Connection Failed

Been trying to play Hitman 3 on PS4. My internet connection isn’t the best but Hitman 1 and 2 worked flawlessly. For some reason I can’t get online whatsoever just a constant “Connection Failed” message. Anybody know what could be the case?

I thought that only applied to the website for carrying over progress? I see other players in my friends list playing Hitman 3 just fine. Unless they are in offline mode?

yes. that’s what I thought at first. but apparently server is not going very well. we just have to wait. nothing we can do about it

Unbelievable. Thanks for letting me know what’s up.

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Yep, I’ve been playing it offline, after every mission I check to see if I can go online… no luck yet, same boat.

Not getting discouraged, just means I can’t unlock anything yet.

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Will you have to redo the missions and challenges to unlock them? Or once we go online will it automatically recognize that we have done so already? Just asking so I don’t start playing yet if that’s the case.

I believe I will have to redo the missions. In Offline mode, no challenges or anything are tracked. It’s a small price to pay to enjoy the story tonight. Just limited on the items you can bring into a mission.

I agree the story is great but lacking the ability to unlock and progress , hinders my enjoyment esp without any replay value at the moment. But I guess I’ll bite the bullet and try out the first mission .


I see people on Twitter talking about how great the game is and that they are actually unlocking stuff so they must be able to connect me on the other hand I can’t even connect to the hitman service… Very confusing.

I just completed the game, still can’t connect. I’ll just have to get by. I understand they’ve got a lot of their plate right now… it’ll come online eventually.

Great fucking game by the way.