Create Your Own Bonus Level

Using existing levels from HITMAN, make your own bonus levels.

Originally created by @STEVEORSOMTHING.

I mostly created this thread to archive works from the original thread, but anyone is welcome to post their own concepts or ideas.

Right below are several of the bonus level concepts @Soupienza wrote.


Map: Himmapan Hotel (Night)

Client: International Bank of Credit (IBoC)

Targets And Objectives:
-Eliminate Maxwell Hausen, Vice President, IBoC International Operations
-Eliminate Margaux White, underworld Information Broker
-Complete the Data Transfer from White’s Server to IBoC Servers

  • Optional: Prevent IAGO from stealing the Data

Context/Mechanics/Map Changes: Maxwell Hausen is meeting Margaux White during a performance of the opera “Swan Lake” on the waterfront area of the Himmapan Hotel. Hausen has brought much success to the IBoC, but has also given it an infamous reputation for funding extra-legal activities, black ops, and possible terrorist activity. The discovery of a Letter of Credit within IBoC linking it to the trade of VX Poison Rockets in Southeast Asia, a deal which Hausen brokered, has caused the IBoC to seek his assassination.

Hausen is meeting Margaux White to buy a cache of information from her. But the trade has a twist. Margaux is not carrying the data cache on her person and the data cache is not anywhere on the map. Instead, she has arranged for the cache to be transferred via secure FTP between a server her people have setup, and another server the IBoC has setup. Hausen is to do a 50% downpayment upon certifying Margaux’s credentials, and once this downpayment is confirmed, White and Hausen will meet - for the first time. At this meeting, White will utter the FTP password verbally. Hausen will then transfer the 50% balance payment and a Data Transfer taking 3 minutes will be executed by an IBoC IT Team and Station on site at one of the Hotel Rooms.

The IBoC, already fearing an impending audit of Hausen’s VX rocket transaction, would also like White to be eliminated. However, the IBoC would still like to acquire the data White was trading. Someone wants to bake their cake and eat it too.

An additional complication is that knowledge of the trade has reached IAGO, who have deployed a team of three agents to sabotage the FTP transfer so that the data goes to a IAGO server. The ICA has no knowledge of exact details, only that it is aware that IAGO has assets at the venue. 47 is told it would be best that IAGO do not acquire this information.

Main Map/Normal Mission Script Sequence
Only the Waterfront starting point with a Suit (non-disguise) is available.

At the start of the mission, a large portion of the Waterfront on the Queen’s Suite wing side of the hotel (where Ken Morgan used to take his phone calls) will be covered by a large curtain/scaffolding apparatus as final preparations take place for the performance of Swan Lake. There are temporary walkways over the water effectively expanding the walkable areas beyond the original wooden boat port, some boats will be removed.

Ground Floor Area once used by the Exterminator has been converted to Crew and Dressing Rooms for Swan Lake who use an extended temporary walkway over water to reach the backstage area of Swan Lake.

Margaux White starts at the table used by the Food Critic, she is meeting with an assistant of Maxwell Hausen. Hausen himself is at the bar by the Waterfront (where Kalu Oidofor started) enjoying a drink and flirting with a lady half his age.

The Studio has been converted into a mobile center by the IBoC. They will be executing the bank transfer from this area through a laptop manned by an IBoC clerk.

IBoC’s FTP Transfer station, however, is not located here, but is instead located in what was the Birthday Party room. There is a computer in here that can initiate the FTP transfer to the IBoC Server when the Password is used.

Hotel Security guard the Emperor Suite. CICADA Bodyguards guard the Queen’s Suite.

Both indoor floors of the Hotel Restaurant and bar will be used for the Swan Lake Afterparty. The area used by Abel Da Silva will be a VIP area and Cast Meet-and-Greet for the Afterparty. An Invitation is required to enter the Afterparty VIP Area, you can find these Invitations on any of the VIP guests. There is also a machine that electronically prints out Invitations that can be manipulated by 47 (Suspicious Act).

Sometime during this Pre-Show period, Margaux White will meet with an assistant of Maxwell Hausen at the table used by the Food Critic to receive her credentials and references for accreditation by IBoC’s IT team. At this point the Assistant will give Hausen the signal that White’s references “check out” and that the trade can proceed.

Hausen will then say that he’s ready to transfer the money. The Assistant informs White of the update and advises that due to processing and approvals it can take “a few minutes” for her to get her downpayment. She will go and wait at the Queen’s Suite for this to resolve.

At some point during this event, Swan Lake will open on the Waterfront. Part of the opera happens on the water with performers swimming, and other areas are performed on a section of the Restaurant exterior area. People will gather around here and on windows facing this section of the waterfront to watch the performance.

Hausen and White have reserved seats at tables in the outdoor area of the restaurant, giving them a beautiful view of the opera. Hausen goes down immediately from the Emperor Suite to take his seat. When Margaux White is called by Hausen’s Assistant and is informed that the Downpayment has completed, she will go down to take her seat beside Hausen and their meeting will take place.

This is where White will whisper the Password to Hausen. Hausen will then leave the opera and head back to the IBoC FTP Station to personally give the password to the IT Team and do the FTP Transfer. This time, Hausen says the password out loud.

When the IT FTP Team confirms the Password has worked, Hausen will leave this room and head up to the Emperor Suite/Studio Area to inform the IBoC Clerk to begin the Wire payment for White’s Balance.

Swan Lake will end at some point during this event and Margaux will proceed to the Queen’s Suite where she will await confirmation from the IBoC Assistant that her full payment has completed.

Margaux White, who throughout the opera will admire the performances (revealing in dialogue that she catches this particular rendition of Swan Lake wherever it occurs), will engage the Swan Lake cast at the Afterparty.

The Afterparty is a persistent state and the map will stay in this state forever if the Mission lasts up to this point.

Both Targets will then eventually check out from the Hotel at different times and exit the map in New Boats on the Waterfront.

IAGO Interference
IAGO’s command center is at one of the rooms on 47’s floor that is unoccupied in the normal story mission (Room 206). IAGO have setup a laptop on the table beside the Mini-Bar that can initiate the FTP operation to the IAGO Server when the Password is used. Two IAGO Guards disguised as Hotel Staff pretend to be cleaning the main Hotel room area but will shoot anyone (another NPC or 47 regardless of disguise) that enters this room and is spotted.

IAGO have three operatives deployed.

One IAGO operative is actually playing Odile (the Black Swan) and is part of the Swan Lake performance. Her job is to obtain the Password from the Swan Lake Afterparty and do the FTP Transfer at the IAGO Station.

One is disguised as a CICADA Bodyguard. His job is also to obtain the Password at the Queen’s Suite and then go to the Laptop at the IAGO station to do the transfer.

One is disguised as a Repairman. He will go to what was the Birthday Party room and wait for when Hausen inevitably gives the password. This guy will wait for Hausen to leave, then sabotage the IBoC file transfer to divert it to IAGO Servers.

At the very start of the Mission, all three will be at the IAGO temporary command center going through final preparations and stating their goals. This will take only a few seconds then all three will exit and go to their stations.

Also during their little Pow-Wow, the IAGO team notes that they are using a new and experimental Truth Serum that will allow them to extract data from a Target and leave them passed out with memory loss of preceding events once they awaken. It is noted that for this mission IAGO will explicitly not attempt to hurt either Margaux White or Maxwell Hausen as neither are of interest to them.

IAGO Odile (carrying Truth Serum vial and a Suppressed Pistol) will go to the dressing room area and change into her Black Swan costume and prepare for the play. The IAGO Repairman (carrying a Server Redirector and Suppressed Pistol) will go to what was the Birthday Party Room, now converted into the IBoC FTP Station and hang around there. The IAGO CICADA Guard (carrying Truth Serum syringe and Suppressed Pistol) will go up to the Queen’s Suite.

While Margaux White is waiting at the Queen’s Suite for Downpayment confirmation and before Swan Lake opens IAGO will put their plan into motion. The IAGO Cicada guard will Truth Serum syringe Margaux White while she is in her bedroom with her bodyguards outside the bedroom. The IAGO Bodyguard will extract the Password from her and leave her lying down on the ground in her room, walking towards the IAGO Station and doing the FTP Transfer. You will know this has occurred because Diana will warn you and a Red IAGO FTP Timer counting down 3 minutes will show up.

Eventually one of White’s bodyguards will wake her but as she has no recollection of events, she will just continue as if nothing happened.

If Swan Lake has started and IAGO has not been able to steal the data they go to plan B.

