Cant complete the feat where you destroy all the cameras

i dont remember how its called. but there is that feat that you destroy the cameras in cassidy and janus house. the game count the cameras i destroyed only on janus house. but it dosent count them on cassidy house. so i destroyed all the cameras and it triggers them meeting but it dosent show that i completed the feat

Big Brother I think it called.
Go to your Challenge tab and see if you didn’t complete this challenge before.
Sometimes happens that a player completes some challenge but doesn’t notice this for various reasons. Happened to me once or twice as well.
Did you google the video guide for the challenge?
Watch it, maybe you doing something wrong.
It was ages ago I completed this challenge so don’t remember how it’s done.
But Internet remembers pretty everything

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I concur, that happened to me before but ive done that challenge so its not bugged.

i figured out that it happend because i disabled the cameras in janus basement

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