CONTRACTS: NPCs that are like targets

A place to discuss those NPCs that are like targets. Hector Delgado in Santa Fortuna, the sheik in Paris, Ted Mendez in Miami, etc.

In Hitman 3 i can think of cool ideas: Cornelia Stuyvesant / Sheik in Dubai, the Carlisle family in Dartmoor, Diana in Mendoza.


im actually quite disappointed Diana is not able to be a target in Contracts. in fact they said they didn’t consider contracts mode at all when designing her. makes sense tbh seeing as you cant even subdue her (as in with your hands, i know you can pacify her).


Surprised you didn’t mention Moses Lee.

Lots of kill opportunities like tampering with the car, rigging the podium pyrotechnics, poisoning the trophy, sniping him…

Remind me since I’m away from my console atm, can you make contracts in Berlin? The guy who gives you the VIP might have an interesting routine. He’s the first one I can think of on that map since I may or may not have been panicking a bit when playing it my first time >_>

Really? Huh
IOI surprised me

that artist lady in dubai too.