Carry worked for the most part but still missing things

My carry over seemed to work for the most part but oddly enough there are quite a few things missing here is a list of the things I noticed missing.

Corky Ramono clown suit.
Raven suit
Requiem suit and chrome baller and rubber ducky.
Ica flash phone
Ica electrocution phone
winter gear suit
casual suit

These were the things that I noticed were missing. I think there is more on this list but it’s hard to identify all of it because I have a lot of stuff. Does anyone know a fix or has some of the content been cut?

For the Requiem pack, the developers are aware that it’s not in the carryover process and this should be fixed in a future update.
For the electrocution phone, they already said that this item was deleted from Hitman 3 so it’s not possible to have it in Hitman 3
For all the other things, they should be on the game so I don’t know why you don’t have them.

All items you listed don’t belong to the carryover progress. Instead, they are tied to what Access Passes you own. You will have to check whether these passes are successfully installed in your game. Anthony_G has explained Requiem pack and E-phone, so here are the rest of them:

These two along with A New Bat, Sieger 300 Ghost, Cowboy Suit, and Striker are all parts of HITMAN 1 GOTY Access Pass.

These three are all parts of HITMAN 2 Gold Access Pass. I’d presume you also miss the following items:

  • ICA19 Black Lily
  • ICA Executive Briefcase (not the MKII homing one)
  • Midnight Black Suit
  • Remote Concussion Collectors Rubber Duck
  • IO Elite S2VP Earphones
  • Quickdraw
  • Snowball
  • Piton
  • Arctic Tool Box

I have a similar problem. The Midnight Black Suit, Smart Casual Suit, Raven Suit, Winter Sports Suit, Cowboy Suit, and Clown Suit don’t appear in my disguises but then appear after I complete challenges/mastery. Then when I reload the game later those suits are gone again but then reappear when I continue to complete challenges/mastery but then disappear again after I reload the game and this just continues. Currently I don’t have them but I suspect if I continue to complete challenges/mastery they will show up again and then disappear when I log back into the game.

Strangely right after I posted this I looked into my game and the suits were there. I didn’t have to complete mastery or challenges. I should make note that about a half hour ago or so my game was saying I couldn’t access hitman 1 or 2 levels. This sort of thing hasn’t been a problem since the day Hitman 3 launched. The first day I launched Hitman 3, I couldn’t access hitman 1 levels but that went away the next day or so. Now today at this moment everything seems fine but a half hour ago it wasn’t. Maybe they literally just fixed it.

Sigh. Figured I’d try to log out and back in to see if they stayed. They didn’t. I’ll have to figure out if maybe I did something that triggered them before. I’ll report back if I figure it out.

Update: Looks like I figured it out. From the main menu I went to store. I saw Hitman GOTY. For me it was check marked. I clicked on it. Then it brought up a page that says Hitman 3 Access Pass: Hitman 1 GOTY Edition. There’s a box that says Manage: You own this. I clicked on that and clicked install and it installed within moments. I checked back and the suits are there. It’s weird because I thought this already went through. Maybe I’ll have to keep doing it.

Thanks for the responses. I guess I have to download teh passes then. Do i do that from the hitman 3 store

yeah oddly enough i’m not missing the sieger 300 ghost or the new bat, ofcourse those two items I got from escalations though

also thanks for the advice in the downloads I went to hitman 3 store and clicked goty and the expansion for hitman 2 and now everything is back

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