After Maxwell Hausen meets Margaux White at the Swan Lake opera Hausen will go to the IBoC FTP Station and state the Password out loud (because he’s an idiot). When the IBoC Technician confirms that the Password is legitimate, Hausen will gloat and then leave the FTP Station room and head back up to the Emperor’s Suite to do the balance payment routine. At this time, the IAGO Repairman will get up and place the Server Redirector behind a Server Rack and guard it.

Normally a white fonted 3 minute timer appears to tell you how much time is left for IBoC’s data transfer. This timer will freeze and a new Red Timer representing IAGO’s FTP transfer in Red will start if the Server Redirector is active and Diana will tell you something’s wrong.

If you destroy the Server Redirector, the IAGO FTP Timer in Red freezes and the white-fonted IBoC data transfer continues and Diana will confirm things are OK. If you are spotted by the IAGO Repairman, you will end up in a gun fight.

IAGO’s final ace in the hole is the IAGO Odile. During the Afterparty, the IAGO Odile will poison Margaux White’s drink with the Truth Serum which makes Margaux nauseous, Odile will help Margaux into the Restaurant comfort rooms where Margaux will give Odile the password and Odile will go to the IAGO FTP Station and do the data transfer.

Eventually a Hotel Staff or Margaux’s Bodyguard will find her here and wake her up, and again, she has no recollection of the attack and just continues on.

Note that the IAGO operatives are enforcers against 47 in any suit or disguise and will engage you if you are spotted.

Gameplay Notes

Getting the Password:
-Margaux White has never met Maxwell Hausen in person. Therefore you have an opportunity to meet White at Swan Lake as Hausen and receive the Password when she whispers it to you. You will also learn of her backstory with the IAGO Odile whom she thinks is her friend.

-Whenever Margaux White is drugged and left alone by an IAGO operative, there is a short amount of time where she will stay drugged and dazed, but not KO-ed. You can approach Margaux in this state and simply ask her for the Password and she will whisper it to you. Note however, that to avoid long delays with the mission’s script and events, the discovery time for finding Margaux White whenever she is drugged by an IAGO operative is somewhat accelerated and forced compared to if 47 does it himself at a better location.

-You can also acquire the Truth Serum vial or syringe from the appropriate IAGO Operative and use them on Margaux White yourself.

-You can use the Truth Serum syringe on any IAGO Operative who has knowledge of the Password and acquire the Password in this way. You can also use this method to get the Password from Maxwell Hausen if you missed the opportunity in the IBoC FTP Room.

-When you find evidence that Hausen plans to betray IBoC and resell the data (see: Other Notes at very bottom of this post) you can blackmail Hausen into giving you the Password at gunpoint.

-If you are in the IBoC FTP Transfer Room when Hausen says the Password out loud, you gain knowledge of the Password automatically.

The Data Transfer:
-While IBoC getting the data is a required objective, preventing IAGO from getting their own copy of the data is only an Optional Objective and will not cause a mission failure.

-Progress of either FTP transfer is denoted by a countdown timer similar to the one that appears when Silvio Caruso is escaping by seaplane in Sapienza.

-IAGO’s Server Rack and Laptop in their temporary command center can be destroyed. Leaving IAGO only the option of using the Server Redirector to do the actual transfer.

-If IAGO’s FTP Transfer timer completely counts down to 0 then the Optional Objective fails.

-If any IAGO Operative has knowledge of the Password and is Alive or Unconscious when you exit the mission, the Optional Objective also fails as soon as you exit the Mission.

-If you pick up, rather than destroy the Server Redirector, the inventory description says that 47 has “reconfigured the device to transfer the data to IBoC servers instead”. You can then use this at the IAGO FTP Station by mounting on one of IAGO’s server racks, and either do the data transfer there yourself (if 47 knows the Password), or allow one of the IAGO operatives to do it for you, resulting in them transferring the data to IBoC unawares.

-Planting a Proximity Explosive under the Laptop table in Room 206 can ensure that any attempt by a IAGO operative to operate the Laptop will have fatal consequences.

Assassinating Targets
-Hausen will be having drinks at the bar at the start. He also drinks later at the Emperor’s Suite in celebration after the deal is done.

-Margaux White will drink during the Afterparty. But note she will be with IAGO Odile throughout the Afterparty.

-There is an opportunity for 47 to disguise himself as a waiter and serve finger food and drinks to Margaux White and Maxwell Hausen while they are seated together at the Swan Lake performance.

-Both Targets’ Motorboats can be used to hide a Remote Explosive.

-When either Target reaches their Motorboat the standard Target Escaping Timer also appears as crews prepare their Motorboat for departure.

-If you manage to pick up the mobile phone of the IBoC Technician who confirms the FTP Password given by Maxwell Hausen you learn that this same IBoC Technician also took money to inform a third party (probably IAGO) about this deal. If you leave the IBoC Technician’s phone at the temporary office in the Emperor’s Suite used by Hausen, Hausen will discover the treachery and come storming down to the FTP Transfer Room and argue with the IBoC Technician. This results in the IBoC Technician pushing Hausen into a large rack of wiring and equipment in anger which you can rig beforehand to cause an Electrocution Accident. (During their argument you will learn the pair had earlier colluded to make sure the FTP transfer was away from prying eyes of their own employer to facilitate Hausen’s own scheme to re-sell the data later by making a secret copy for himself).

-The IBoC Assistant is actually very important for maintaining the cadence of the Mission’s events since the Assistant has to electronically transmit the Credentials to the IBoC Clerk upstairs at the Emperor’s Suite, and since this Assistant also informs Margaux White that the Downpayment is complete. The mission can therefore be frozen if the Assistant is eliminated.

Dealing with IAGO Operatives
-The IAGO Operatives are enforcers against 47 and will pull out suppressed pistols when they themselves compromise 47. They ignore alarms and battles caused by other NPC’s.

-The IAGO Operatives ignore coins and distractions when performing particular animations (eg: IAGO Odile poisoning a drink, IAGO CICADA guard syringing Margaux White, IAGO Repairman planting the Server Redirector). You can use this to get them caught by another NPC, if an alarm is successfully raised, this will lead to a scripted sequence where the IAGO operative tries to pull out their gun but is killed by Security/Bodyguards.

-You can sabotage the Swan Lake performance to electrocute IAGO Odile. This also causes Margaux White to rush to IAGO Odile’s body and mourn her death. Other Accidents/Opportunities can happen here to eliminate Margaux White as well.

-If disguised as a Swan Lake performer 47 can also drown IAGO Odile during a part of the play and it will be undiscovered with the addition that the body will be hidden immediately.

-47 can also poison IAGO Odile’s drink at the Swan Lake Afterparty VIP area. Her poison death routine places IAGO Odile near a tall Swan Lake themed display. Margaux White will rush to her side to mourn her, at which point the Swan Lake display can be tipped over by explosion or physical push to kill Margaux White in an accident.

-You can “spill a drink” and rig a wire near the Server Rack used by the IAGO Repairman to electrocute him when he makes the approach towards the Server Rack. This area, however, is checked from time to time by Hotel Security (the IAGO Repairman timing is rigged so that he always attempts his approach when no one is looking).

-You can use coins to upset the timing of IAGO agents so that their timing for critical approaches is upset, increasing the chances they will get caught. This can be risky since it may also affect other NPC’s including the guards you hoped to catch the IAGO agents.

-Even if you do not try to pursue the IAGO operatives, their involvement will eventually be known to you when the Red IAGO FTP Timer appears or when you discover Margaux White drugged at the Queen’s Suite or at the Restaurant Bathroom.

Other Notes
-Maxwell Hausen has always planned to keep a copy of the Data for himself and you learn later this is the reason he has setup the FTP Station separate from the other IBoC staff in the Emperor’s Suite as he is colluding with one of the IBoC Technicians to do this.

-You can find the body of a CICADA Bodyguard and a Repairman at the Hotel Basement. Intel entry will suggest that these are signs IAGO has infiltrated the hotel.

-Sebastian Sato makes a cameo as the Costume Designer of Swan Lake. He fusses and makes complaints and makes comments every now and then.

-During the Pre-Show, Dalia Margolis and Viktor Novikov arrive in a motorboat and will watch Swan Lake at their own reserved seats. Dialogue between the two will reveal that Novikov wonders who designed the costumes and reveals that he will make an effort to find out at the Afterparty.

-Novikov recruits Sebastian Sato into Sanguine during the Afterparty.

