Combatglue we need a horde mode in Hitman!


We need a horde mode in Hitman, where Agent 47 has access to a pickup truck with appropriate gear (e.g. golden maximalist shotgun and infinite Remote CX Demo Blocks), to mound down hundreds of medieval armies.

See Kingmakers trailer

Make it happen please.

Considering how Wrath was I don’t think we do :x

(“Official” kill everyone missions would be nice though, but that’s probably never happening since it’s pretty much incompatible with 47’s character)


We essentially got that in Wrath as part of the Seven Deadly Sins.

My blood pressure couldn’t take it, so I’ll pass on this one :joy:


We don’t need a horde mode.

We do need an open loadout unlock for the wrath termination though. And another one for Carpathian Mountain.

(Wasn’t there a prototype of the Patient Zero virus spreading mechanic in other level? I think I remember seeing one in Santa Fortuna and Whittleton Creek. With entry via a fast rope insertion animation.)

Edit : that was the Outbreak mode that was prototyped during Hitman 2 cycle.


I would love that! It could be framed as a nightmare or fever dream or caused by hallucinations after he accidentally chopped the fly agaric from his garden into his dinner. That’s basically what the 7DS missions were, so why not. :grin:

Or, why not combine the kill everyone concept with Patient Zero 2? Depending on how someone approaches the mission, it could feel like horde mode light.

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YES a fever dream with changeable hordes of targets:

First waves of hordes of medieval knights, and then these transform into hordes of Pokemon or Cabbage Patch Dolls or Beanie Babies or maybe…

…thousands of look a likes of the Florida Man !!!

A rapid spread of infections like in the Patient Zero campaign, turns everyone into Florida Man.

It would be very unsettling.

I was going to just mention wrath too, not worth the stress and frustration, stuck at level 2, never touching it again.

Heck, even freelancer is bad enough for blood pressure sometimes :sleepy:

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so like the wrath termination but it’s a separate gamemode

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Theres this game called Call of Duty zombies for if you didn’t know.


We need Ghost Mode!
We need Ghost Mode!!
We need Ghost Mode!!!
We need Ghost Mode!!!111


I have no idea what a horde mode is.

I do know what a PHOTO MODE is, though. And we desperately need one for Hitman.

And no, Ansel does not count because it’s not available on consoles.

Please IO add an official Photo Mode already! Lots of us want it!


when payday style multiplayer mode

We need the sex update for HITMAN 3.


the suggestion that we wanted and needed


You all need the sex update for Hitman 3.

Take it and keep it

Forget the sex update we need the bonus ducks update

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No ducks given.