Can't redeem legacy pack in steam

I own both HITMAN 1 GOTY and HITMAN 2 on steam, the IOI website says H2 should automatically detect H1 and give me the Legacy pack for free, but it just doesn’t.
Both games are linked to my IOI account.

Is there some manual option for this?

I’m doing this mainly because I have H3 as well and I want to import both H1 and H2 into H3, but from what I gather I need to have the Legacy Pack in H2 to have everything in H3

Did you launch HITMAN 2016 game?
Launch it, play any mission from start to finish, quit the game and then try to launch HITMAN 2

I played the whole campaign in HITMAN 2016 and some of the Patient Zero levels as well

In order to help the system detect you own the game to get Legacy Pack, you need to do what I wrote

Well this is awkward…

I did launch H2, and got no message about the Legacy pack or anything. I made sure that my account was linked and that I don’t somehow already own the pack, and even restarted steam and the game a few times. Then I went on an hour long search for why it doesn’t work.
Now about an hour later steam is downloading everything in the background without telling me that I got the pack.

So I guess it does work, thanks anyway!


Sometimes it works that way, yes.
It just starts downloading without any notifications.
But the thing that I wrote above is still needed if the process does not starts.
Good thing that you may skip it now.
Enjoy the game