-If you approach Dalia Margolis at the Afterparty when Novikov has excused himself to meet Sato, Dalia will strike a conversation with 47 (if 47 came in using a default Suit with an Invitation). She starts off by greeting 47 like a friend (“Ah! You’re here too! Funny!”). She then goes on ridiculing Viktor Novikov adding that she can almost believe Novikov is really a fashion maven and not the “flacid white-haired rug I use from time to time”. When she finally tries to address 47 as Helmut Kruger, 47 will say: “I’m sorry. I think you’ve mistaken me for someone else.”. Dalia will excuse herself.

-Jackie Carrington plays Odette (the White Swan).

-Carrington’s boyfriend from “The Class” is at Room 207, wearing his “The Class” crew costume. This disguise is regarded as suspicious everywhere and is this mission’s equivalent of the Vampire Magician/Stalker/Hippie disguise.

-The Hotel Manager has both the Hotel Master Keycard and an Afterparty VIP Invitation.


Title: Shine A Light
Map: Marrakesh (Night Time/Winter)

Client: By Brokerage Only (implied: International Children’s Fund(ICF))

Targets And Objectives:
-Eliminate Omar Karim Al-Fasiq
-Retrieve his Ledger
-Locate an Exit

Context/Mechanics/Map Changes
The target is Omar Karim Al-Fasiq, the entertainment agent and studio financier son of an oil sheik from Saudi Arabia, now currently based in Morocco. The Client, to protect its identity, has chosen to transact business through an accredited broker who has elected to be the guarantor of both the Client and the ICA.

While by day, Al-Fasiq seems to be little more than a glamorous star-maker, our brief includes data and evidence linking much of Al-Fasiq’s wealth and finances to human trafficking and sex slavery, the victims of which include some of the very youth to whom Al-Fasiq sells dreams of fame, fortune, and glamour.

The Target is currently holding the Grand Finals of the Marrakesh Music Melee, which will award the winners with the privilege of being signed up under Al-Fasiq’s management agency. In facilitating this event the south side of the West Bazaar (area in front of Shisha Cafe and near the Repairman Starting Point building) has been converted into a concert stage (Swedish Embassy section is inaccessible), while stage crews, technical staff, and a TV crew Control Center occupy the nearest building.

The markets on the West Side of the Bazaar have also been cleared, and instead you will find a boundary and backstage preparation area.

Crowds of cheering fans fill the area in front of the Shisha Cafe and the West Bazaar area. TV crews dot the entire location, and at multiple levels. Note the presence of TV crews on rooftops and other areas.

Al-Fasiq and his entourage have reserved the entire Shisha Cafe, as well as the building joined to it via rooftops as their personal quarters for this event. Among his entourage is his Accountant holding a Ledger that the Client wants us to steal before leaving the area.

The Client is aware that just killing Al-Fasiq may not suffice to end his operations, so retrieving the Ledger is vital to “ending Al-Fasiq for good”.

The Shisha Cafe’s VIP area is changed to a large extent such that much of the individual Shisha Pipe cubicles have been collapsed. Instead the entire area has been turned into a harem-like lounge with Shisha Pipes and other entertainment strewn in front of the bar.

Another lounge has been created on the Rooftop of the building adjoining the Shisha Cafe. Al-Fasiq will watch the Music Melee Grand Finals from this location with his Accountant.

The two bands contesting the Grand Finals start in what was the Shisha Cafe’s public area which is reserved for them (making it two restricted area levels at the Shisha Cafe floor this time). This area contains food and drinks for the band and their guests.

One of these bands is called “The Flying Windmills”: a Leather, Wigs, Masks, and Face-paint themed medieval thrash metal band.

The other finalist is an up-and-coming band from America called “The Class” led by their frontman Jordan Cross (this is before the band became famous and before they were represented by Dexy Barat - story dialogue reveals that Cross himself paid for the money to get the band all the way to Morroco for this competition). Other members of “The Class” include Heidi Santoro on lead guitar, and drummer Quentin Moriarty. A bass guitarist for “The Class” is conspicuously missing.

Al-Fasiq has a limousine stationed near the School in place of the Military Truck that was an exit point in the original story mission.

The map is closed off to the south at the end of the bazaar, meaning that section of the map that includes the Swedish embassy is not accessible.

Be warned, there are numerous TV Cameras active at various points of the venue as the Grand Finals are being aired live on television. So 47 must be mindful of what he does and where. If the TV Director sees suspicious activity, he may call the police or security. If there is escalated Combat, the TV Director may trigger “Target Lockdown” - which will cause the Target and his Accountant to attempt an escape via Limousine or Helicopter.

CICADA guard the Shisha Cafe and the building adjoining it (similar to A House Built On Sand). Marrakesh Military Police guard the rest of the venue and the building housing the TV Crew Control Station.

The School is completely deserted but still accessible.

The Fortune Teller is present and works exactly as he and his station does in A House Built On Sand.

Main Map/Normal Mission Script Sequence
Only the West Bazaar Gate starting point with any Non-disguise Suit is available.

At the start, an emcee is working up the crowd to get them ready for the Music Melee Grand Finals while The Flying Windmills and The Class prepare in the area allocated for them at the Shisha Cafe.

Floor Director discusses the sequence of the show with TV Director on the floor. The Flying Windmills are up next in 10 minutes, followed by a 5 minute break, after which The Class will take the stage. The Floor Director and TV Director go to their stations.

The lead guitarist of The Flying Windmills is an Executioner Mask wearing man nicknamed “The Axe-Kicker”. He wields a Battleaxe shaped electric guitar across his back like a deadly weapon (note to 47: It is!). He seems to have worked up quite an appetite and will eat repeatedly before and after The Flying Windmills perform.

The Class meanwhile, are in a stressful meeting. Jordan Cross has spent a lot of his personal wealth to “get the band this far”, but frets that at the “last hurdle” they may stumble because their bass guitarist has left the band prior to them traveling to Marrakesh. Cross is a little less assertive at this point in his life. Heidi just a little more understanding. Quentin is more like a stoned guy and seems to be relying entirely on Jordan to solve the problem.

Incidentally a bass guitarist nicknamed “Thrash” (think: G&R Slash) happens to be prowling the grounds of the bazaar at the back of the Shisha Cafe - guitar at the ready, with flowing long hair, Lennon shades, top hat, and always wearing leather - in case he can “catch his lucky break”. Thrash has been cited in the past for Trespassing at other musical shows while attempting to chase this “lucky break” so he is not allowed anywhere within the Shisha Cafe, much less on stage by default.

You will find Thrash lurking at the back near where the Fortune Teller is. In fact, Thrash will consult the Fortune Teller repeatedly asking if this is his “big day”.

Omar Karim Al-Fasiq, accompanied by armed guards, will emerge from his VIP area at the Shisha Cafe to mingle with the performers before the finals begin and wish them luck. Al-Fasiq heaps particular praise on Heidi Santoro, predicting a great future for her even if she chooses not to pursue music.

Al-Fasiq claims: “I can make you a model, an actress, even a princess. With your beauty and what I can do with it, you will have no shortage of money and eager lovers from every part of the world!” Young Heidi is obviously flattered.

While downstairs, Al-Fasiq will have a tendency to text the Accountant and then leave his phone behind on ledges, tables, and other places, only to remember he has to go back for it to retrieve it.

Al-Fasiq will then go to the Rooftop of the Cafe-Adjoining Building to watch the show with his Accountant.

Privately Jordan Cross will be insecure, and asks Heidi to confirm her loyalty to the band which she readily gives. Quentin quips that they’re not much of a band without a bass guitarist, at which point Jordan Cross seeks help from the Floor Director who in turn commands a Crew member to “Find anyone who can play bass guitar. Anyone!”

The Flying Windmills take to the stage and perform a thrash metal number. Concurrently, on the rooftop lounge, Al-Fasiq will dismiss their music as “incomprehensible noise” and wonder why the show’s producers have allowed this group to make the finals. The Accountant reveals that the Flying Windmills made a powerful impression in a previous episode when their “passion” for their music led them to destroy the stage.

This promptly happens at the end of their performance, destroying the TV Camera closest to the stage front. This will prompt calls to replace that TV Camera on tripod with a shoulder mounted one which will be the TV Camera for this area till the end of the show.

The planned 5 minute break is now another 10 minute break as the crews need to repair the stage. The TV director decides to go to commercial and will power down TV Cameras for the duration. Al-Fasiq, whom we learn is also one of the executive producers for the show, discusses the delay with the Floor Director, and then makes a momentary stop at the Shisha Cafe to flatter The Flying Windmills for their “memorable performance”.

While downstairs, Al-Fasiq will have a tendency to text the Accountant and then leave his phone behind on ledges, tables, and other places, only to remember he has to go back for it to retrieve it.

The Class continue preparations, and pressure is mounting on the band.

