Combatglue Community Picks Featured Contracts - April 25th 2024

@Combatglue has chosen and released his first batch of Featured Contracts!
As usual, you can talk of the contracts, your runs, and all related in this topic.

The contracts are:

  • Bad Day For Work in Dartmoor, by @kat
  • The Sky’s The Limit in Dubai, by @Viv
  • Komputermusik in Berlin, by @WINNODD
  • A House of Cards in Dubai, by @BK2FUT
  • Hitman Begins in Chongqing, by @Shrodax
  • High Wired in Berlin, by @Shrodax
  • Bird Boarding Barred in Miami, by @Urben
  • Very Punny: Dartmoor in Dartmoor, by @Shrodax
  • Indigo Field Sniper in Mendoza, by @TheContractor

All of those contracts were taken from the Fan made Contracts of Hitman WoA, all of them made in January, February 2021, in the early day of Hitman 3, the start of topic, and of the then recent reboot of the forum. (There are some “Now that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time, a long time” contract creators here.)

A good introduction point.


Odd to see that there is 9 instead of the usual 10. Cool to see a very old style of FC selection though, just picking from any contract rather than ones submitted to a thread.


Nice picks. Man I miss TheContractor though :frowning:


I was wondering why all but one of the contracts used H3 locations, but the news that these contracts were created over three years ago when H1/H2 locations weren’t included for all to play explains that.

Picking “The Sky’s the Limit” was a bit of an odd choice though… Its very, very similar to “Acrophobia” from the last contract batch.


If I’m not miscounted there are 9 of them.
I wonder why not 10


We had FC batches with 11 instead of 10 contracts before, so why not have a batch with 9. Besides, I think the contact quality is more important than the nominal amount of contracts anyway.

Overall, I like this batch, at least from what I’ve seen so far. There are some super easy contracts, that only take a few seconds, which is not my thing. But then there are also more elaborate contracts, that are a lot more interesting. I haven’t finished all of them, but so far I really enjoyed Urben’s contract. Fun complication on that one :slight_smile:


Some pretty cool picks. I’ve played a few of them already :grin:


Urben’s contract was hilarious, I don’t really understand why trying to approach the helicopter as a mascot fails the mission but designing the contract and briefing around that was genius. On top of that it almost feels it was also designed to showcase the super secret flamingo door hacking powers :smiley:


Just finished this batch. Overall pretty decent selection with a good variety for different types of players.

For the speed-runners you’ve got “Bad Day for Work” (Got 9 seconds on this one, Very Easy), “Hitman Begins” (Muffin boosted off the roof to save some time), and “Indigo Field Sniper” (Sniper Missions are always very satisfying when you work out very quick, successive shots).

For more casual play you’ve got “Very Punny: Dartmoor”, “High Wired”, and “Komputermusik” (I enjoyed all three of these)

Two tougher ones were “A House of Cards” (probably because I tried to get this done quick before two of the targets went wondering too far) and “Bird Boarding Barred” (kept insta-failing when I got near the exit. Should have read the briefing before hand)

The only bad one was “The Sky’s The Limit” (not so much the contract itself just that it’s near identical to a contract we had in the last batch)

Overall I would give this batch an 8/10. Good selection @combatglue


When you’re disguised as the flamingo, the exit changes as you approach and is no longer the helicopter. When it changes, its effectively destroying the only available exit (even though it could return if you changed disguises).


WINNODD’s contract got picked,but the method he used are not available now,since the agent disguise not count as suit anymore…【杀手3】自制契约:Komputermusik,1min14s_哔哩哔哩_bilibili


I got 6 secs at Bad Day At Work… the game only registers times above 7secs, I ain’t a cheater! Just got extremely good shots lol

Heres the run



Wow, it’s nice to see somebody is a fan of my work!

I have ever only had 1 Featured Contract before, so it was a pleasant surprise seeing 3 of mine get chosen in one batch!

Now if only my infamous contract The Jeremy Blackout Privilege MK III would get chosen to be Featured, I could die happy…


Not really worth watching, just sharing in case someone wants to see a solution for Urben’s contract. If someone finds another optimal strat for this, let me know, please.


Not sure how did “Bad Day” make it to the featured contracts, pretty weird. Imo the Batman contract isn’t worthy of being featured either, but at least there’s gameplay in it.

So IOI slightly ruined my contract “Hitman Begins” because they changed the name of the target NPC from “James Gordon” to “Gordon Jameson”.

*sad Batman noises* :bat:




One of my picks was cut because of an error, so it was supposed to be 10. :slight_smile:


Now you got me interested, please god I hope it wasn’t “The Jeremy Blackout Privelege MKIII”


No no,
I think it was something that simple as the code I gave did not work and it was noticed last second so it was easiest just to proceed with one less contract. :slight_smile: