Cant get sniper assasin in this level

i’m not sure if its a problem only with this level or other levels. i was able to get it on new york. what i did is 1 time sniping all targets from the tower. i was wearing a guard disguise. killed all 3 targets. each time i shot a target i climbed down from the tower, waited for the situation to be clear and went up again. so when i did it and finished the mission on the rating screen i only get things like “clean ICA assasin” and stuff like that, despite that i only kill the targets and only in one headshot with all 3, never been alerated even once. ironically, on the challanges menu it does marked that i gained sniper assasin, despite not heaving it on the rating never. i tried sniping all targets with the suit and again i noticed i cant get sniper assasin on the rating screen, despite once again, not being detected. you know how there are those challanges where you need to complete stuff like sniper assasin,silent assasin etc, 5x times, 15 times, 17 times, so i checked and it dosent seem to add up.

so i was thinking that maybe IO did it on purpose to prevent players from cheesing the game and completing easy sniper assasin,silent assasin etc on the same level, or worse, save near the exit and gaining the challange again and again. i think IO intented that you need to complete those challnages once in each level in the game. correct me if i’m wrong, maybe this is the problem. you cant get it more then once in a level

i tried posting it on haven island on the hitman 2 forum. have no idea why its here. can the moderators move it?

Yes, it’s exactly this. Those challenges need to be completed on different missions, so only the first time you complete it on a particular mission will count toward the challenge.