CHONGQING, China (Mission #4) - Location Discussion

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Chongqing definitely seems better than Hokkaido.
So much wasted potential in Japan, so I’m happy of seeing such an open map in China being in Hitman 3.

Hopefully we’ll see nightclubs and such, or maybe something like organized crime within the underground. The dark setting of this map would make that just so cool.

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Why do you think so? Because it’s a smaller, non-open city map? I mean I’d love to roam the streets of Tokyo in Hitman as much as the next person, but Hokkaido to me is an extremely well designed map with great opportunities and replayability, and definitely one of the best in the trilogy :slightly_smiling_face:

That being said, I’m still glad for having an East Asian megacity level and am looking forward to Chongqing.


For me the country is not “wasted” if the culture and possibilities around the culture are created in a way Hitman game shows the better self. In Hokkaido we actually have one of the very best examples of that, so it’s not wasted.

Hawke’s Bay or maybe in some way Bangkok are wasted potential (not bad maps tho i think)


I always felt that the Bankok mission misses something, a steam bath, masseur.

The hotel lacks attractions, offers not enough activities.


I think everyone agrees with you on this. Even the people who really like the map. They could have added those things and left the targets the way they are now. It would have meant lots of “new” options for contracts or ETs.


This is a really good point of view actually. As far as Hokkaido is concerned, the only nitpick I’d have is the inappropriate (or rather lack of) onsen etiquette :joy:

I really like HB for what it is, but from the point of view you outlined there is a certain waste to it. There’s nothing that would outright make you feel like you’re in New Zealand… In a thread on that topic people have suggested ideas such as a daytime bonus mission with a surfing contest or some other event, which I think would be cool. Bangkok on the other hand…

Yeah, the Himmapan has pretty much universally been agreed to be one huge bar… If any map could use some restructuring/expanding, it’s that one.


Yeah Club 27 was a real let down for me . After Paris and Speinza, I Was really looking forward to what IO could do with a Hotel map.


To be fair, Ken Morgan did seem pretty underwhelmed by it, too.


I have to admit I skipped Hitman 2, I own it but just never got around to it.
But this location alone makes me excited for Hitman 3.
Mainland Chinese cities haven’t been depicted very much in gaming, but there’s so much to work with and touch on that’s unique to China.
I trust IOI will do a great job showing the nitty gritty hustle and bustle of Chongqing nightlife.
Kane & Lynch 2’s Shanghai was pretty good in that regard.


are there any possible targets for this level/map i haven’t seen much talk about it

I feel like it’ll be especially good since it’s not one of the very overrated first-tier cities either. This way it might be easier to show Chinese culture

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imagine if this mission started with 47 saying “Ah, so this is Chongqing. People talk of it as an interesting place filled with mystery, laughs, and excitement. Not really my scene.”

i was reminded of this when listening to 47’s dialogue in Codename 47. i think @MrOchoa would appreciate such a reference :grin:


A line like this would be nice, but I think a certain jade figurine and sword would be even better :wink:


that’s my favourite cutscene of the franchise. i wish there was more such characterization of 47 in relation to cultures of countries he visits instead of this child clone buddies thing we have as a focus for his character in the new trilogy

i’d like there to be his own apartment like in sapienza as well


More random thoughts would be welcomed. I also liked the one in Rotterdam where 47 complains about his equipment not arriving yet. Just little stuff like that.


What’s more interesting than the location is the guards. Openly walking in the street with long guns. One scene in particular it appears the guards are preparing to breach a room.
I think this map may have less civilians than we might think. And the “guards” might actually be looking for someone (Grey or Diana maybe).
This could be like the mission from Hitman 2 (the old one) where we have to take out these assassins (Temple city ambush where we had to protect agent smith)