Conviction Sam Fisher for H2, in .RPKG doesn't work for H3

I was wondering if anyone could modify the Sam Fisher Conviction Mod found here:Sam Fisher at Hitman 2 Nexus - Mods and community

The author gives permissions to modify it, they just need to be named in the credits (Huckleberrypie and HMBM47.)

It currently doesn’t work with Hitman 3, only Hitman 2, and it’s a really solid model replacement, looks great in H2, only problem is the 165GB H2 is and i cannot play it with DLSS.

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Contact the mod creator on nexus, they ported some of their stuff from H2 over to H3 so I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to ask them to do the same for Sam Fisher.

I’m not sure who here on the forum mods fully but maybe @Kevin_Rudd would be a good place to start since I think they have some grasp on HITMAN 3 modding.

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yes i contacted the author on Nexus, the mod is as-is and has no planned update.

Since it’s for H2 and only maybe the author will update, i was realy hoping someone could port the H2 mod into H3.

The Mod originated from UU, a tool for Unreal that allows export of models with skeletal bones, and the Authors likely fixed the bone structure in Blender… But since the work is done, it just would need to be converted from H2 to H3. Would be Sooo Grateful as it would turn Hitman Trilogy into a very excellent Splinter Cell game.

Having the Gar0npeX Tactical Suit to start, looks like a Deniable Ops suit from Splinter Cell Conviction, then if you change suits, it should still be Conviction Sam in a different suit. Unfortunately, the Sam Fisher model is not what is under the Deniable Ops suit, it’s 47. It’s Ok, but any SC fan would want actual Sam. TheSMF deploys the H2 mod, but H3 either crashes or loads 47 anyway. The Conviction Sam Fisher doesn’t work in H3 from what i know.

Not Plugging, for examination I have a video of the Ga0npeX Tactical Operations Suit, working since i found the .RPKG on the web and scanned it. I can link the file on my Google Drive.
To Clarify, The Sam Fisher Model by huckleberrypie and HMBM47 is not the same as the Tactical Operations Suit, by Gar0npeX. Also, a video when suit switching shows Agent 47 and not Sam Fisher
Video starts at actual gameplay.

huckleberrypie and HMBM47’s Sam Fisher Model (broken in H3):

Gar0npeX’s Tailor Suit Tactical Operations suit here:

Use the older version of Gar0npeX’s Tailor Kit and update with newest SMF.

Mods i use for SC Theme:

Sam Fisher Conviction is broken, using the .RPKG in the mod for H2.

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