Codename 47 Challenge Pack - IOI 25th Anniversary Celebration

Since this is the first challenge pack in a long time, and that it’s an homage to the first game of the franchise, Codename 47, released under the IO Interactive 25th anniversary celebrations, I believe it is well worth having its own topic.
Because if this is not, then what would ?

The Codename 47 challenge pack is out.
In in you will find six challenges, one master challenge (Codename 47), and five “real” challenges (The Red Dragon, Say Hello to My Little Friend, Tradition of the Trade, Explosions runs Loose, and The Setup).
The are each a reference to one of the five chapters of Codename 47, and take the name from one the mission of their chapter (or a subtle variant of it).
And not just the name, but also references their objectives, their aesthetics.

A unique mechanic of them is that they will ask you to do them in order, each having the previous one as a requirement.
The game also continues to embrace its World of Assassination moniker, and its essence of being a bundle of the modern three games by making you go in locations from H2016, H2, ad H3.

In order to complete this challenge pack you will need to go to (it’s the same order as Codename 47 campaign) :

  • Chongqing
    • The Red Dragon
      • Eliminate any target in Chongqing, China with a headshot using a sniper rifle.
      • The shot must be taken fro the neon sign vantage point.
    • Reference to the Hong Kong chapter. The Kowloon Triads in Gang War mission is heavily suggested to be completed with a sniper, in a frankly iconic setup.

  • Santa Fortuna
    • Say Hello to My Little Friend :
      • Complete “The Red Dragon”
      • Locate and obtain the Gold Idol in Santa Fortuna, Colombia
      • Use it to pacify the Shaman
    • Reference to the Columbia chapter. The Find the U’wa Tribe mission sees 47 retrieve an idol for the natives, in exchange for passage, and guidance to his target location.

  • Bangkok
    • Tradition of the Trade :
      • Complete “Say Hello to My Little Friend”
      • Eliminate any target in Bangkok, Thailand, by drowning
    • Reference to the Budapest chapter. The Tradition of the trade mission sees the elimination in an hotel, drowning in the bathhouse, or eliminating in the bathroom are some of the more visible opportunities.

  • Berlin
    • Explosions run Loose :
      • Complete “Tradition of the Trade”
      • Eliminate 5 ICA agents with explosives during the Apex Predator mission in Berlin, Germany
      • Eliminations must be performed during one session
    • Reference to the Rotterdam chapter. The bikers from the Gunrunner’s Paradise mission, the explosive component from the Plutonium Runs Loose mission.We unfortunately cannot just nuke the whole map.

  • Carpathian Mountains
    • The Setup :
      • Complete “Explosions run Loose”
      • Eliminate all guards on the train during the Untouchable mission in the Carpathian Mountains, Romania
      • End it all by taking a trip memory Lane
    • Reference to Romania, the epilogue chapter. The Meet Your Brother mission has 47 going through a lot of his clone “brothers”. Potentially with a mini-gun, something we direly miss in the modern game.

Completing those five challenges, will unlock the final sixth master challenge, and with it the reward of this Challenge Pack, The Codename 47 Suit :

  • Codename 47.
    • Complete all of the Codename 47 challenges.
      • The Red Dragon
      • Say Hello to My Little Friend
      • Tradition of the Trade
      • Explosion Run Loose
      • The Setup

(the challenge pack will also give you a total of 17.000 xp)


The challenge is riffing on two things here; a reference to this wallpaper:

…which itself was referenced in the “Call Me 47” cinematic. THIS is iconic, right up there with the toaster poster. , and it’s also homaged in one of the covers for Birth of the Hitman:

While I appreciate the reference to the mission, it seems odd to try and imply (as it also does on the wiki) that the two are related. That mission was set during the daytime, the vantage point had no neon-esque signage, or really, much of anything nice to look at. We don’t know who we’re killing in that wallpaper/ legacy cinematic, so it feels less like a reference to any one mission, and just a really cool shot.

It’s a very famous set of images being merged with a mission known for using a sniper rifle, using the name and circumstances to riff on old ideas. I kinda dig it.

Yes, I am very fun at parties.

EDIT: I reworded this to be less accusatory, as my main point was being hindered by my own words, sorry =/


I love this.

Thanks for taking the time to break this down for us.


True, but we can assume that shot is meant to be that mission. Firstly, it lines up with every hit shown being in order of the respective games - Hayamoto is second and he’s from the second game, Fritz is third who was in the third game and so on. Secondly, the setting does seem to be Hong Kong, as evidenced by chinese characters on the neon sign and what looks like the Bank of China Tower in the background.


