Challenge Packs for Hitman 3?

I noticed that the Challenge Packs for the Hitman 1 and 2 maps have been removed (such as Vampire Magician and Plumber’s Apprentice). This is also what was done for the Legacy DLC for Hitman 2. However, the Packs would later be put back in, along with the Holiday Hoarders side-mission. Are the Challenge Packs for both H1 and 2 maps going to be put back in later like before or are they going to be reserved for the Hitman 3 maps or are they not going to be done at all?

we dont have an answer; but im assuming they’re trying to move away from challenge packs somewhat. or maybe rework them to cater to more players

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I’m going to gatekeep and say that the Santa suit should be the new ICA Outstanding Performance Coin. :stuck_out_tongue:
(RIP Ghost Mode. :sob:)

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I think since the escalation tracks now take up the majority of that old space the packs took up they’re not coming back. Some challenges from the packs were put into the assassination tab at least but I wish all them made it.

I think there won’t be challenge packs anymore. Maybe there could be contract challlenge packs since that still has a space but doubt it. If they take the gimmicks for challenge packs and build escalations around them instead I won’t have a problem with discontinuing them.


By that logic you’re comparing a Seasonal Item that is permanent in HITMAN and HITMAN 2 to a Status Item that was given to the Pre GOTY Playerbase which is two separate things I might add. Santa 47 will return alongside Holiday Hoarders either in July or around the Holidays. :slight_smile:

Alot of H2 Challenge Packs got reworked into other challenges which the reason behind that is simply so IOI doesn’t have to repeat the content cycle of H2 in H3.

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I’m aware that the rarity isn’t comparable, but a Santa suit is better than most, if not all, of the ET unlocks. There’s nothing like starting a mission with the Santa suit, a red pre-order briefcase, and a white pre-order pistol. :smirk:

“Ho, ho, ho!”

This is where I direct you to both Undying Unlocks. It should be safe to assume that the Undying won’t return in HITMAN 3 so the two unlocks won’t be as well. To my knowledge both aren’t apart of a challenge but I could be wrong.

What I’m getting at here is that HITMAN 2’s ICA Coin is the Explosive Pen or Lil Flashy.

edit: if you’re cynical like me you can say the ICA Electrocution Phone is the rarest item in HITMAN 3 cause no one can get it.

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The Undying unlocks are useless to me. I do like the ‘The Undying Look’ suit though.

I just spent the past half hour going back to Hitman 2 and writing down all of the Challenges in all of the Packs then went to Hitman 3 and compared them to the current lists. With the exception of the Isle of Sgail map all of the other maps have at least one Challenge from a Pack woven into either the Assassination or Feats tab so it looks like the Packs will not be re-introduced on the old maps. However, I feel that both the Holiday Hoarders and Hokkaido Snow Festival side-mission should be brought back for those who haven’t managed to acquire the Santa Suit at least.

I would be pissed if i have to do scarecrow challenges for the 3rd time, lol


With certain challenge packs challenges being in the normal list now, it very much seems to me like they’re moving away from doing the packs. Which is a real shame as I actually prefer them to escalations. I guess IOI’s stats tell them most people prefer the escalations though, or else they wouldn’t do this.

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