At around this time, the Crew member searching for a Bass Guitarist eventually finds Thrash who is escorted to the Shisha Cafe. Thrash is given the sheet music and plays “good enough” by Jordan’s standards.

The concert stage repairs are completed the TV Director comes down to make a check on the lights as the “colors have changed”, Al-Fasiq returns to his Rooftop Lounge, the TV Cameras come back on and the show continues.

The Class then take to the stage and perform “Shine A Light” to uproarious applause. Meanwhile, Al-Fasiq will say that he likes the band, but already has many rock bands on his slate. He does, however, take a fancy to Heidi Santoro saying: “Such a rare flower! And so good with her hands! I cannot leave Marrakesh without her!”

Al-Fasiq tells the Accountant: “We must procure her. Today. Tell our man in the Cafe.” The Accountant replies: “It will be done!” and makes a phone call via his own mobile phone.

Al-Fasiq will instruct another Assistant to inform the Emcee: “Tell him The Class has won the contest.”

The Emcee will receive the instruction from the Assistant and take the stage to announce The Class has won!

The Class can’t believe their luck! Jordan Cross falls on his knees and Heidi embraces him. They talk about what a bright future must lie ahead. Cross talks about how his father didn’t believe in his dream, but Heidi tells him she believes in him. Quentin embraces the pair and they form a group hug.

Omar Karim Al-Fasiq will join The Class on stage where he will welcome them under his wing. The crowd applauds. Jordan Cross gives a tearful and emotional victory speech on behalf of his band.

Fireworks and Confetti are triggered to signal the show’s closing.

Meanwhile the Flying Windmills, upon hearing of their defeat, will trash the buffet and the Shisha Cafe public area and are restrained, arrested, and escorted off by much of the Marrakesh Military Police, who take them to a secluded corner of the map.

General Reza Zaydan makes a cameo, exiting from a military truck near the store which served as the entrance of the tunnel in the story mission near the School. Zaydan scolds The Flying Windmills ad infinitum and threatens to keep them in an underground prison for life.

The TV Director calls it a wrap and TV Cameras power down and TV crews start packing up. The crowds disperse and eventually leave the map.

The Accountant will remain on the Rooftop along with two guards. Al-Fasiq will then invite The Class for a celebration at the Shisha VIP Area.

Meanwhile, in the Shisha Cafe Kitchen, a waiter is preparing final touches to 4 regular Fruit Punches and one Tall Glassed Fruit Punch. The waiter, as if to help himself avoid mistakes mutters to himself: “OK… drugs in the four regular glasses, none in the tall glass.” the waiter will then produce 4 vials of Recreational Drugs and pour them into each of the 4 regular Fruit Punches.

After a brief conversation between Al-Fasiq and Jordan Cross, the drinks are brought out.

Omar Karim Al-Fasiq will clap his hands three times. At that point all the guards within the VIP Area (including any personal bodyguards) go outside. All waiters and staff working the VIP Area go to the Shisha Cafe Kitchen and will stay there.

Al-Fasiq will take the tall glass for himself (of course!) and offer The Class the other drinks. When the toast is made, The Class will be drugged with what appears to be a strong dose of a Recreational Drug. Jordan will say that he is “seeing stars”, while Quentin seems perfectly aware, both men, however, will fall to the ground, unable to move.

Heidi will be in a daze and also unable to move. She will keep weakly calling for Jordan and Quentin to help her.

Al-Fasiq, in an obviously poorly acted way, will say: “Oh no! There’s been an accident! Quick! Help me take this woman to my awaiting limousine!”

The bodyguards then come. Two of them to carry Heidi, a third asks: “What about these other guys?” To which Al-Fasiq will respond: “Eh… the police can take care of them!”

Quentin and Jordan weakly protest but are unable to do anything about it.
A.I. Thrash does nothing and says nothing. He’s just one of the victims by default.

Al-Fasiq will then text the Accountant that “We’re leaving” and they will go to the limousine some time while Heidi is en route to the Limousine.

Guards will also go to both of the stairways leading to the School area to ward off any intruders.

Al-Fasiq, the Accountant, and Heidi, with armed guards will be at the Limousine where a Target Escape timer counts down to end the mission.

Gameplay Notes
There is an electrocution accident available to get rid of the TV Director for when he makes the final check on the stage lights after it was trashed by The Flying Windmills. Due to all the repair and work going on in the area, 47 can complete the sabotage as a Crew member without any suspicion. However, this will result in a Non-Target Kill.

There is a Waiter frequently leaving the Shisha Cafe and having to do rounds in the bazaar to shop for food and ingredients to be prepared in the kitchen due to the Axe-Kicker’s voracious appetite.

There is a free Waiter costume in the Shisha Cafe main kitchen, but the kitchen is busier than usual so be warned.

The Repairman from A House Built On Sand is still there trying to fix the phone and his Maintenance Room key is still on the table beside him. The Maintenance Room has a free Repairman disguise. The Repairman disguise has access to the TV Control Station.

During Major Repair works on the stage, 47 can also rig the Fireworks to explode without causing suspicion while the area is full of crew members who are all busy and cannot notice any tampering.

The Axe-Kicker
47 can disguise himself as The Axe-Kicker who, prior to the events post-show, can gain access to the VIP Area by pleading to use the VIP area bathroom claiming a bout of indigestion. When the guards try to protest and direct him to the other bathroom at the Shisha Cafe, 47-as-The-Axe-Kicker will claim that the door is locked and adding that he is in great pain and can “go anytime”. The bodyguards then relent, but one of them will accompany 47 to the VIP area bathroom.

As the Axe-Kicker, 47 can also desert The Flying Windmills, which leads to this band throwing a tantrum on stage and destroying it without performing a song.

The Axe-Kicker disguise is also the only one where 47 can carry the Axe-Guitar without triggering suspicion. In spite appearances, the Axe-Guitar functions exactly like the Marrakesh Battleaxe and can be thrown or swiped as a melee weapon.

There is a special cinematic/opportunity/challenge to rescue The Class from Al-Fasiq after they are drugged while dressed as The Axe-Kicker and killing Al-Fasiq with the Axe-Guitar.

47 can also perform with The Flying Windmills as the Axe Kicker but this does not change the contest result.

Thrash/The Hired Gun
47 can disguise himself as Thrash, at which point the player will discover that Thrash is actually bald and his long flowing hair is a wig. 47 can then pick up the Guitar Case and either talk to the Crew member looking for Thrash to gain access to the Shisha Cafe exterior area, or the player can choose to vault over the low wall nearest to Jordan Cross and immediately start the conversation before he is caught.

Jordan Cross will say: “Who are you?!?”
47 then lifts the guitar case and answers: “What does it look like?”
Heidi yelps: “Jordan! We’re saved!”

Jordan then rushes to give 47 the sheet music who reads through it and samples playing it on the bass guitar of Thrash - which completely blows Jordan away (in contrast to what happens with the real Thrash which is just a so-so reaction).

As The Class is introduced, the emcee goes through the members one by one, lastly going to 47 asking “And what is your name, sir?” to which 47 answers: “I’m just The Hired Gun.” (in the normal version of this sequence, Thrash will give the name “Thrash”).

47-as-Thrash can perform “Shine A Light” with The Class. This is also the disguise that allows the player to hear almost all of Jordan Cross’ dialogue.

During Al-Fasiq’s kidnapping attempt, 47-as-Thrash can hold “G” at the right time to pretend he is drugged (47 will not drink the Fruit Punch), so as to maneuvere around the area via crawling and then stop Blending In with Victims to finish off Al-Fasiq. Due to the state of Heidi, Jordan, and Quentin, there is no suspicion or other form of detection. This means a frontal attack is OK at this point.

However, 47 cannot leave the VIP Area normally as Thrash since the bodyguards are already expecting the kidnapping.

Target Lockdown and Map Escape
Al-Fasiq and his Accountant will attempt to exit the Map via their Limousine if a “Target Lockdown” is triggered or if Al-Fasiq is able to complete the kidnapping of Heidi Santoro.

If their Limousine is destroyed, they will instead travel to the Rooftop where Al-Fasiq was watching the Music Melee Grand Finals where a Helicopter will eventually arrive overhead for their extraction. This will be also where Heidi Santoro is taken during her kidnapping.

TV Director and TV Cameras
All TV Cameras act as extensions of the TV Director stationed at the TV Crew Control Center at the rooftop of the building closest to the Concert Stage (this is where the Rooftop Repairman start point is in the normal version of this map).

The TV Cameras are all yellow in Instinct Mode while the Music Melee Grand Finals is ongoing, that is, they are active witnesses to suspicious activity as the TV Director will see it if he is awake at his Control Station.

