CJ just SONKO SAd Paris killing both targets with the light rig

Holy shit. I think Paris has pretty much been beaten at this point, I don’t think anything can top that.


CJ’s run is the canon playthrough.

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Yeah I was just thinking, it vaguely bothered me when the H3 finale alludes to the light rig kill being the canon kill, I thought how can that be canon when all 47’s canon missions are SA? I guess that’s how.

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I never liked CJ the moment he abandoned 2016, but i gotta say this is pretty damn impressive

Can anyone explain why CJ never made a Hitman 2 video but livestreamed it a few times? he was booming back in the Hitman 2016 days but now his videos are kinda the 'I’ll make one here and there" type

I think I can understand him.
I suppose he’s just like me doesn’t like the mechanics of HITMAN 2.
The lack of FEs letality, shorten BCs, slower 47 reaction… to name a few.
It’s quite hard to describe right, because not everybody still will understand, but I guess he shares my attitude to HITMAN 2.
And as far as HITMAN 3 uses exactly HITMAN 2s mechanics, I think you can expect not much videos about HITMAN 3 either.
Of course I might be completely wrong here and he has drastically different reasons, but I feel it like that.
Nobody except himself will tell you the real reason

I think you are right. He does seem to prefer hitman 2016 more than 2 or 3.

He’s made like 16 Hitman III videos so far, 2 of which are these Paris ones. He loves it. Apparently he’s obsessed with Dartmoor.


Thats good to see, I guess his main issue with hitman 2 might have been the giant maps.

I think it was the bugs. He says he doesn’t necessarily mind the maps he just didn’t like the state that game was in, for example silent assassin was bugged for months. You could get spotted but not compromised and keep your SA.

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