Community event Improv Royale next Saturday Jan 21

Next Saturday (January 21) at 21:00 CEST / 15:00 ET / 12:00 PT I am hosting the 8th edition of my community event known as Improv Royale. The mode pits numerous players against each other in a livestreamed event to play randomly selected main missions where they have to assassinate the target with specific weapons wearing specific disguises and exit as fast as possible with some big twists; the event is in master mode, with no loadout and no instinct and you are not required to keep SA. You can cause as much collateral damage as you want. This time, it is also a team event where teams of 2 will try to be the fastest.

The result is absolutely chaotic as players scramble to come up with approaches in how to deal with the level in master mode with no loadout (so no dart guns!) and the addition of no instinct means getting into firefights, which will happen quite often, means you cant rely on wallhacking to shoot people as they walk around a corner. After each map, players get points on how fast they completed it before onto the next randomly chosen map, 7 in total to determine the winner.

This is what it looks like live

It is a highly unique game mode that really allows this game to shine as a third person shooter where you will genuinely have to make the most of cover and covertly changing disguises as often as possible to escape the chaos you create. Its difficult, its fast, and its a lot of fun I encourage everyone to give a shot.

The detailed rules are here

To join in, you can join here Frote's Speedrun Community for F7SC speedrun community and find the ‘community events’ channel and find me (Meme Junkie) to sign up.


Sounds really wild (and long!) Not sure I’d have the time to play, but it sounds like a fun time… hopefully

The restricted kill methods in the doc are… a lot. How does one keep track of what they CAN do?

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The event is long, but people don’t have to play the whole thing, its all just a bit of fun and something different.

I’ve spent a very long time figuring out that list, anything not listed there is possible. Some are significantly harder than others but still all possible.

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