Could you add mirror versions of maps?

Or some kind of image transition mode. The only horizontal inverting i can google is dual-monitor version in UltraMon, or custom maps in CS.
Inverted maps could literally double replayability of the game.
P.S. Sorry for my poor english - not my native language.


That would feel really weird but sounds still interesting.
If we still had no proper shoulder swaps, that would even result in new gameplay possibilities! :laughing:

But it maybe needs huge efforts to do. It would have fitted to the fever-dream like escalations of the Sins packs.


That’s…debatable, honestly. Replayablility is not “add more maps” or “mirror the existing ones”, it’s “give more depth to the levels”. The maps would still be too familar to the old ones, you’re just changing the direction people have to go.

That’s fine in something like Mario Kart Wii where that’s one of the only options for extending a players’ game time (It’s a racing game built on learning tracks to some extent), but Hitman is considerably slower paced, and has FAR more to learn, and I have a feeling the frustration of constantly turning left instead of right outweighs it being a cool idea. Not to mention even the smallest of maps in the trilogy are quite complex in nature.

As Urben said, it’d be cool if it were used in 7DS, that sounds like a cool idea. But that even further amplifies how gimmicky inverted maps are as a concept.


As someone who knows the maps like the back of my hand, I think it would be a fun cerebral exercise to play them dyslexic style. This is something that has been done decades ago in tony hawks pro skater 2 on dreamcast, so I’m not sure how difficult it would be to implement today with techniques that must have improved since then.

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Here’s a look at how confusing although intriguing an inverted world of assassins would look. The action prompts are backwards as is your inventory and signage on buildings; I couldn’t help that.


It’s an interesting thought, but I don’t know if it would be as useful as a mechanic to “extend the playtime” of the game. It’s still the same map, you’d just be making all the wrong decisions every time until you re-learn the opposite of your usual strategy… but that doesn’t seem fair for how complex Hitman is.

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Yeah, I’m not sure many people would find replay value in this either. I suppose some could find certain levels more aesthetically pleasing in reverse for some reason. It could however be a fun mental exercise for others though.

Naughty Dog has this feature for The Uncharted series and The Last of Us, but they didn’t bother with signage on the buildings and for some of your clues.