Cheap exploits in freelancer, what do you think about it?

Good points. Not just crashing, but stutters and FPS drops too. It’s rare but sometimes I have to restart just because it becomes unplayable. It’s likely even more of a common problem to players with older hardware.

I don’t think there’s much to do about it but to leave to each player. Personally, I just play as it is and don’t mind failing. In fact, it’s the first time I’m now two contracts away from completing the campaign. Barely got to the 2nd and 3rd leaders before, but I’m getting better at the new mode.

Also, they reportedly fixed the exploit in which attempting to hide a body would reveal the leader, but currently the challenge to poison the leader will reveal who it is provided you hit them with a dart. I’ve used this exploit a few times, lol


I saw ioi decrease number of suspects
I think the ctt vesion of it was better

I say, if you find an exploit and choose to share it, you are opening the door for others to copy and/or for it to be patched.

I found prestige objectives to assist with determining the target… and shared that exploit… if they patch it, it’s just fine by me.

Why though? It was a nightmare running around with like 15 different suspects, quality not quantity.

I would love to hear your reasons why through.

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I not played the last campign i arrive to leader number 3 and in the ctt it was 9 suspects and here it was 6 suspects and kind of easy for me
The last leader i didnt play so i dont know
In the CTT it was 12 suspects that good enough . In the Ctt i was faild in the last leader its was hard and very good challanging

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Exactly this. It is not even correct to define cheat because it is an operation that does not change the game dynamics. ET mode already allowed this way out in case of failure and they never intervened. Not being a multiplayer competition HxC is absolutely right, there is no harm to other players if someone does ALT-F4. So the problem does not impact on the gaming experience of others but at most on your own, where you will be aware that you have not been honest with yourself.

Over on Reddit, I saw a lot of people aggressively their right to utilize alt+f4. This seems to be the vast majority of players. I just wanted to share my thoughts on this here, and it might be unpopular.

First of all: yes, it is a single player game and cheating is really ok and has always been. So, I’m not fundamentally questioning your right to do it.

But I have to say this. As someone who appreciates the hell out of Hitman, and this mode in particular, I’m kind of bummed out that so many people aren’t just playing the game the way it was intended.

The way some of these people are so aggressively criticizing the game for being too hard… it just screams of someone having been hurt and feeling they need to justify their cheating. It’s like, “who cares, it’s a single player game”, but simultaneously coming off like they really do care, like it really hurt their ego. I could say in response: “Who cares, it’s only a loss”.

There’s a lot of people who obviously do care about losing, deeply, but they’re making it out like it’s the people defending the mode’s basic parameters are being hysterical. Some people care about the experience that was made, some care about not losing.

I think it’s kind of cool how it keeps me in the loop by having to buy some lost gear and weapons again, and that makes some of the gameplay tense. I just don’t mind my weapons wall being incomplete. It means I have something to do, and the mode will last. And also, the feeling of accomplishment. Just more intense feelings in both directions.

I don’t feel superior in any way saying I never used alt f4 on either ETs or Freelancer this, because I don’t get my self-worth from videogames. I guess losing some of the time just doesn’t really bother me. When failing ETs I’ve mostly just laughed and been like, wow that was some intense shit. Same with Freelancer.


Because we don’t like the way it was intended. We didn’t want it that way, and we never asked it to be made that way in the first place. A lot of what IOI has intended for the WoA games since the beginning have not been popular; the episodic release, the requirement to be online at all times for full content, the nature of ETs, etc… These design choices might have been how things were intended, but a large section of the fan base did not want them. We wanted a game like the others that came before it, where we can access full content whenever we want, offline or not since we paid for it, and the ability to try again when we fail at something without penalty other than the failure itself. The alt+f4 response is a way around that, and we are thankful it’s there. This is a game; it should not have permanent consequences for a failure. If we wanted that, we wouldn’t be playing it, we’d be at work, or doing other real life things, because real life is where permanent consequences for failure belongs, not in our interactive entertainment.


That’s fair enough, man. But sometimes giving into something other people thought out for you might prove to be worth it. It’s like being opposed to some musical artist, but then giving it enough of a chance to finally realise, damn, there is something here.

I was just kind of shocked about the harsh criticism for Freelancer, because I was really enjoying it on my own thinking: wow, they finally got something right here.

