Complication: Hide All Bodies

I’m sure this post is in the wrong place. I just don’t know where to put it. Anyway,

Two Featured Contracts dedicated to the Season of Lust has Complication: Hide All Bodies. This has to be done before the exits points are revealed. In Dartmoor’s Garden Show, I was able to hide all the bodies. Well, I thought I did. I ran all over the map looking for an exposed body. I did not see any of the bodies I disposed. The problem is there is Zero indication of any exposed bodies to find. I wish for the bodies be marked on the map for this condition. We see dropped disguises and briefcases on the map, and subdued NPCs in instinct . It would be nice for eliminated NPCs to be located so we can go back to properly dispose them; especially for Complication: Hide All Bodies. I’m on the PS4 and I believe hiding the bodies in the river is glitched.


It could be the motorcycle exit. It seems like you won’t see it until you get next to it. I recall this happening from another contract in Dartmoor. I tried every other exit but that one thinking it was some secret easter egg exit.


You’re right - dumping bodies in the river doesn’t seem to mark them as hidden on the DGS FC. I ran into the same issue on PS5 because the game didn’t consider the body hidden, so it didn’t allow the exits to show. Had no choice to restart as I had no way to get to the body that was in the river.


What i did is shoot the body after dumping it so that it splashed into the water and that solved it for me

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Oh man! They made a challenge where you have to dump everyone into the river? I thought they took out the waves challenge in Sgail bc the community thought this to be too tedious.

There’s no challenge for dumping people in the river, it’s just that they’re discussing one of the targets whose body has to be dumped in the river to hide it and complete the contract


Thanks for explaining it.

Same issue on PC. DGF FC doesn’t mark bodies in river as hidden

If you’re spotted hiding a body, it shouldn’t be credited as hiding a body and the guards should be able to retrieve the body.

When this happened, I had Silent Assassin. When you have SA, you weren’t spotted.