Okay, so IOI actually had the forethought to add an entry to the challenge section! That makes life A LOT easier.


For the train, do we think “take a trip down memory lane” means to get injected with the serum?


The casino sign always felt like a reference to the Kowloon Triads in Gang War mission to me. If more the remake one in Contracts.
The skyline you can see ? It’s Hong Kong. On the right, that’s the Bank of China Tower.
And yes, it’s still a bit thin. But I still went for it, because I think it’s what IOI went for.
(just saw @Hotel_Pollisya post, so what they said)

An accidental reference to the Kowloon Triads in Gang War mission though is the setup, and actual gameplay you need to do if you want to complete the challenge in the End of an Era mission (and not tailored made player contract).

You need to setup a “diplomatic” meeting between two rivals (if colleague), with a blue lotus reference. :grinning:

(and I see your changes, you were indeed a bit too accusatory in tone at first, to confess it didn’t felt good to see it as the first return to the post, it’s all good now, cheers :slight_smile: )

I wish they could bring all the challenge pack back. Please IO. Please~~


That’s really not evidence of very much, i’ll be honest. I could argue the opposite with the same words.

The thing that bothers me the most is that no target is ever shown for that one, which I always assumed (having not played C47 but merely watched longplays of it) was some kind of Homage to the wallpaper (and as I said, It’s a very famous piece of advertising, It’d make sense to reference it).

Maybe they changed it to take place later, i’m fine with this retcon if that was the intention (there are definitely worse changes in WoA, so this is outright good if that was the intention), but I’m annoyed that it’s never hugely explicit.

For some context, I was getting in my head a bit as to what the mission looked like versus what’s shown. I tend to not like jumping to conclusions, and I kind of implied you were the issue, which again, was not what I was trying to say.

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I believe so. I haven’t done it yet, but it would be my guess.

By the way, am I the only one who wished this was an escalation and not a challenge pack ? I understand why, but it would be so much more interesting (and replayable) as an escalation.
The Arcade showed us they could create escalation using different locations.


For the Chongqing and Bangkok challenges, does it have to be the campaign targets, or can it be targets taken out in contracts mode using the required methods?

I’m assuming any target, otherwise they would have specified the main targets’ names. Worth testing…

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Contracts mode is a viable option. In fact, I just made one for Bangkok on Xbox for people to use if they want! :slight_smile: Contract ID: 3-08-1352683-31 - Traditions of the Trade.

Santa Fortuna also doesn’t need to be completed in the main mission either as all you do there is take the Gold Idol and smack the Shaman!

The only challenges that must be completed via the main campaign mission are Berlin (Explosions Run Loose) and Carpathian Mountains (The Setup). Hope this helps guys.


It can be any targets in any mission or contract.
For example:
China - I made it in contract, not even finish.
Bangkok - Sarajevo Six mission - Stubbs.

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Had to do the Romania mission twice. Somehow missed a guard. Probably KO’d him and forgot to snap his neck afterward.



So, I know that I continue about it, but it will allow me to share one of my favourite obscure Hitman 2016 trivia.
It’s also appropriate to the Codename 47 homage of this topic.

In the alpha build of Hitman 2016, there was a fourth ICA Facility mission. A sniper training map. It reproduces the setup, and the map of the Kowloon Triads in Gang War mission.
The sniper nest is there decorated with a sign.

Again, this is nothing definitive. I’m working on subtexts, and here a non-canonical cut content that itself is an in-universe potentially inaccurate reproduction, and not even set the same way. But it’s good fun.

Honestly I just wanted to share this bit of Himan 2016/Codename 47 trivia. :grinning:

By the way, this whole thing made me want to play some of the old game. Obviously Codename 47 is not really playable on console.
But can anyone tell me if the HD pack (Silent Assassin, and Contracts) on xbox are any good to experience those games ?


Regarding the last challenge “The Setup”, are we sure that we have to inject the serum ourself? Because for me the challenge unlocked as soon i killed the last bodyguard.


The challenge doesn’t actually get ticked off on the challenge list until you inject yourself, despite it looking like its completed when you kill the final guard. At least it didn’t for me.


Ok, thanks for the info :slight_smile:

It is just kill all the guards, not all the people on the train altogether, right? And it doesn’t specify any particular way of killing them, right?