I just don’t mind games having some consequence. I grew up with 90s games. Maybe the years of playing H2SA on professional and making that one mistake at the end of the level primed me for this. I don’t feel like the first Hitman games are as punishing as a lot of people make them out to be today, but I guess they really are.

I remember seeing a meme once explaining the different emotional states between old games and new ones. I can’t find it, so I’ll stoop to the level of recreating it here with emojis (to never use them agian).

It’s all about what experience you want from your games.

Old games: :slightly_smiling_face: :neutral_face: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grimacing: :frowning_with_open_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :sob: :face_holding_back_tears: :joy: :sunglasses:
New games: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


My two cents are I am absolutely grateful that IO did nothing to punish people for closing out of the game in the middle of a mission. With how often Freelancer has crashed on me instead of having 4 campaigns completed I still would not have had a single one completed if they made you fail a mission for closing out.


I don’t think I’ve experience a single actual crash yet in Freelancer - and the number of times Hitman 3 (or 2 or 1 for that matter) has crashed to the desktop I could count on one hand.

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100% agree. Consequences create tension. Building the collection feels like a real achievement.

This is where you lose me. I don’t care if some players use ALT + F4. It doesn’t cheapen my experience.


I never claimed it was about my experience. In fact, that’s why I said ‘as someone who appreciates the hell out of Hitman’. It’s more about Hitman as a cultural product, IOs work and what they intended with it.

I just think the ego-hurt, aggressive criticism of this (very free) mode, and the entitlement of ‘we deserve to get the free game we wanted’, never mind the fact that IO had their own vision for this, and another part of the fanbase want challenge. We got exactly what they promised. A fairly challenging rouge-like.

They don’t owe us everything.


If people want to save scum that’s their own business, it’s good to have the option imo, but I do think people should actually try the intended experience before carving chunks out of it, especially if they’re then going to feed back to IOI that it doesn’t fit together


Perfectly put, agree with every word. :+1:



I’ve had it crash on my a few times. funny enough, at one point, the game would always crash when I’m trying to change back into my summer suit on hokkado.


Exploits are good as long as its only the NPCs doing it at the player’s expense and not the player doing it at the NPC’s expense.


Oh, you think Alt+F4 is your ally.
But you merely adopted Alt+F4.
I was born in Alt+F4; molded by Alt+F4.


I get what you mean but also I am strongly against the typical “you might get frustrated but once you’ve done it, the feeling of success is awesome!” argument. In so many games after I finally finished a hard boss fight or something like that, I immediately quit the game for the day because now my enjoyment is ruined and I don’t want to feel like that about the game.

For me, and as I hear in discussions many other players, a game does not get better by a challenge above a certain spot. Specifically, forced repetition of longer actions is highly annoying. Which is why Hitman, for example, gives you start locations after some time so that you do not have to do the same thing over and over like getting a waiter’s disguise etc.

Old games might have made you feel more because of brutal difficulty, but new games can make you feel more with story, tech and possibilities. How I gaze at the ray-traced reflections, play around with physics, enjoy NPC chatter, am moved by the story and atmosphere (that could be done in older games tho) or awe at the destruction during a gunfight.
The emotions are still there! Just in other - less frustrating! - places.

I got a few, interestingly maybe connected to the greed suit? While I was wearing it, the game crashed three times when opening a chest or picking up a weapon.

but repetition creates annoyance. It’s very hard to find a balance. And in Freelancer, after playing for hours and finally getting to stage 15 or 17, losing all progress for one mistake might be tense, yes - but not worth it. Especially because there is nothing to gain except for the one 100 campaigns Achievement
(and a legendary weapon, yes. But you will be able to buy them eventually and it’s far quicker to buy them than to do a full campaign)

YES! As I always say:
:heart: Options. :heart:
Options harm no one but can be used by anyone. Options are our friend.


I really don’t care if someone uses alt+f4. But the notion that this doesn’t affect my game (even though it’s a single player game) isn’t entirely true. It might affect my favorite mode: contracts. It might give some people more powerful – or at least other – tools to finish and to create contracts. Contracts I might play as well. I don’t care if someone got a faster time. But as long as I don’t have all the powerful tools it might be more difficult for me to create an interesting contract for others with those tools.