Change Platform - Can I get my suits somehow?

I have played the World of Assassination on PS4 since 2016, consequently I have all ET rewards including the Black Winter Suit, Undying rewards, Travellers suitcase and Service coin.

Rather than upgrade to PS5 and continue to pay through the nose for PSN and a bunch of free games I’ll never play, just to have online functionality in WOA for Freelancer I figured I’d update my PC and have bought the series and deluxe pack again for Steam.

I have got through all ET Arcade rewards and am slowly rewinning everything else but the thought occurred that I will not be able to get the ET suits on PC until they rerun the ETs this year, and as things stand there is no way of me getting the above cited items or Trinity pack which I own on PS.

I’m not asking for IoI to make hard won exclusive items available for everybody, but my PS progress and series loyalty is stored on my IoI account, and they have just given away all content from the three games away free to anyone with H3 + the deluxe pass (subject to fulfilling the in-game challenges) is it really not possible to acknowledge someone’s progress over many years when they are playing a new game linked to the same IoI account?

Unfortunately, there is no cross-platform progression transfer. If you change to a different platform, you start over.

For the record, you don’t need PS+ for anything in Hitman 3/WoA. I’ve never had PS+ at all and the only Hitman content I didn’t have access to was Ghost Mode and Sniper Assassin multiplayer in H2. (Neither of which really appealed to me anyway.)


That’s good to know. Maybe I’ll keep going in PS and PC in Freelancer.

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