Cheap exploits in freelancer, what do you think about it?

Right now I’m seeing too many people talking about cheap exploit for cheesing this mode, that actually defeats the purpose of this mode at all.

I’m taking about the sniper tactics where you can find who is your target when you make them flee with the shoot (but these here can stay even because there are other cheap ways to find who is who with the phones, so it’s not really this big problem) and of course the most game breaking cheat, I’m referring to the alt-f4 exploit on pc and the exit from the game/disconnect internet for consoles.

Right now I’m seeing too many people talk about this and use this trick, I understand why IOI for now didn’t want to Ruin the experience of those few people that legit had a power outage or something like that while playing the game, but I really think that, no matter what, they have to find a solution from this, if not I think that this mode, beautiful as it is, will get old too soon if you take away the stakes of the high risk, high reward system without the fear of losing a mission in the rogue like style, so every mission will become a mere checklist of objectives to complete.

I know IOI collect datas from our plays so if they start to see that too many people have “power outages” while playing freelancer they really have to do something about it.

What do you think about it guys?


IO’s fault for promoting the Alt+F4 exploit in the changes blog post tbh. If they hadn’t, fewer people would be using it because they wouldn’t know about it. Instead they just told everyone “HEY GUYS, WANNA CHEAT? HERE’S HOW!”.


Yes you get a point for this but right now I’m going to think that this situation will quickly become overwhelming for all of players.

Right now it’s only a Matter of time to players to discover this because maybe there is too much frustration in loosing a mission and at this point if you don’t want to make this happens, the only solution I see is to make all power outages a fail or maybe change entirely what the failed mission means.

Basically something like if you loose a mission you’re only going to lose the things you had in that mission and having 0 merces at the end but basically you can advance in the campaign, and in alerted Territory and showdown you cannot advance if you fail but you can just restart the mission but without tools and weapons you bring back in that same showdown mission that you failed.

Right now the consequence of loosing are too harsh maybe for many people and the more you progress the harsher is the consequence, with all the Money loos and tools of freelancer.
Maybe making the fail conditions a little more forgiving will eliminate this problem but I’m really not to sure about this either.
It’s really a hard decision to make for IOI in the future I’m sure about this.

It is not a competition, as far as I know there are not even leaderboards this time. So why should anyone care how other people enjoy their game? It does not effect other people’s enjoyment (unless they get mad about it)…


Yeah man that’s fair I guess. But at this point just remove this kind of campaign failure thing and keep only losing items etc. :rofl:

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I don’t even know if you can classify the alt+f4 thing as an exploit.
Hard-quitting during Elusive Targets via alt+f4 has been a thing since 2016 and I think if they could do something about it, they would have by now.
Sounds more like a technical limitation.


They talked about this: They could, but the game would not be able to differentiate between quitting (crashing) on purpose and crashing because of a power failure. So not to punish unlucky players they kept it untouched


Makes sense.
At least for Freelancer; there is no leaderboard (afaik?) anyway.


OH NO, someone is playing a randomised singleplayer mode with no leaderboard in a way I don’t approve of.


Imagine being upset by the mere possibility of people playing a single-player game in a way that you disagree with.


I understand what you mean guys and for me it’s totally ok, I just wanted to point out this thing to make out of this a constructive topic, in fact I stated both in the title and in the text that I wanted to know what you guys thinks about this particular thing.

I didn’t want to make an argument or say that what I think has to be what everyone think, it’s the complete opposite I respect every decision and every way to play this game.

Maybe I was misunderstood because I made out of this a “problem” but it is just what I was thinking in that moment, and really I don’t want to make anyone upset about this, if my tone was misunderstood about this question I apologize.


I dunno, the crash/disconect thing you have to live with, and that’s exactly what IOI is saying.

There’s too many potential failure points to just remove all progress on disconnect:

  • There’s the game crashing.
  • There’s the PC/console crashing.
  • There’s your Internet connection crashing.
  • There’s the PSN network being down (at least on PS).
  • There’s IOI’s network being down.
  • You can have a power outage.
  • Plus, if I stay on pause too long on PS5 weird stuff always happen with the IOI connexion, especially if the console goes into rest.

It sure doesn’t help either that what’s at stake is the progress of an entire 3-10 hour campaign PLUS some progress from previous campaigns.

It’s like criminal law, man, better let 100 cheaters go free than 1 honest crasher be punished.


Even if it’s a potential cheat exploit i don’t think ALT+F4 exiting should be patched or removed, as there are many reasons outside of cheating to do this.

I understand your frustration, but the majority of players aren’t using exploits and are just enjoying the game the way it’s intended. And even if they do so it will affect them only, as this is mostly a singleplayer experience and no leaderboards attached to it.

Also Freelancer mode just got released. I think we should give it time, not only for players to get used to this mode and its gameplay, but also for developers to see things to tweak or change along the way :+1:


I just failed an entire campaign because I got made on the last showdown mission and instantly got shot at by 5 guards and died b4 I could alt-f4. After the words “fun factor” were ringing in my ear for hours.


I don’t quite understand why you’d want IOI to fix this, it’s a single-player game not a competitive game. It doesn’t impact you if someone does ALT + F4.


I haven’t done so myself yet, but there is an unfortunate level of inconsistency to the AI in Hitman that could warrant an ALT+F4. Up to player discretion, of course.

However, there is also the same level of inconsistency to the servers. Typically due to geography or user connection.

So I think keeping the ALT+F4 trick is better than removing it. Maybe having it in the patch notes wasn’t the best idea, but that knowledge would find its way to those looking for it regardless.


I’m taking about the sniper tactics where you can find who is your target when you make them flee with the shoot

Not just snipers, a good tactic is that once you isolate a suspect (this is easier once you get at least one suspect, then you can use the burner phones), just aim a pistol in their face. The real one will trigger “Leader escaping” above the minimap in the HUD. And to clarify, all the suspects leave, but the real leader will trigger the HUD alert.

Also I think up to a certain point the devs ought to just accept such tricks as emergent gameplay and people being creative. Some exploits should be patched, sure, but the milder ones should be kept I think or else people feel they are being punished by being creative and thinking outside the box.

Maybe if some of the suspect tells weren’t impossible to tell anyways (I and many others have reported “tattoos” covered up by clothing for instance), we wouldn’t have to resort to secondary tactics.


I think you should probably stop policing how other people are allowed to have fun in a single player game and just don’t do exploits yourself if they ruin your fun. Personally the alt+F4 is the only thing that makes Elusive Targets and Freelancer tolerable to me


There are like 200 bugs in the game that can screw a player over in any given moment. Why object against the one exploit that can actually sometimes save a player from losing hours of progress due to one of those bugs?

I know plenty of people who are willing to take the loss if it feels fair. Trust the players to do what’s best for their own experience.


I kind of agree with @BluntsNBeatz here. For every bug like a character spontaneously turning around when I hit “Subdue” or some random guy seeing me from halfway across the map standing in a trespassing zone for 1 second too long, I feel like IOI can give me the occasional Alt-F4.