Can't download legacy pack, and therefore can't get goty access pass!

I have the steelbook complete first season (non-goty version) for Hitman 1 and need to get the legacy pack for Hitman 2, before being able to transfer Hitman 1 levels to Hitman 3. The problem is the Legacy Pack is “not currently available” on Xbox. I have downloaded the free starter pack for Hitman 2, still doesn’t work. I have tried everything!

I believe the issue is that I don’t have the goty upgrade for Hitman 1, but IOI’s guides clearly state that owning the complete first season should grant you access to the legacy pack (and thereafter the goty access pass for Hitman 3). Anybody have suggestions? I contacted IOI support, but no reply for 3 days already.

I’m new to the Hitman series. I bought all 3 Hitman games to be able to transfer the maps all to Hitman 3. If this issue isn’t solved, I’m probably never buying any Hitmans again. I tried several hours and there seems to be no fix.

I’ll try to tag @Dennis_IOI for a chance of he jumps in and helps you

Thanks for trying to get me some help. Unfortunately IOI doesn’t seem to do anything. No support from their email and no support on forums. Unfortunately, I’ll just beat Hitman from the disc. Then, I’ll never touch IOI games again.

Whenever I help someone with redeeming Legacy Pack while they own the disc version of Hitman 1, the main issue is that they’re missing Bonus Episode, which is installed via a code found in the box of the disc.

If you don’t have Bonus Episode installed then you won’t be able to redeem the Legacy Pack for Hitman 2.
All 7 episodes (including Bonus Episode) of Hitman 1 must be installed.

Who can redeem the HITMAN Legacy Pack for FREE?
Players who own HITMAN: The Full Experience, HITMAN: The Complete First Season (digital or disc) or all seven episodes individually (Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, Bonus Episode, Bangkok, Colorado and Hokkaido) from the previous HITMAN game, will be able to redeem the HITMAN Legacy Pack.

Once you have all 7 episodes installed, download Hitman 2 Free Starter Pack, go to the Hitman 1 menu, now redeem the Legacy Pack for Hitman 2.

Thanks for the response. I have all episodes, including the Bonus Episode: Summer mission installed. I have downloaded the Hitman 2 starter pack. Still says Legacy Pack is “not currently available.”

Only other thing I can think of right now is that both H1 and H2 must have been purchased/downloaded within the same region, it won’t work if H1 is purchased in one region and H2 in another.

Another thing I’d try is reinstalling H1 to make sure your Xbox recognizes that you own H1, and make sure your H1 disc is inserted at all times when you’re redeeming the Legacy Pack.

If both games are purchased in the same region, and reinstalling didn’t work either then I’m all out of ideas as to why it won’t let you redeem the Legacy Pack.

Thanks for the response. Really appreciate it. Unfortunately, they are from same region and already reinstalled.

This is one of several pretty common and closely related issues in the mess of how this trilogy arbitrarily recognises (or does not) ownership of all the varied SKUs of the other games. Hopefully IOI can sort you out if someone sees the thread and they’re still working on this.

This whole mess is frustrating. I have the steelbook as well, and can’t make this work. The legacy pack shows as unavailable to me. I have installed and uninstalled Hitman. I apparently own all of the content of the pack, but not the pack itself. I also own the content of the legacy pack goty upgrade for some reason. Unfortunately it appears if I don’t own the pack itself, I can’t get the legacy access pass for hitman 3. I just tested out buying the goty upgrade and had it refunded. When I own the goty upgrade, it gives me the access pass. Refunding unfortunately reverted everything. The status of my ownership of the legacy pass is still unavailable.