Carry Over Not Necessary?

Hi - I have been playing Hitman 1 & 2 while also being eager to jump into Hitman 3. While I don’t want to do all this stuff before beginning the carry over I do find it interesting that I can select from the stuff I have unlocked when planning a Hitman 3 mission.

Carryover is exclusively up to a player.
You are not forced or obliged to do a carryover.

Carryover has a few particularities:

  • It’s only a one-time thing.
    Once you’ve done a carryover, you couldn’t make it once again under any circumstances until the developer says otherwise
  • You couldn’t do a reverse transfer as well
  • If you already played HITMAN 3 and achieved/unlocked some stuff, while carryover process you’ll lose everything to the point of carryover.
    That means all your unlocks from HITMAN 3 will be overwritten by transferred progression and you’ll need to achieve/unlock everything in HITMAN 3 again