Community Event | Improv Royale 7 this weekend at 21:00CET, 15:00ET, 12:00PT

Then check out my event, Improv Royale, on this weekend at 21:00CET, 15:00ET, 12:00PT

This event is highly unique, featuring 7 randomly selected maps where players are given 30 minutes to complete the level taking out the targets with random disguises and random weapons, and exiting first with the fastest in game time as well. Done in master mode with no instinct and no loadout and not requiring SA, players are forced to improvise and pull off some crazy gunplay if they want to win. Each round gives players points in a leaderboard for being first to finish, and getting the best in game time. At the end of 7 rounds, the player with the most points gets the prize. A light up eyes prop duck, hitman flavoured of course. Improv Royale 7 - YouTube

You haven’t seen hitman played like this, I guarantee you. This is what the event looks like live Improv Royal ANY% Master Edition! Shoutcast by Gordiniroy and Agent 420 - YouTube

This late night edition is a veritable whos who of hitman top speedrunners in the world including your GDQ representative Yannini, the kid with the craziest strategies you never thought were possible Redfox and the king of improv, In4Fun, vying for his 4th win in 4 events. Can he be stopped?

If you want to take part in the action, you can join too, just ask me for sign up details. The rules are here Improv Royale 7: Master Edition - Google Docs