Conveniently bald men of the HITMAN franchise

Throughout the HITMAN series, there are a lot of important NPCs who are either conveniently bald or have toupees. I thought I would start compiling a list just for fun.

-Helmut Kruger (double points for similar facial structure)
-Kurt Donovan (suggested by cake941)
-Dr Oscar Lafayette
-Salvatore Bravuomo (toupee)
-Arguably Rocco (but his disguise isn’t really super specific, plus his model was based on an actual bald man)
-Abel De Silva
-Cult initiate (since they all have to shave their heads)
-Yoga instructor
-Akira, the Gama Director (toupee)
-Chief surgeon Nicholas Laurent
-Jason Portman (double points for similar facial structure)
-Florida Man (sorta? He has that weird hair extension thing so it kind of counts)
-Moses Lee
-Tattoo artist (triple points for convenient tattoo sleeves)
-The Kashmirian
-Nurse Nelson Lafayette
-Job applicant (The Bank)
-The lawyer (Aron Ford Jr.)
-Test subject (bonus point for the QR code tattoo on the back of his head)
-Corvo Black
Let me know if there are any I’ve forgotten and I’ll add them to the list.


Kurt (Paris CICADA guard)

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Ken Morgan.

I meant bald men you can disguise as, hence their convenience.

The GAMA director is named Akira Nakamira. He’s wearing a wig like Bravuomo.
The Chief Surgeon is named Nicholas Laurent.


Salvatore Bravuomo and Akira Nakamura should also get bonus points for having faces that look a lot like 47’s, too, just older. It’s kind of uncanny.

Lord Sinclair from Death of Hannelore. Although there’s not really a clear point which NPC is him, I’m lead to believe that he’d be bald and at least have similarities to 47 to be able to pose as him with zero suspicion from Von Kamprad, seeing as there’s been previous tests in the hospital