However, the TV Cameras do not count as Security Cameras so if you are “seen” by one in normal circumstances there is no warning (ie: TV Cameras do not count against “No Evidence” and does not trigger “Recorded by Security Cameras” status)

The destruction of any TV Cameras will cause the TV Director to send a Repairman who will repair the camera, allowing you only a short respite. However, if the TV Director is incapacitated, the TV Cameras can be ignored by 47.

If all Crews and Repairmen are somehow all incapacitated (an incredible labor on the part of 47), the TV Director will leave his station and do the repairs himself.

Crimes witnessed by the TV Director result in him alerting CICADA Guards and the Marrakesh Military Police via a landline phone at the TV Crew Control Station. If there is Combat, however, and things get particularly hairy, the TV Director’s next phone call may result in “Target Lockdown”.

After the winner of the Music Melee Grand Finals is announced and the show ends, the TV Director will say:“That’s a wrap!” and all the TV Cameras power down and crews start taking them down. Players will recognize that the Cameras are no longer yellow in Instinct Mode. At that point, 47 can also ignore the TV Cameras.

The TV cameras are also powered down momentarily during the 10 minute break before The Class take the stage so as to avoid recording footage of the destroyed concert stage while it is repaired.

The Ledger
The Ledger is kept by Al-Fasiq’s Accountant who stays on the rooftop of the building beside the Shisha Cafe to which it is connected via the rooftops. This is the same building rooftop where the meeting takes place in A House Built On Sand.

Note that the Accountant is not a Target.

Al-Fasiq occasionally communicates via text messages to his Accountant throughout the event, but also makes a habit of leaving his phone on tables or on boxes at irregular intervals before remembering to retrieve it.

47 can either steal the phone outright, or just perform a “G” action to send a message to the Accountant instructing him that “We’re leaving”. This message sends the Accountant, by his lonesome, to the Limousine. If the Map Exit has not been triggered, the Accountant will wonder what is going on before walking back to his post.

As the School is deserted, it should be easy to subdue and hide the Accountant once this deception has been pulled off. Otherwise, other methods can be done to get hold of the Ledger.

The Accountant also attempts to leave the Map when he learns that Al-Fasiq is dead. A “Target Lockdown” sequence also causes the Accountant and Al-Fasiq (if still alive) to make a break for the Limousine.

Al-Fasiq will drop his mobile phone if subdued or killed if it was on his person at the time.

The Ledger’s inventory description states that it is a very disturbing document, revealing that Omar Karim Al-Fasiq trafficks any of his young recruits towards any of the “business concerns” he controls whether above board or illicit, solely on the basis of the recruit’s physical characteristics and where the most profit can be earned. The Ledger reveals an ‘inventory’ of failed models, actors, and musicians that Al-Fasiq has used for fresh meat in upper scale prostitution rings and others he has pressed into being drug mules for his other associates.

Assassinating Target
-Al-Fasiq spends the first few moments of the mission within the VIP Area and smoking a Shisha Pipe.

-47 can assassinate Al-Fasiq using the Gas Heater on the Rooftop as well as various Gas Heaters in the Shisha Cafe.

-Marrakesh is particularly friendly to the use of Sniper Rifles. Dropping the “f”, as well as dropping other signage with sniper rifle, for example still works.

-47 can either subdue the waiter with the four Recreational Drug vials and does the Tall Fruit Punch four times (unique for this map), or if 47 got there later, he can “fix the drinks” - emptying the Tall Fruit Punch glass into the sink and pouring the contents of the four drugged drinks into the Tall Fruit Punch Glass, while replacing the four regular glasses with clean Fruit Punch drinks. Having four doses in one tall glass will kill Al-Fasiq with an overdose.

-47 can hide an explosive inside the Mobile TV Camera that replaces the fixed one in front of the stage destroyed due to the actions of The Flying Windmills. At one point, before Al-Fasiq personally approaches Jordan Cross to congratulate him, he will be the closest man to the position allocated for the shoulder mounted Camera man. If 47 is disguised as this person he can drop the camera at this time and blow it up after walking away.

-A fireworks display rigged near the front of the stage and meant to go off at the end of the show presents another method for killing Al-Fasiq, though the timing has to be precise to avoid harming Non-Targets.

"Al-Fasiq’s Deception"
Al-Fasiq sets his sights early on to abduct Heidi Santoro for his own designs while leaving the other male members of The Class waylaid in Marrakesh, confident in his ability to keep the ordeal covered up.

The scheme involves a set of five drinks that will be readied after The Class is announced as the winner. Otherwise, if the player goes to the Shisha Cafe kitchen earlier, the glasses stand inert and empty.

At any earlier time, a waiter disguise will allow the player to pour the glasses earlier, but gaining the 4 x Recreational Drug vials from the one waiter who is in on Al-Fasiq’s plans requires subduing the waiter carrying them.

“Fixing the drinks” (a single scripted action) after the waiter has applied the poison guarantees the Tall Glass contains a fatal overdose of recreational drugs. If instead 47 nabbed the waiter earlier and has the four vials unused on any drinks, he must apply all four vials to the Tall Glass for an overdose to take place (47 cannot apply poison to the other four regular glasses).

If there are less than 4 vials of poison in the Tall Glass, the scene plays out the same as when there is an actual overdose, except Al-Fasiq will recover.

Yet another option is available if players bring their own Emetic or Lethal Poisons, leaving an option where The Class is still drugged, but Al-Fasiq will either die, or be forced to go to the nearest bathroom.

While the band are incapacitated, alluding to Jordan’s victory speech where he mentions his father’s objection to his dreams. Al-Fasiq will taunt Jordan by saying: “You should have listened to your father. You were safer at home.”

Otherwise, most other variants of this scene are comical, especially when Al-Fasiq is the one drugged and blabbers nonsense, or how Quentin exclaims: “Holy sh*t! It’s the Axe Kicker!!!” when 47 shows up to rescue the band as the Axe-Kicker.

Note that when Al-Fasiq claps his hands three times to kick off the scheme, most of the guards in the adjoining building where the Accountant is will also vacate and relocate closer to the limousine. This makes it easier to access the Accountant in a valid disguise, and also makes it easier to infiltrate the area as the Axe-Kicker, provided 47 is able to evade Marrakesh police as The Flying Windmills are Hunted following their trashing of the buffet (for the player this just means all Marrakesh police are enforcers for the Axe-Kicker after The Class have won the Grand Finals).

Other Notes

-The Marrakesh Music Melee Grand Finals were held during Winter time.

-Jordan Cross receives a phone call from someone while waiting for the call to go into the VIP Area. Jordan asks “And who is this?” at which point the caller can be heard yelling: “I’m Dexy!” to which Jordan says: “I don’t know a Dexy, sorry.” Dexy then says she fumbled her own introduction and goes on to explain that she’s a talent agent based in America. Cross says he’ll look her up later, and after hanging up notes that “She sounds like a crazy hyena. I bet she’s one of those types with weird colored carrot hair.”

-Information in dialogue between Al-Fasiq and the Accountant reveals that he’s facing yet another lawsuit in international courts filed by the International Children’s Fund in relation to his connections to child and sex slavery. Al-Fasiq retorts: “These fools again! Haven’t they gotten tired of how many times I can buy an acquittal? At this rate, the only way they can be rid of me is to hire someone to have me killed!”

-Modern Recreational Drug Syringe
-Recreational Drug Vial
-The Axe-Guitar Melee Weapon

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Map: The Final Test (KGB Air Base)

Client: Erich Soders

Targets And Objectives:
-Eliminate ‘Erich Soders’ (the Protege)
-Optional: Ormov Grodinkel must survive

Context/Mechanics/Map Changes:
47’s Starting point has changed for this mission, he starts inside the KGB Airbase in a Trespassing area in his ICA Training Suit. The Jet Plane has been removed, replaced by a Surface-to-Air Missile system. An area outside the hangar’s opening has been cleared to allow a small crane-operated fake helicopter to rise and fall (think: Miss Saigon helicopter stage rig). Guard placements are different and now also include new Mercenary guards. The slide projector has also been changed into a Dirty Bomb area being worked on by various Demolitions Technicians. There’s a large addition of weapons all over the map as the Air Base is being prepped for massive arms deliveries. The arsenal includes many CX Explosives as well as a collection of quirky devices like explosive rubber ducks, Icon explosive figurine, Napoleon explosive figurine, etc.

An ICA drop-off is located at a new Watchtower which reaches Level 2 height, but this drop off location cannot be setup by 47. It always contains a Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle with a Bayonet.

