Co-Op Partner? (PS4/5)

So I finally got around to playing 2 over the last month or so after playing 1 and 3. Been gradually working my way through the levels to 100% each set of trophies and just wrapped up Sgail, leaving me with just the 2 expansion maps and the 3 sniper assassin levels.

Each of these requires level completion in multiplayer mode.

I’ve not been able to find anybody online by searching the normal way.

Figured I’d try here to see if somebody might help out? :slight_smile:

I still have H2 installed on my PS4 so I can help.

PSN ID: nakayuri7

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That’d be great! I’ll add you when I’m next online and try and coordinate through there. Many thanks.

EDIT: PSN is also Arkturus - wouldn’t want you think it was an unsolicited message from a randomer.

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I’m looking for the same. Need to get the sniper assassin multiplayer trophy. Psn SlammyNeckbone