Codename 47 Appreciation thread

The game that started it all, it might not be the reason why we are still here 20 years later, soon 21. It doesn’t matter if Silent Assassin, H2 or titles in between. In the end they all owe their existence to the original.

The game does have it’s flaws, all games does. However for many this was the game that started their love, obsession with the character and world of 47. Sadly this game doesn’t always get the love it deserves, often skipped over for newer entries and very few people actually take their time to express their love.

So today I want to share what made me fall in love with this franchise nearly 21 years ago, when I was just a boy at the age of 10.

The game hit me lick a truck and for a long time I babbled about this amazing game, where you could take other peoples cloth and the sky was the limit! you could shoot glass and water and fish would flood the room. I couldn’t shut up about the game and the love grew with each title and my hyped peaked at an all time high back in 2011, when the first teaser trailer for Absolution hit the internet. But I’m not hear to talk about that game today, i’ll show it some love another day.

The first time I learned about Codename 47 was when a man called Jakob Stegelmann in a Danish game/book/comic tv-show called Troldspjelet (Trollmirror) showed a game called Hitman Codename 47.

Jakob Stegelmann

I never seen anything like it, the freedom of choice and large level. It captivated me and was on my mind at all times,I spread the rumours of the games in the schoolyard. Luck would have it that boy who lived next to my grandmother had downloaded the demo of Codename 47 and every time I visited, I went straight to his house and we played Tradition of the Trade over and over again.

This game awoke the love for gaming in me, it awoke a lust for collecting Hitman memorabilia, that still to this day is displayed in my bedroom. I have lead to a lot of wonderful opportunities, all from visiting IO on multiple occasions, to joining this forum nearly 10 years ago and creating friendships.

Thank you Codename 47.

I hope that you will take the time and share your love for this game.


@MrOchoa right now


Edit: in all seriousness, Codename 47 is a fundamentally important part of the franchise. Ive heard that its like the first draft for the series, which I really agree with.

missions like TOTT and to a lesser extent, the Lee Hong assassination, showed off the potential that this series had, and its honestly amazing to be able to experience the Hitman games today, and see just how far they have come.

Thank you Codename 47,

also fuck you codename 47, plutonium runs loose is the biggest heap of bullshit I’ve ever seen


I remember vaguely playing a Demo of this Game and paying the older Brother of a friend of mine to buy it for me.
The graphics blew me away back then and i couldnt believe how much was possible in this Game; Plants and Flags Move when 47 touches them, he bends over to pick stuff up, his Tie and Jacket move when he runs, the Fishtanks burst when you shoot them, the water flows out and the fishes jump around on the ground, reflections in the Mirrors looking crisp and the use of Ragdoll Physics never seen like this before.

Theres so much to find, like the Chef peeing in the Sink in ToT, the action Cutscene where 47 kills Tzun, the multiple different Cutscenes with the Herbalist, or the interactions with Fuchs’ Bodyguard. The shootout with Ochoa where he constantly mocks you is also classic.

i love the esthetics of this Game, all Cutscenes are so Cinematic, i always loved the start of ToT, where 47 opens the Car Window and the sun shines in or how he arrives in the Jungle with the Chopper, its just an amazing game trough and trough.

This Game lured me in into the World of Assassination and it refuses to ever let me go. I love all the Hitman Games and all of them are prettier to look at and most of them play a lot better than Codename 47, but this Game forever have this very special Place in my heart.

And that is why i want a HD Remaster and a Console so much; i just want to give Gamers the chance to experience this still truly amazing Game, without having to spend hours to get it run on Modern PCs.

Edit: i cant express my Love for this Game in just one Post, some day i really need to make my own Review of it.


The soundtrack. The ambient track in the Hong Kong levels is so sweet. And the soundtrack itself is dynamic and changes according to what’s happening, impressive for 2000. The rag dolls, the interactive foliage, destructible environment, like vases, mirrors and other scenery objects.
Monumental game.


Lol. Not very sanitary.

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My first memory of C47 was from the demo as well. I guess it was 2002 or 2003, I had a Compaq Presario then. ‘The Cheung Chau Fish Massacre’ i used to laugh and chant the name of the level while the game loaded, it was something then.

But the music, laptop style display, the weapon details were the things that grew my initial interest. Then of course the level, music, npcs and I was hooked for a while. Hitman 2 on ps2 was the game that converted me to a true fan.

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I first played the demo for C47, then my dad pirated me a copy. Eventually I bought a cheap jewelcase version. It’s always held a special place in my heart for being the first entry in a beloved franchise I’ve grown up with. It has all the innovative ideas, but feels a bit clunky now. The music is still godlike, though, and always will be.

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Got C47 from a game magazine back in 2006, pretty late, I know. Only a year or two before this I played H2SA for the first time and Contracts afterwards and even though it was between those two and BM, I still loved it. It was then that I realized that Contracts was sort of a remake of it and felt that it didn’t do it enough justice and to this day I put it very low on my list.

Two scans from that issue of the magazine


On the second image the editor mentions how Emile Dufraisne kinda looks like 47 :smiley:


For the year 2000 it was revolutionary.
Working within (and pushing) the graphical boundaries of the time left it with a charming simplicity,
all the visual effects being so bright and clear gives it a timeless aesthetic.
I still enjoy playing around with the debug and freecam, slowing down time to make scenes of blood, bullets and smoking guns.
Also I believe it’s the first game to utilize ragdolls to such an extent.

And that’s just the effects department. I also just love the atmosphere they baked into each setting, especially the music, thanks Jesper Kyd!


i remember playing this around my mate’s house when it first released. he had some kind of bullet-time cheat/mod activated and we were playing seafood massacre. completely blew me away.


the money system is better than the one in blood money because it’s always in use and not spent just on upgrades


It’s not a cheat, I think you can activate it by pressing insert or home, not sure which one. I think it’s probably a leftover from an earlier idea for the game that the devs thought it was too good to have it removed so they kept it. Some of the trailers also had slow-motion sequences.


think we used to press in the mouse wheel. it’s been 20 years though :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Why do some people confuse the C47 levels with the Contracts’ remakes?
C47:The Massacre at the Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant
Contracts:Seafood Massacre
I guess Seafood Massacre is easier to remember and sounds way cooler,so maybe that’s why.

It is not spent only on upgrades,but it feels pretty stupid to buy again and again the same item…


haha - recency bias.

also: old.

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yeah, ideally, you’d must buy them again only if you leave them on a level

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Well,despite being old they can still be replayed.:slightly_smiling_face:


ya got me wrong there: i meant me! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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The atmosphere is incredible. I’ll never stop going back to this game and it’s soundtrack.
And yeah, I appreciate Codename 47 more than any other Hitman classic. :heart:

Wait, there was a “Traditions of the Trade” demo?