Most notable change is the presence of Spy Cameras which are not part of the test and are therefore not intended to be Security Cameras for the Air Base. These cameras, instead, are part of an elaborate attempt to embarrass 47.

Unlike regular security cameras, the Spy Cameras use a smaller 3D model that resemble webcams and are tucked away in hidden places (ie: shelves, beams, under banisters, gaps between tables, etc.).

Because these are not Security Cameras 47 will not get a message if he is spotted, instead the nearest guard investigates the area where 47 was seen. The Spy Cameras are enforcers against any disguise 47 wears. 47 can spot these Spy Cameras through the use of Instinct and can deal with them as he would Security Cameras. Any destroyed Spy Camera will also lure guards to investigate similar to destroying cameras in Pro Difficulty.

The Spy Camera Control Panel/Recording Machine replaces the Radio in the Radio Room, manned by an ICA Trainer who isn’t supposed to be there, but is there to help ensure failure for 47 and success for the Protege.

Another ICA Coach wearing an ICA Suit with the word “TRAINER” emblazoned on it is hidden in an area just outside the Hangar.

Main Map/Normal Mission Script Sequence
At the start, 47 receives an introduction from Erich Soders himself. Soders tells 47 that they’ve had their differences in the recent past but he is willing to set them aside for the good of the ICA.

To that end, Soders has asked 47 to help train his Protege based on a mission that occurred at the same Cuban Air Base six months prior to the Jasper Knight Assassination. In it, Soders claims that as a setup mission to trapping Jasper Knight at the KGB Air Base, he eliminated a KGB officer named Ormov Grodinkel, a Janus contact who was negotiating terms with Jasper Knight in exchange for his entrance and asylum in Moscow. By silently eliminating Ormov Grodinkel, Knight’s demands never reached Janus which left Knight trapped in Cuba long enough for Soders to complete preparations for Knight’s own assassination.

47 then asks about the Protege, to which Soders replies that it would be too easy to give everything away.

Therefore, it seems the mission is simple: Find and eliminate the Protege, who is playing the role of ‘Erich Soders’ for this mission, and exit.

Shortly after, Diana tells 47 that Soders cannot be trusted and that this training exercise is an attempt by Soders to elevate his own initiate and to try and humiliate 47 as well as damage 47 and Diana’s reputation at the ICA even before 47 has gone into the market.

She cannot inform 47 exactly what Soders has planned but warns him to be extra careful.

A small craned prop helicopter lands just outside the gate in front of the Hangar main doors, revealing a twist in the mission. The helicopter contains not just Ormov Grodinkel, but also Arkadij Jegorov, an arms dealer wearing shades and a hawaiian shirt. The pair meet up with Jasper Knight and Cilas Netzke. The group will initially have pleasantries at the hangar floor.

At the meeting on the Hangar main floor, Grodinkel introduces Jegorov as a Janus associate. Knight starts stating some of the terms for his collaboration and eventual asylum in Moscow. This becomes the origin of the ‘Girlfriend Deal’ that is found in The Final Test.

Jasper Knight will excuse himself to go back up to the office to think about some of Grodinkel’s conditions for asylum. This is the room which contained the Chess board and Vodka Set in The Final Test. Cilas will excuse himself away from the Hangar Floor as well, saying: “I’ll just keep an eye on our new friend.” and go join Knight.

When Grodinkel and Jegorov are alone. Jegorov will make fun of the idea that he passes off as “A Janus Associate”. The conversation reveals that Jegorov and Grodinkel have their own designs for Jasper Knight and that Jegorov “doesn’t give a shit about Janus”.

When a certain amount of time has passed, Cilas Netzke will have to take a call from KGB HQ (isolated in a bathroom) and will leave Jasper Knight alone. At this time, Grodinkel and Jegorov go to Jasper Knight where Knight is told that there are “additional conditions” to his request for sanctuary.

Knight is told that he must help Jegorov through use of his high intellect to work out a set of codes for a weapon Jegorov recently stole from the Soviets - revealing that this is the Dirty Bomb that is being worked on near the office. The conversation reveals that Grodinkel and Jegorov are in this together and that they need a working product to sell on the black market. Grodinkel adds that if Knight does not cooperate, Grodinkel will ensure that his papers never emerge - possibly discredit him to Janus as a double spy for the CIA - and also threatens the safety of his girlfriend.

Knight reluctantly agrees, so Jegorov, Grodinkel, and Knight go to the Dirty Bomb area where Knight will work on the Detonator Laptop to decode it and activate its software.

NOTE: If the Detonator Laptop has no power at this point, Grodinkel just says that: “We can come back later when they’ve fixed the problem.” Therefore, pulling the plug prior to Detonator Decoding allows 47 to suspend this opportunity for some time.

NOTE: Once Knight has finished activating the Detonator software, the Dirty Bomb opportunity will become available for both 47 and the Protege.

When successful, Jegorov will be in high spirits, inviting Knight to enjoy some Vodka. Four glasses will therefore be available at the Vodka room.

NOTE: Spiking Grodinkel’s drink will also halt any progress the Protege was making towards the kill either in his Sniper Nest or if he was right there in the room. Therefore it is possible for 47 to use non-lethal poisons on Grodinkel to distract Jegorov, Netzke, and Knight while 47 deals with the Protege who will be momentarily confused.

After the celebration, Grodinkel, Jegorov, and Knight tour the Hangar’s inventory of “Jegorov’s wonderful toys”. Note that the Protege may attempt to use explosives if the script reaches this point and he has managed to gain entrance to areas where the Hangar held explosives the Protege can pick up.

NOTE: This tour also happens whenever the Detonator Decoding action is not available to Jasper Knight.

Grodinkel and Jegorov then bid Jasper Knight goodbye, Grodinkel promises Knight that he’ll have his papers in six months. They then board the Helicopter and Exit the Level.

Soders’ Protege
-The Protege is a bald man with thick eyebrows who also starts in an ICA Training Suit.

-The Protege has three possible starting points that are randomized each time the mission is loaded.

-By default the Protege does not register at all in Instinct Mode. Note: This actually can be used against the Protege. As if you are in the same room as he is, the one with no silhouette in Instinct Mode is the Protege!

-The Protege has the same animations as 47 when in ICA Training Suit form, but acquires the exact animations of NPC’s when disguised making detection somewhat difficult.

-Enforcers against 47’s disguises do not work against the Protege when he is wearing disguises.

-When in Contracts Mode, this character bears the name ‘Erich Soders’ with quotes.

-The Protege never picks up weapons from NPC’s so normally cannot be compromised when he fires ballistic weapons, because his default pistol is suppressed. The exception however is when he uses the Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle which always triggers a chase.

-Soders’ Protege can be manipulated by 47 by allowing him to spot a fallen NPC. Soders’ Protege will always be tricked into changing disguises. But he will never do this if it can get him spotted. Tricking the Protege into wearing a specific disguise can be useful for some of the Opportunities.

-During a firefight (against NPC’s or 47) Soders’ Protege will attempt to occasionally hide in Wardrobes and Boxes. While NPC guards will always fail to catch him here, 47 has ways of catching him (eg: via Micro-Monitor). Similar to when 47 is caught in a Wardrobe or Box, the Protege can be killed by shooting him through the Wardrobe or Box.

-The Protege can be spotted by the Player by looking for distinctly thick eyebrows on a bald man. Note, however, some additional bald NPC’s are on the map and can cause a mistaken Non-Target Kill.

-The Protege can also be spotted by the Player using the Mico-Monitor which can be found near a parked car.

-If 47 fills many boxes and wardrobes with two bodies, the results can be fatal for the Protege if 47 resorts to using the Intruder Alert opportunity, since he may find it difficult to hide and evade Searching.

-The Protege won’t pick-up guns, but can pick up explosives littered around the map, so the Player must be mindful of this.

-The Protege will attempt the following strategies to eliminate Ormov Grodinkel in random order:

  1. Reach the Sniper Nest (disguised as a Guard or Suit Only). He shoots Grodinkel in a number of locations but mostly when Grodinkel is on the floor in the Hangar (where the fighter jet used to be). This can also be used to catch him since he is the only other character who can climb ladders asides from 47. The Dragunov’s scope will also shine when the Protege is in position at the Watchtower and ready to take his shot.
  2. Find a Dirty Bomb Technician disguise in the Locker Room (if not elsewhere) and attempt to comandeer the Dirty Bomb, waiting at the controls to ignite the Bomb when Grodinkel inspects it.
  3. Infiltrate to Grodinkel’s location (disguised as a Guard or Suit Only) and either shoot Grodinkel dead with a suppressed pistol if encountered from the front, or fibre wire Grodinkel if encountered from the rear.
  4. If within reach during the Explosives and Weapons Tour part of the main script, the Protege may just resort to blowing up Grodinkel with explosives found along the tour.

