Classic fibre wire; what changes?

anything different between the normal fibre wire and the classic variant?

Just a slight aesthetic change unfortunately.

I don’t see an aesthetic change or just anything in the first place.

Best way to handle this would’ve been the C47 model with remastered legacy animations, like pulling a target onto 47’s back to tighten the grip etc


That would have been killer imo! :heart_eyes:

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Yeah, honestly when I read that we’re getting it I expected it to look like the piano wire in C47.


I’ll have a look tonight and do a comparison.

Fully agree with you though, it should have been re-skinned to suit one of the classic games, that would of been awesome! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

the item is so small that not much is noticeable

Thats the difference.

And thats all.

(I like both, I even prefer the classic one, looks more rough and brutal which I think fits to 47.)


I wish items like this had slight variances… like quicker to kill, but slower to drag than the base model… but I understand that would take a LOT of extra effort.


If they can make new weapons with new mechanics they can probably handle that. Either way, the game works so I’m happy either way :wink:

would be happier with c47/bm piano wire animations though…

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I like both, but the classic gets my vote.

Overall like many have pointed out, would have been cool if there was different animations after killing a target :wink:


I love how I actually said that to the MK 2 items on the old forum.

“Give us actual MK 2 stuff, instead of Silverballer MK2, give us the silver/black ones from Hitman 2 SA, give us the old piano wire with the round handles back…” etc. So Im equally dissapointed and surprised haha.

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