Clues in Whittleton Creek

Would you like to have optional clues in WC ?
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  • No

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Just a poll in order to see if you guys wants the clues to become optional in WC ? Just like the datacenter in Chongqing

Are they still.mandatory, even with other starting locatons and after you comleted the campaign mission once?

I’m curious to see what some of the more avid speedrunners would make of such a change. On one hand it opens up way more opportunities to shave time off, but on the other hand, is that change too much too late?

Personally, I think it’d make the game a bit more consistent, with plenty of other non-target objectives being optional (see wiping the core in Chongqing and exfiltrating the Isle of Sgàil with the Constant) If they were gonna do it though I’d like to see them go all in and give the virus in Sapienza the same treatment.


The thing that makes the virus sort of difficult is that it’s part of the contract. Whereas Clues, the Constant and the ICA data all advance the story but aren’t part of the contract.

Maybe it’s a Stockholm Syndrome thing but I’ve gotten so used to the virus I’ve started enjoying it. Whereas the clues I used to enjoy but am sick of now.


I also love destroying virus in Sapienza and really don’t mind keeping that as part of my runs. However, I would love for the clues in Whittleton Creek to become optional after the first playthrough. I usually just get the same three easy clues that everybody seems to get, but still, it’s one of my favourite maps so I’d love to get right to the kills.


For a while my favorite contract was a simple one that used the same targets on WC, and nothing else. The clue items still show up and dialogue is unchanged, but you can skip the scavenger hunt and stick to the fun

90 % :slightly_smiling_face:

Let’s do it @Travis_IOI @Lasse_ioi


It’s annoying but now I just have a save file where I’ve completed the clues but haven’t started on the targets. I just play it without the clues entirely.