Cool Yacht Map Mission Idea

I am quite sad that we only have one mission on a ship, so I thought of a yacht map.

Targets: Noah Miller(The Sailor), John Miller(The Shark)

Story: A rich man(The Sailor) and his brother(The Shark) own a pretty expensive yacht. There have been rumors of a secret operation to take control of the Atlantic ocean, these rumors were confirmed when they recently attacked a Venezuelan coast because of a trade deal. They have been resisting arrest. Our client is their mother. Thick plot, thicker waters.


Top Floor: Personal Gym(No disguise allowed in), Steering Room idk the name of it(Nobody allowed usually), Noah’s Room(Nobody allowed ever), John’s Room(No disguises allowed in), Bathroom(Why would anyone be allowed in?)

3rd Floor: Guest room(Tobias Rieper’s room, it’s one of the starting locations), Guest room 2(It’s the room of Noah’s closest friend)(Nobody allowed in)(You can find a keycard for every room in there.), Bathroom, Meeting room(Tobias Rieper allowed inside once meeting has begun), Balcony

2nd Floor: Lounge, Server Room, Play Room, Medical center, Staff Room(Like Hokkaido), Kitchen, Dining Room (Outside) Bar, (Outside) Lounge 2, (Outside) Swimming Pool, (Outside) Hot Tub)

First Floor(Only soldiers allowed): Soldiers room(Like from Hokkaido), Bathroom, Changing Room, Security Room, Weapons Storage, Shooting Range, Command Center

Bottom Floor(Only Engineers allowed in): Bedroom 1, Bedroom 2, Chief Engineer’s Bedroom(Only Chief Engineer disguise allowed in), Bathroom, Storage Room, Engine Room

Mission Stories

“Final Meeting”: Engage in a meeting with Noah

Assassination Opportunities: Poison his drink, push him off balcony

“12,000 Feet Under”: Cause John to fall out of his window when he leans on it, falling into the ocean

Assassination Opportunities: He drowns in the ocean

“PIRATES!!!”: Cause the ship to get into a battle with pirates, getting Noah to get killed in the crossfire

Assassination Opportunities: Bro dies from the fight

“Bad Employees”: Sabotage the engine

Walkthrough: Sabotage the engine, knock out the technicians, tell Noah as the Chief Engineer to check on the engine, Noah will check on the engine, then he will call down John because he can’t figure out what the problem is.

Assassination Opportunities: Electrocution, explosion of engine(Will cause evacuation of everyone, they’ll get on lifeboats, you also need to get to lifeboat to survive)


Tobias Rieper: Allowed in the 2nd floor(Apart from the server room), Allowed in 3rd floor(Except the second guest room)(Only allowed in the meeting room once the meeting starts)

Soldier: Allowed on the First, Second Floor, and Third Floor(Except for the guest rooms and kitchen)

Elite Soldier: Allowed Everywhere, Noah is an enforcer for this disguise, this disguise is allowed to engage in a fight with pirates for the Mission Story “PIRATES!!!”

Bartender: Allowed on the Second Floor

Engineer: Allowed on the Bottom Floor. The other engineer, the chief engineer, and Noah, are enforcers

Chief Engineer: Allowed on every floor(Except the kitchen and Dining Room) , not allowed to have weapons, no enforcers for this disguise

First Officer: Allowed on Every floor except for the Bottom and First Floor.

Chef: Allowed in the Kitchen, Staff Room, and Lounge Room

Waiter: Allowed in the Kitchen, Staff Room, and Lounge Room

Diving Suit: Everywhere is hostile, needed to use one of the exits

Kraken Costume: Hostile everywhere, found in John’s room, killing John in this outfit completes challenge “Apex of the ocean”

Mastery Unlocks

LEVEL 1: Start at the Bar

LEVEL 2: Remote Kraken Explosive

LEVEL 3: Agency Pickup in your room

LEVEL 4: Undercover in the Kitchen as a Chef

LEVEL 5: Shark themed pistol

LEVEL 6: Agency Pickup in the Storage Room

LEVEL 7: Undercover in the Changing Room as a Soldier

LEVEL 8: Brazilian Flag Suit

LEVEL 9: Agency pickup in the Weapons Storage

LEVEL 10: Undercover at the Bar as a Bartender

LEVEL 11: Sleek Black Shashka A33 Covert

LEVEL 12: Agency Pickup in Noah’s Room

LEVEL 13 Undercover in the Engine Room as an Engineer

LEVEL 14: Loose wires(Fiber Wire but with colors)

LEVEL 15: Agency Pickup in the Meeting Room

LEVEL 16: Undercover in John’s Room as Kraken

LEVEL 17: Militia issued handgun

LEVEL 18: Agency Pickup in the Command Center

LEVEL 19: Undercover as an Elite Soldier in the Command Center

LEVEL 20: Sailor Outfit


Apex of the Ocean- Unlocks a Kraken outfit for 47

I can’t think of any other challenges


A boat level, an airport level and a proper snow level are probably the 3 biggest “wish list” levels for Hitman. :joy:


Pretty much. I am trying to research airports and the rooms in them to come up with an actual airport layout for a map idea.

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Scrolling through, we gonna talk about how fucking good this would be? You designed every part. and thought of everything… Props to you.

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Thanks, I tried. Maybe I should make another map soon

How do you envision a kraken suit? Do you have a rough picture of it?

I imagine it would be like the all black suit but instead dark blue. It would probably have a Kraken pin on it. Maybe some tentacles attached to the suit.

Does it look like this?


No but that looks sick

Where did you get that from

Just googled: kraken suit pictures. (in my language)

By the way, there is supposed to be a doctor and a ship’s captain on the ship. Do you have any ideas for exits? (Especially the secret ones.)

No idea I made this way too long ago to remember