Could not launch Hitman 3. Please verify the installation LS-0013 code

Well, i receive this warning after i run the game as administrator. I did everything on the page that the error code leads and Epic Games Support Team says and i even reinstalled epic games but it still didn’t work. They told me i can find support in this page, please help me.

Although you did in fact do a reinstall, you should probably try verifying the game files on Epic Games. Other than that, I have no idea. Could you please also tell me if this is an official copy of Hitman 3? The fact that you ran it in administrator and reinstalled EG instead of Hitman 3 feels a little weird.

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İ reinstalled the game itself and verified the game files too many times but still same. This is an original copy of the game.

please reply, this is my favourite game.

I currently have no solution to your problem sadly. Have you tried literally everything that Epic Games Support recommended you? All I can really ask is:

  1. Do you have any mods or frameworks installed and if yes, which ones?
  2. Could you please send me a picture of Hitman 3 being in your library just in case (I’m just asking because I literally have no other clue)?
  3. Have you updated the game to 3.50?

1.I don’t have any of them

3. I think it is the latest update

Try closing Epic Games entirely in Task Manager, and then run Epic Games as an administrator, then open H3. Maybe there’s an error because you are running H3 as administrator, but not EG.

Other than that, I literally have no other clue.

Why would you need to launch things as administrator?
Probably the problem is here - just lauch EGS and the game as a regular programs, without them having administrator rights

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I also found that odd, but thought there was some reason he launched it as admin, hence my recommendation.

Try launching them as regular programs though as @Count.Rushmore said.

I have had this exact problem for months and I have never found a solution online. I tried all of the suggestions (reinstalling, verifying, etc.) and I still get an error message whenever I launch…but only with Hitman 3 and none of my other Epic games. I have no idea what is causing this error but it clearly isn’t an issue with my PC if someone else is having the same issue. The ONLY thing that has worked for me is this:

  1. If the Epic launcher is running, close it.
  2. Go to Programs and Features:
    Start - Settings - Apps and Features - Programs and Features (in the upper right of the screen).
  3. Select Epic Games Launcher - Click Repair. This is why you have to go to Programs and Features. Apps and Features doesn’t have the Repair option for the Launcher.
  4. Launch Hitman 3

I do this every time I want to play and it has been the ONLY thing to get the game to run without an error message (I’m on Windows 10). I hope this helps.

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