Combatglue Community Picks Featured Contracts - April 25th 2024

Oh well, I can live with that, I hope that it wasn’t mine :wink:

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I bet that’s a early mendoza contract :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



I noticed this too a while ago. Wonder if this is just a weird choice like IO changed the only unique female guest in Mendoza to have a second appearance or if it has something to do with Copyright. (So I doubt you can copyright such a simple name as James Gordon on it’s own, so perhaps the second reason is that he’s the Target of the Chief of Police on the Red Dragon Escalation.


I didnt know that about Mendoza. who was the unique female guest?

One of the 3 Guests that talk about the Yates’ Career when you start at the Parking Space. The Blonde Woman with Pink Dress used to be unique, though for some reason they put her on the Dancefloor now, replacing the original model which was the Asian Woman with the Pink Suit and infamous for originally being named just “W” on Release in Contracts Mode.