Category banner images too wide on mobile

The category banner images are too wide on mobile causing the scrollbar to work horizontally. It seems that they aren’t being scaled down enough in size.



Right some of the stuff we added is a bit makeshift. :sweat: Let’s see if we can fix that.

Which subsite are you looking at? It seems pretty responsive on my side.

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Subsite? It only seems to be an issue on the homepage.

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Probably a phone screen size issue… are you okay to share which device it’s on?

Since the images are responsive (at least they should be) it is possible some other element is widening the screen for you and the images only size up to that.

Oneplus 6t


I can replicate the issue in Google Chrome on my PC using the debug tools:


Weird I can’t replicate it.

It is unusable in another way for me though. :joy:

It is no fix for this issue, though are you aware you can set a different site as your HMF homepage?

I for example use “Latest”:

You have to refresh the page for the mobile version to kick in

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Now I see it, yes the images are setting the width here.

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You think you’ve got it bad?