Cantonese dialogue in TLHA not translated?

in hitman: contracts during the mission “lee hong assassination”, there’s a conversation between tzun and lee hong in cantonese, has anyone actually successfully translated the conversation? i would like to know

Sadly I don’t speak or read Cantonese. That said I don’t believe it’s real Cantonese, however just gibberish. The are many parts of the conversation, that sounds like broken danish with heavy asian accent.

I can be mistaken, but the fact that there are plenty of words and phrases you can pick up on, if you speak danish. Leads me to believe it’s nonsensical gibberish.


I’m not a Cantonese speaker; I speak Mandarin. However, according to someones knowing Cantonese well, basically their most lines are acceptable Cantonese sentences, but a bit strange and stiff, and had been translated to Mandarin: 《杀手3契约》香港关部分粤语_哔哩哔哩_bilibili


There was a translation somewhere which I remember reading years ago, but off the top of my head I don’t remember where. Apparently the conversation revolved around some gambling habits iirc, but to what extent it was accurate or not or whether the convo itself was authentic, I cannot say (seeing as I don’t speak a word of Cantonese either). I’ll post it if I find it.

Edit: I think this was it.

(Given that 47 in Rendezvous in Rotterdam did not have subtitles either, it is possible that some subtitles were missed due to a development error.)
I think the translation goes like this (I’m a Cantonese, but I can’t type Cantonese, use Mandarin instead) :
Hong and Tzun/Horse and Wong
Tzun:那些马不跟我玩啊。/The horses were very bad to me.
Hong:我跟你说过多少次了,不要浪费你的钱了。/How many times have I told you not to waste your money.
Tzun:王叔叔不是说奔驰佳丽会赢的吗,18比1啊?/Didn’t uncle Wang say (horse’s name) would win? 18-1?
Hong:让你王叔叔去吃屎吧。/Let your uncle Wang eat shit.
Tzun:但是他赢了很多钱啊?/But he won a lot of money?
Hong:不是啊,准,他是在赢你的钱啊!/No, Tzun, he’s winning your money!
Tzun:哦,我下次见到他我就弄断他一只手。/Well, next time I see him, I’ll break his arm.
Hong and Tzun/Soup
Tzun:我不认识他,让我先试试味道。嗯,还挺好喝的啊。/I don’t know him. Let Me Taste the soup first.Well, it’s delicious.
Mei Ling and Madam
Madam:起来了,客人来了,你这个八婆。/Get Up, the guests are coming, you bitch.
Madam:那个客人非常富有的。/The guest is very rich.
Mei Ling:我会将他杀死,之后就来这里了。/I’ll kill him and then come here.(I still don’t know what that means)
Madam:你要听话啊,不然就把你抓回来,Beautiful flower啊。/Be good, or I’ll bring you back, Beautiful flower.