Completionist Run Query


Not sure where else to ask this but perhaps someone can advise? Albeit I own all the titles. I was thinking it would be cool to do a completionist run through each game in order from scratch.

My understanding is that this will require me to delete my IOI account. However, if I do so will this lock out my email and user name? Or will I be able to re-apply those?

Thanks for your time


You don’t necessarily have to delete your account. You may use the following website to wipe out your progression, but I don’t think they will accept your request unless it’s a case of unable to access the game. Alternatively, You may just create a new account, if that’s viable to the platform you choose to play on.

When you request to have your information deleted, we delete everything associated with that account, including online progress in all our games. Consequently, it is not possible to request information from one game deleted whilst retaining information in another.


OK cheers. Thanks for the heads up on that. I want to tackle everything from the off, so that should do it.

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There is no input field where you reason why you want it deleted, so they don’t even know why you request that. That notice is just a red herring so less people do deletion requests. In the end IO is legally required to comply according to the GDPR.


Request sent. I’ll miss not having my poison Pen from killing Sean Bean, but sometimes it’s nice to just operate from a clean slate.

think it was explosive pen. also damn that just hurts to here. i’d kill to get an explosive pen man. you’ve got a lot of courage to throw it away for a clean completionist run.


Yeah, your right it was an Explosive Pen. I don’t think I ever used it on a mission ever, so it’s not a loss in that sense, and I’ll always have the memory and screenshot of a Dead Sean, so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Albeit there are some funny items you can pick up unless there is a requirement to use them, I’m strictly a lockpick, Emetic Pills and Fibre Wire kind of player when it comes down to it.

Also might seem insane to go for a full reset, but due to the episodic release on the first game I never got that far into the later levels, and when Hitman 2 came along I ended up playing more of the Hitman 1 levels in that.

This way I can work through the games methodically and ensure I’ve only access to the equipment that becomes available to me as intended. I like that sort of personal challenge.

Just waiting on IOI support to let me know it’s done now.



Well there’s no turning back now, it seems. If you can, I’d like to see you sharing the new experience about your fresh playthough in the future. Congrats! :+1:


Thanks. We’ll see. I kind of only signed up here to ask about getting the account deletion. My usual hangout is the D-Pad forum which is more of a generalist gaming site, but I’m definitely looking forward to stepping out as 47 later on tonight on a fresh profile. Get the opening missions done and work through them methodically.

I’ll endeavour to post the odd update here though.


good luck on yer journey man. hurts me every time to see an explosive pen erased.


It’s going to be glorious. I’m quite excited. Limited starting equipment and a clear incentive to play through the escalations etc, and a good opportunity to think about how to max on getting the unlocks at the same time as everything else.

Fire up the game. No UI, just straight into the Tutorial.



I didn’t have much time to play yesterday, however, I cleared all the feats/challenges in the boat mission through a couple of playthroughs. There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to drop the Barrels onto the target without alerting the bodyguard, however, the helicopter nearby is an easy escape.

Military base in Cuba tonight and then onto the Escalations before Paris.


As a side note, if a console player wants to start fresh, they just have to create a new account on their console and boot up Hitman with this. It seems to be not that simple for PC.

Not deleting the other account has the benefits that stuff like leaderboard entries or contracts are not deleted with it.


I could have made another Steam account and done family sharing, but if I’m going for 100% completionist on 3 games I’d rather do it on my main account that way those games count towards my overall completion stats Steam.

Sure I lost a few elusive target rewards, but I’ll take 3 100%ed games over digital items I’m never going to use at the end of the day.

alright. good luck and congrats.


but those snazzy ass gloved suits. :pleading_face:

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Unless required I don’t think I’ve ever used anything other than the default tbh.

Hitman 1 (2016)