-The Protege does not bother with hiding Grodinkel’s body if he succeeds in eliminating him.

-Once the Protege is successful in killing Grodinkel, he will make for one of three exits available to him which will also be marked for 47 as RED Escape Icons. Players will also see a “Target is Escaping” warning message but with no timer. These exit points coincide with the Protege’s three possible starting points.

-The Protege can be distracted by a coin toss but will not be lured to it, instead he will taunt out loud: “I ain’t fallin’ for that trick.”

Soders’ Spy Cameras
There are 10 Spy Cameras hidden on the map. These are not part of the test and are therefore not intended to be Security Cameras for the Air Base. These cameras, instead, part of an elaborate attempt to embarass 47. Unlike regular security cameras, the Spy Cameras use a smaller 3D model that resemble webcams and are tucked away in hidden places (ie: shelves, beams, under banisters, gaps between tables, etc.).

Because these are not Security Cameras 47 will not get a message if he is spotted, instead the nearest guard investigates the area where 47 was seen.

The Spy Cameras are enforcers against any disguise 47 wears. 47 can spot these Spy Cameras through the use of Instinct and can deal with them as he would Security Cameras. Any destroyed Spy Camera will also lure guards to investigate.

The Spy Camera Control Panel replaces the Radio in the Radio Room.

The Spy Camera Control Panel is manned by an ICA Trainor who is an enforcer against 47 in any disguise and will coach everybody to 47’s whereabouts when spotted by Spy Cameras.

KO-ing/Killing this ICA Trainer will nullify the effects of the Spy Camera system.
Destroying the Spy Camera Control Panel/Recording Machine will also distract the ICA Trainor and shutdown the Spy Camera system.

While you do not get the usual Security Camera Spotting message, you still see the Suspicion graphic to indicate you are in the act of being spotted (similar to Pro Difficulty Cameras). This can help Players realize they are in the vicinity of a Spy Camera.

Spy Cameras do not count against “No Recordings” bonus, but do count against “Never Spotted” bonus if they complete their spotting cycle on 47.

The Micro Monitor
-Micro Monitor: Can be used to spot the Protege temporarily so that he appears in Instinct while you have this device equipped. Illegal Item in ANY disguise. One of the ICA Trainors reveals he dropped it at the car parking lot if you listen on conversations.

Soders’ Team
-ICA Trainor (Protege’s Coach) - carries a radio through which he is giving encouragement and advice to the Protege, beside him is a description of the SAM Missile opportunity, which 47 can corrupt to cause failure for the Protege. The Coach also can be heard saying that he cannot locate the Protege’s tracking device because he left the Micro-Monitor at the Parking Lot and cannot go back out or risk ruining the simulation. This Trainor is hidden behind some crates just outside the hangar where no guards are patrolling.

-ICA Trainor (Spy Camera Watchman) - Mans the Spy Camera control booth and is responsible for alerting all the guards in the Air Base for any sighting of 47.

Both ICA Trainors are enforcers against 47 in any disguise. Both are also immune to coin lures.

Gameplay Notes

Ormov Grodinkel
47 can disguise himself as Ormov Grodinkel. If the Protege uses the Sniper Rifle this can be quite risky as from the Watchtower, the Protege can snipe at 47. Otherwise, if the Sniper Rifle was already taken away, this guarantees a confrontation with the Protege who will attack on sight or attempt to fibre wire 47-as-Grodinkel.

Grodinkel only goes into Lockdown if Jegorov is killed, or if he himself is shot in the leg. During Target Lockdown, Grodinkel, Jegorov, and a group of guards will make for the Helicopter. Be warned that the Protege always attempts a direct attack when Lockdown is initiated.

KO-ing Grodinkel and hiding him in a box will doom the Protege into never finding his Target…even if the Protege happens to hide in the same box as Grodinkel! The Protege will become trapped cycling through his Opportunities and always looking for Grodinkel (or 47-as-Grodinkel).

47 can partake of all Grodinkel’s cinematic roles if he can disguise himself early enough:

  1. At the first meeting on the Hangar Floor, 47 introduces Jegorov as “An old friend. We go way back.”
  2. At the 2nd floor office meeting, 47 uses vague statements, in all cases Jegorov is the one that propositions Knight for the Detonator Decoding. 47 then rides on it telling Knight that he better do what Jegorov says and adds “You won’t like him when he goes nuclear.”
  3. At the Vodka session, 47 is actually allowed to poison the drink claiming that he has a “special sauce that is popular at all the Moscow parties”.

Sabotaging Opportunities
Rocket Man: Wrong Instructions for the SAM system
Note: While the clipboard claims that this is an opportunity for use of the Protege, the Protege actually can never engage this opportunity and the ICA Trainor Coach never proceeds through this properly.

=Steal SAM Remote.

=Use ICA Trainor Coach’s Walkie Talkie.

=Instruct the Protege to disguise himself as a Demolitions Technician (you can make it easier for the Protege by handing him a KO-ed Demo Technician earlier).

=Coach him through arming the SAM system.

=Make the Protege stand in front of the rocket

=Press the remote to hit the Protege with the rocket. This launches the Protege up and out of the map and kills him.

Sabotaging the Dirty Bomb Opportunity

Method 1: Erich Soders, Super Genius
+Knight must have decoded the Launch Codes on the Detonator Laptop.

=The Pool Ball can be jammed by 47 into the Dirty Bomb’s mechanism through an open hatch so that the detonation mechanism fails to engage.

=When the Protege sets up the Dirty Bomb and tries to blow it up when Grodinkel is checking on it, the bomb will fail to detonate.

=After Grodinkel leaves, the Protege leaves the Detonator Laptop in the ON position.

=He will check the Dirty Bomb by his lonesome, pull out the Pool Ball. As the Dirty Bomb mechanisms whir to engage the Protege says out loud: “Eureka! I’m a super genius!” and then the Dirty Bomb explodes killing him.

=This is an Accident Explosive Kill.

Method 2: Blitzkrieg
+Knight must have decoded the Launch Codes on the Detonator Laptop.

=The Dirty Bomb’s Detonator Laptop uses a wall plug outlet, conversation reveals the batteries are faulty, so unplugging the power cord will cause the Detonator Laptop to shutdown.

=The wall outlet for the Detonator Laptop power cable is near a puddle of water, on which is the usual extension cord to allow 47 to setup an Electrocution Accident Kill when the Protege tries to re-plug the Detonator Laptop.

Foiling Sniper Opportunities

Method 1: Your Gun, My Gun
=The Protege always abandons the Watchtower if he can no longer find the Dragunov in its intended place.

=After this he will always attempt to steal a disguise by KO-ing an NPC (can be manipulated by pulling disguises near him.

Method 2: Kill The Lights
=The Protege has a very high probability of trying to take his shot when Grodinkel is in the Hangar.

=The Lights in the Hangar can now be destroyed. A Fuse Box can also be pulled to temporarily kill lights in the Hangar area.

=The Loss of Lights will cause the Protege to abort taking his shot until the lights come back on.

Method 3: Moving Target

=Luring Grodinkel or making him avoid staying stationary on the Hangar floor for more than 5 seconds will allow you to save his life from a Sniper attempt.

=This includes shooting Grodinkel in the leg.

Intruder Alert!: Deploy Guards to Catch/Kill the Protege

=Find any NPC KO-ed by the Protege and use “E” to pick-up the NPC’s ID Card. (You can find these KO-ed NPC’s because they appear GREEN in Instinct)

=Disguise yourself as the KGB Officer Cilas Netzke (this disguise has no enforcer among the guards in this version).

=Use “G” to show the ID to guards. 47 will then insult the guard before ordering them to “Kill the Intruder immediately!”

=This will Compromise the Protege and eventually get him into trouble.

Other Notes

-Soders’ Protege is bald, has thick eyebrows, and is voiced by William Mapother, the actor originally intended as David Bateson’s replacement in HITMAN: ABSOLUTION

-If Arkadij Jegorov dies for whatever reason, Diana quips: “Somehow, I don’t think that was supposed to happen.”

-Whenever ‘Erich Soders’ is sneaking past guards, the guards state a mocking phrase such as: “Oh! I think I heard something. Nah… It’s just the wind.” or “I see nothing. Nothing at all. Nope.”

