Carry over issue

Can someone who has completed this procees tell me what is lost if your carry over from hitman 2 to hitman 3 (by the way I played hitman 3 before hitman 2 and I have a lot of progress on both.)

I haven’t done a progress transfer, but it’s known and stated officially in Carryover blogpost that if you decide to do a carryover after you gained some progress in HITMAN 3, while carryover all that progress will be erased and you’ll need to achieve everything again.

Direct quote:

We recommend that you perform the carryover process before you start playing HITMAN 3, because the process will wipe any HITMAN 3 progress you have made.

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This might be a dumb question to ask but if you do the carryover do you get your hitman 2 suits items etc

Everything from HITMAN 2 will be transferred.
Though there are few exceptions that are mentioned in the linked blogpost.
Have a read

Thanks this info is helping alot. One last question I do not own hitman 1 but it says I can install the legacy pack. Can I play the levels on hitman 2 or 3 without buying hitman 1

You can buy HITMAN 1 GOTY Access Pass for HITMAN 3 and get everything from HITMAN 2016 game in HITMAN 3 with no exceptions.
This info is also described in details in that blogpost

Thanks very much again