big quality of life item.

As for the levels themselves, the bank and Haven are pretty close to the H3 levels in terms of design and size. Whittleton Creek is fairly small.

I find Santa Fortuna, Mumbai and Sgail so large they’re kind of exhausting, tbh.

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Dude! I did NOT know there was an Emetic gun (How did I not know that?)

That one I knew, in fact, I already have one, as I completed the challenge for it in Hitman 2. A huge quality of life item, I never load-out without it.

I entirely agree with this, however - both the Bank and Haven have more restricted areas, with little excellent opportunities to obtain the necessary disguises.

I can agree with this, partially. Due to the houses being built and painted in the exact same way, it is with great dizzyness that I navigate my way through the map. Also with the crowbar achieved, I’m left with little encouragement unlock-wise to “soldier on through”.

Feel ya.

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assuming you’re playing in hitman 3, theyve bollocksed the mastery system quite a bit by gutting the classics challenges. its much more of a grind now to get full mastery and since hitman 2’s maps are too big for their own good they naturally take the longest to max out


You are really spot on here, although - achieving masteries on H2-maps were nowhere near my agenda even on H2.

Some I did do, such as Santa Fortuna, others I focused on rewards through challenges, which in turn gave me: Gold coin, ICA Titanium Crowbar, the Masamune, and the Tanto-knife on the very last days before Hitman 3 was launched. (All of those items are today a Mastery unlock, god damn it).

How the reply over was not registered as a reply to you, I do not know. So you’ll get a nudge from this reply then.

i would always do masteries first, but thats mostly because im simple minded and seeing big number go up is enough to keep me satisfied.

but if I wasnt as easily pleased I imagine a combination of the crap maps, crap mk2 reskin unlocks and the fact that i have far far better things to do with my time would put me off from grinding the hitman 2 maps to completion. because honestly after maxing the hitman 2 maps out i barely touched them, they dont really have staying power like the others do


I still need to max out Haven Island mastery. I’m at level 12 now. Should have done that before the transfer, but oh well. It’s weird, it’s a beautiful map, but it seems to have come at a time where I kind of had enough of Hitman, and I never learned to really appreciate it since. The Tropical Suit looks nice enough to be worth it though.

Other masteries were carried over luckily enough, even those that were originally max 15.


Big thanks to you, I was motivated to get one more Mastery on Haven, securing me the Sieker.
The reason why I did that was because with that gun I knew about one kill-opportunity for Nolan in Whittleton Creek, that along with a poison vial, I was able to do WC SA/SO, securing me some more mastery for WC.

That was a GREAT tip mate!

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No prob, thanks for the reply. Gotta help a fellow hitmanner out. It really helps to set up some drowning kills.

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So since I posted this topic, I’ve played a little Haven, some Whittleton Creek, and some at The Bank.

This has helped me complete all “the Classics”-challenges and it has given me some new items (both from Masteries, and challenge-rewards). And a couple of new starting points.

I think I love this forum. What’s next you wonder? Well, I will at some point try to complete the Masteries, because - not only is it annoying to only have fully Mastered H1 & H3, but now it is also annoying that I completed the “the Classics” before I fully Mastered this trilogy.

In my opinion Hitman 2 had the best maps of the trilogy, so it’s weird to see people saying they couldn’t master them. I think it took me less time to reach max level than Hitman 3 did.

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I tend to see this statement in various topics on this forum. And I for one simply cannot wrap my head around that!

I mean; by all means- that is your (and others) opinion, and you are free to hold it - but to me it doesn’t make any sense! The H2 maps are too big, too active. I simply cannot properly focus on the tasks at hand when playing them.

Mumbai for instance is a beautifully designed map, but it is pure pain to play. I think I can count on one hand how many times I’ve played that map. It was the first map that had me thinking: “Boy, I sure do want to knock out as many challenges as possible in my first run, so that I won’t HAVE to play it again”.

And I can’t really say that H2 maps had an abundance of cool mastery unlocks that I simply HAD to have.

Well, we’re different people with different taste I guess. At least we can agree upon loving the WOA-trilogy as a whole! :grin:

I honestly think mastery is too easy to get. Everyone’s different I guess! :smile:

It’s not about it being to hard, or to easy for that matter. It is simply put that doing challenges in maps you do not particularly care for would be considered work, and not play. :sleepy:

But today I have mastered New York! :star_struck: I guess I found it more appealing than I’ve been letting on. Which now “only” leaves Mumbai (6 lvls until Mastery 20), Whittleton Creek (3), Isle of Sgail (10), and Maldives (7) left for a Mastery-completed Hitman-trilogy.

Hopefully some day I will reach my goal, but today is not that day, no sir! :sunglasses: Instead I think I’ll watch some shows on Netflix :laughing:

I guess while I prefer some maps to others I don’t get not liking a map to the point of not wanting to play it. It’s pretty much all the same game for me. Again though, everyone’s different. :slightly_smiling_face:

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