Colorado best way to do saso?

What’s the best way to do saso and which is best loadout?

I’m not going to tell you everything because that takes away half the fun :smiley:

I usually start at the default location, go through the window and hug the right side of the map. You will see a door that leads outside the compound behind the slurry pit, this road gives you relatively easy access to the barn, house, and Ezra’s shed.

The rest is up to you :+1:

or you can just watch a guide


What if I make the kill look like a accident?

Also what does the server do in the house

Pulling out one of the racks in the server room? That would cause a hacker to come and investigate iirc

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After a lot of time saving and resetting I did it I will do the challenges as well and I will say goodbye to this #&$* map

Funny how different people like different things.

I liked the Colorado location because the enemies were spaced out.

I found places like Miami and Mumbai more tricky.

Key to Colorado is to get to the house.

Enjoy the game!!

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Speed run as far as the house eliminate the first target in the front yard eliminate the two targets that spend time in the house (save) eliminate the target nearest the shooting range and back to the house to escape

That’s the method I finally settled on for master SA/SO Piano man/string quartet no loadout only FW and Coin