Cherry Blossom Donut

I had to share this. I don’t know if every ShopRite sells this but ShopRite West Berlin, New Jersey does.

ShopRite is a regional grocery store chain, PA NJ CT DE. If any player visits a store check the bakery section.

I also looked at a few made sure no red, green, or blue smoke was on it lol


Seems like a bit too much of a fluff ‘fact’ to warrant a whole topic. Maybe a post in (Edit: or move these posts to) What’s New, or Hitman moments in real life. But even that’s a stretch. Anyway…

This time of year is when the dogwood trees bloom… And I’m going to assume the same thing happens in Japan (we are very close to the same latitude) with their Cherry trees. If a certain town isn’t having sign wars on its main strip with all the fast-food joints (which will never happen again) - they’re having a ‘Cherry Blossom Festival’ where descendants/relatives of political figures and (not washed up) actors from old TV shows or movies, maybe some retired musicians, or just the oldest, last surviving WW2 veteran or Wizard of OZ munchkin make a 1 or 2-day appearance to talk about stuff or tell a story or whatever.


I admit when I was creating it, I wasn’t sure where to put it. However I wanted it under the Marakesh tab.

Not much new is going on with marakesh these days.

So 1 topic of fun, should be ok.

I was still shocked to see it

Are there donuts on the Marrakesh map?

Donuts! Donuts! No bones!

But seriously you don’t remember the donut shop in the level? It is right off the main plaza near where the hammock district of the level begins.

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This is my vote.

20 doughnuts