Cashmirian - in H3

If I remember correctly, playing Mumbai in H2, when I outsmarted Cashmirian guy and stole his sniper, when he came back, he panicked and ran away.
That was one of the challenges, and I remember getting Cashmerian suit after that.
However, when I play that in H3, nothing happens when he runs away, no challenge finished, no Cashmerian suit…
What’s with that?

Not every challenge from previous games is in Hitman: WOA.
Cashmerian suit is available via Escalations - Track 1 challenge.

  • Complete 1 / 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 / 15 Escalations on locations: Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, Bangkok, Colorado, Hokkaido.

In this case, 15 escalations.


I think you’re remembering incompletely. In H2 the Cashmirian suit was a reward for The Dubious Cohabitation escalation, which in the final stage will likely result in triggering that behavior.

In H3, the suit is instead unlocked by completing the Escalations - Track 1, Tier 6 challenge.

I don’t know of any specific challenge related to having the Kashmirian find his sniper rifle missing.


Can I complete the same escalation multiple times?

Yes. Once you complete all levels of an escalation you can replay the final level at will (except for arcade escalations). And should see a button prompt on the escalation’s planning screen to reset it back to level 1 if you want to play the whole thing again.

For arcade escalations you can’t re-play after completing the final level, you have to reset it to level 1 to replay it.

EDIT: Oh, you meant “can I replay the same escalation multiple times to count towards the track progress”. No, the track challenges require completed escalations to count towards their totals, not just completed runs of an escalation.


I replied “The corky commotion” second time from the beginning and it didn’t count to my escalation tiers.
So I need to complete 15 different escalations, I guess.

What I mean is this:

I finished the Track 1, Tier 3:

The Corky commotion (Paris)
The Szilassi darknes (Sapienza)
The Ignatiev Integrity (Marakesh)
The Somsak Equation (Bangkok)
The Farley Crescendo (Colorado)
The Dexter Discordance (Hokkaido)

So my question is, to proceed to Tier 4, 5, 6…
Can I replay some of these escalations from the start?
e.g. Can I play 5 more times “The Corky commotion” form the beginning? Will it count so I move to next tier?

No, the challenge requires completing 15 different escalations. Playing the same escalation over and over won’t work.


Thanks, that was my question before. Obviously I wasn’t clear enough.