Chameleon Discovery

Trying toget the Chameleon discovery but I cant seem to find the last outfit, As far as I can tell I tried on every outfit there is, even ended up killing everyone in the level just to make sure. Does anyone have a hint / tip or a clue to where the last hard to find outfit might be ?

Does anyone know yet or is this level and mastery bugged ?

Maybe you missed the Facility Engineer? That’s the one that I got last, because there are either very few male variants or just one. It’s the people in red jumpsuits in the Tier 3 area of the ICA Facility.

This should be a full list:

  • Street Guard

  • Dumpling Cook

  • Homeless Person

  • Pritchard

  • Block Guard

  • Resarcher (at the block)

  • Perfect Test Subject (homeless person in the bathroom at the top of the block)

  • Facility Security

  • Facility Guard

  • Facility Analyst

  • Facility Engineer