Chamelon faster approach

I’m not sure how many of you have completed this. The main reason I’m making this, is because one of the outfits you need is.

There are 15 outfits total

47 signature suit with gloves, that comes with completing the hidden mission story.

However, I had this suit unlocked prior to playing Mendoza and was able to begin the mission with it. Note if you are playing Mendoza the main mission for the first time ever, you must begin and end with Burnwood. Then you may begin with choosing what outfit you want to begin the mission.

I was able to start with 47 signature suit with gloves knock out Aaron Ford the Lawyer, quickly take his disguise and then you have to put 47 signature suit with gloves on to register on the chamelon counter. This is a way faster approach then having to do the entire hidden mission story. Overall to get 100% it still has to happen regardless but whenever I play a map, I prefer this strategy. It probably took under a min

Classics SA SO SN
Versatile Assassin all 5
Discovery all map locations and open all doors for future use
Mission stories
then all the remaining challenges.

This approach allows me to reach level 20 on any map in very record time and I can use many of the unlockables that come with it in the map on future use or freelancer.

Below is a list of all the unlockables from each map and how early you can unlock
47 signature suit with gloves

I was 14/15 for a long time. I thought I would need to get the cameraman (because you can get that disguise in Miami), but turns out you can’t take that disguise for some reason. I eventually found out I had to get one of the Asada chefs disguises. There are 2 types apparently. The underlings and head/master chef with his fancy schmancy hat. :unamused:

There’s a Gentleman on YouTube listed

Hitman Series, who has a Chameleon video pretty much every map.

He list one by one all the chameleon outfits with the title of each disquise.

Excellent resource.

Id call this thread chameleon challenge, because if you say chameleon, I’m thinking the ET in Colorado :sweat_smile: