Can't connect to servers PS4

EDIT: FIXED. It looks like the problem was between my PlayStation Network account and the IOI servers. I had to create a new PSN account and now it’s working, but I lost everything progress I had in the other account (which wasn’t much fortunately)

Hi! I bought Hitman 2 for PS4 like a month ago and at first everything worked correctly, but a few weeks ago I couldn’t connect to the servers anymore. I searched on the internet how to fix it, and the best answer I got was that the servers are very bad and that I needed to try to reconnect several times but no matter the hour of the day I still can’t connect. I don’t know if here’s where I should be asking for help, so sorry if I’m out of place! Thank you in advance

It very well might be that your game is region-dependent.
Try to set an initial region where the game was bought and where it worked correctly.

Also if you’re in some place like student campus or something, your system administator has blocked an access to game servers and hence you can’t go online. Try to reach out either sysadmin or your internet provider and ask them to check what’s going on


Sorry I don’t know how to do that :sweat_smile: I’m new to all of this. Could you explain me how to do it?

Did you update your PS4?

Yeah, both the game and the console are up to date

Ok Update:
I tried signing up from the game, and it tells me I put the password/email wrong, which it’s not true because I can sign up outside of the game writing the exact same password/email. I also tried making a new account and it told me the same thing. I can sign up on any other game but not Hitman 2