-47 uses a series of vague pronouns when he is alerting guards as the KGB Officer. These are meant to imply that he knows the guards are helping ‘Erich Soders’ so 47 phrases the alert vaguely.
For example:
47: “How could you let HIM get in here? HE’s disguised as this guy! Now go get him!”
47: “HE’s dressed as this guy! You buffoons! Look for him! Eliminate him! Now!”
47: “What are you standing around here for? HE is already inside! Look for this man and kill him!”

-When Ormov Grodinkel is killed by the Protege and the Optional Objective is Failed, the Target Killed chime from HITMAN: ABSOLUTION plays.

-If the Protege is killed by 47 with Fibre Wire. 47 says: “We accept no substitutes.”

-Grodinkel is carrying a vial of Sedative Poison. In some conversations he remarks that his working hours have become so erratic that he needs help to get sleep by way of special Sleeping Potion that he carries with him.

-47’s Training Suit
-Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle, Mastercrafted (Unsilenced, 4x Magnification, Wall Penetration, Bayonet Stealth Kill Elimination, Bayonet Frontal Melee Kill)



Map: Paris (Night)

Client: Yusuke Matsuda / Agent Smith / Dalia Margolis

Targets And Objectives:
-Erase Yusuke Matsuda (Appears by default. This objective can be replaced)

  • Optional: The Final Nail must be sold. (Appears by default. This objective can be replaced)
  • Optional: Matsuda must not pay his debt. (Appears by default. This objective can be replaced)

IAGO (Objective Overrides):
-Eliminate Yusuke Matsuda (Can be added to this Mission. Replaces Objective to Erase Yusuke Matsuda and the Objective that Matsuda must Exit the Map)

  • Optional: Wait for Dalia’s signal (Can be added to this Mission Replaces and removes Other Optional Objectives.)

CIA (Objective Overrides)
-Yusuke Matsuda must Exit the Map (Can be added to this Mission. Removes all Optional Objectives. Redacts Objective to Eliminate Yusuke Matsuda but does not affect objective to Erase Yusuke Matsuda.)

Context/Mechanics/Map Changes: Yusuke Matsuda is known around the world as a philanthropist, steel magnate, and Art Collector. However, he is also a childhood friend and associate of Viktor Novikov’s, as well as an occasional client and sometimes collaborator of IAGO. Matsuda recently had helped IAGO organize an arms deal. Novikov left the money in Matsuda’s safekeeping until he could arrange for a proper transfer to IAGO accounts.

Apparently, around this time, Matsuda Steel Corporation was taken to court for falsifying quality information of steel it had sold to the American and Japanese automobile industry. The fines and damages were so massive that Mr. Matsuda had no choice but to use a large portion of the IAGO proceeds to pay off the damages. IAGO eventually found out and, by intercession of Viktor Novikov, have demanded Matsuda pay back the money - or else. Yusuke Matsuda has promised to pay back his debt to IAGO, and to that end, has organized a sell-off of his rich Art Collection in a lavish auction that will take place at the Palais de Walewska.

This auction will occupy the area that was used by the Sanguine Ice Fashion Show in The Showstopper. The auction will be attended by some of the most prominent Targets and NPC’s from HITMAN’s first season as bidders: Strandberg (in a tux), Zaydan (in dress uniform), Caruso (in a tux but still wearing his trademark shades), De Santis (in a red gown), Jordan Cross (wearing the same outfit as Club 27), Ken Morgan (in a tux), Yuki Yamazaki (in a gown), Akira Nakamura (in a tux), The Twins (both wearing tuxedoes, one of the Twins still wearing his unique watch), Adeze Oijofor (in a gown), accompanied by her son Kalu Oijofor (in a tux), Gary Busey (same outfit as in The Wild Card), Gary Cole (same outfit as in The Wild Card), Jonathan Smythe (same outfit as The Sensation), Prince Po (in a tux) with Jackie Carrington (in a gown), and finally Richard and Inez Ekwensi.

Terry Norfolk and Sheikh Salman Al-Ghazali also appear. Note that these are two disguises 47 can use.

Viktor Novikov (in a tux), and Dalia Margolis will be at the venue but will not be bidding at the auction since they know the auction is meant to pay off a debt to them.

CICADA provide security for the VIP’s with the exception of Adaze Oijofor and Richard Ekwensi who are protected by soldiers.

French Policemen also appear around the venue.

The crown jewel of this auction is a relic called “The Final Nail” - claimed to be a fifth nail used in the crucifixion of Christ (a clear forgery as records indicate that at most the crucifixion would have entailed the use of no more than three or four nails and most certainly not a fifth). Regardless, the plan is for this particular relic to extract an incredibly high price at the auction.

Therefore, the auction should raise enough funds for to pay off Matsuda’s debt. But as always there is a twist.

Yusuke Matsuda has no intention to pay off his debt to IAGO.

Having sensed that his business can never recover after the loss of reputation, Matsuda intends to sell off his Art Collection, cash out, and then disappear into self-exile.

Matsuda wants his “death” to be shocking, with many witnesses to boot, and he has decided he would like for it to happen at the Art Collection Auction.

This is where the ICA come in.

By default, 47’s mission is to “erase” Yusuke Matsuda by eliminating him with a KO and then arranging the scene to look like a murder. There are various ways to accomplish this. 47 is given a vial of fake blood (appears in inventory, but does not occupy a load out slot).

However, 47 is not the only clandestine agent at the scene, Dalia Margolis wants to punish Matsuda, and to that end, unknown to Viktor Novikov, has marked Matsuda for execution after the last relic is sold and the money transferred to IAGO.

Agent Smith has also been sighted on the grounds, perhaps he has an interest in these proceedings too…

Main Map/Normal Mission Script Sequence
The only starting point available is the main gate entrance.

Diana mentions that this is the first time the ICA has taken on an Erasure Contract, she adds that depending on how this goes, the ICA may look at this as a new market for its services.

At the fountain, a female CICADA guard with short red hair places a piece of paper on the edge of the fountain as 47 arrives.

If 47 picks up the note it leaves intel that the note says: “You need to use the bathroom.” Diana will remark that this is an interesting message and that 47 may investigate, especially if it affects the assignment.

The female CICADA guard who left the note enters the Palais de Walewska and takes a post on the ground floor guarding the Ladies Room on the ground floor. The Mens Room is “out-of-order”.

Male guests who need to use the Bathroom are directed to the other one near the stage for the auction, while women are allowed into the Ladies Room on the ground floor towards the front of the building.

Parked off to the left side from when you enter the main gate is the same Pest Exterminator van from Bangkok and an Exterminator who appears to be preparing for work. A large industrial case is inside the van.

As 47 enters the venue some of the other guests arrive, and everyone goes first into the area that was used for the cocktail bar - which is still a cocktail bar. There is a lot of fun here seeing so many Season 1 NPC’s together hobnobbing and rubbing elbows.

The security layout is similar to The Showstopper, but many of the guests have their own bodyguards, resulting in a much increased security presence though none are enforcers against 47 in a normal starting suit. Trespassing Zones are mostly the same as they are in The Showstopper except for the rear Hall which is now used as a gallery for the Art Collection.

Viktor Novikov and Dalia Margolis have a separate meeting first. Eavesdropping on this conversation helps fill in on some of the backstory regarding Matsuda’s debt. Margolis later goes to Sophus Fatale where it is learned Margolis plans to eliminate Matsuda once the debt is paid.

Sophus Fatale separates himself from Dalia who will join Viktor with Yusuke Matsuda in socializing while Fatale places a call to the Assassin, who is actually disguised as the Exterminator. 47 can learn of this information and opportunity either by being near Sophus Fatale or near the Exterminator, though it must be noted that the Exterminator’s parking area is a Trespassing Zone for guests.

Sophus tells the Assassin to meet with him at a room of the ground floor in two minutes. This is the same room that was occupied by the reporter in The Showstopper. Three quarters of the room is a Trespassing Zone (even if you are dressed as the Exterminator). But the area near Sophus is not IF the Exterminator is Knocked Out.

Yusuke Matsuda starts out in the hall at the back of the Palais (where Novikov has a meeting under the chandelier), which is now a gallery holding the Art Collection. Here he will go through the collection one by one with Sir Howard Moxon, the curator of the Palais de Walewska. Matsuda mentions that “The latest treasure of my collection has yet to arrive. You will see!”

Matsuda eventually goes to the cocktails area to announce the start of proceedings, inviting guests to go to the gallery.

Sophus Fatale meets with the Assassin and gives him the earpiece advising to: “Wait for Dalia’s Signal.” The Assassin will go back to the van and make final preparations.

Notable here is that Matsuda picks up a drink, as do various other guests, who then carry the drinks with them as they file into the gallery. There are a lot of humorous quips such as Jordan Cross looking at the portrait of Sir Winston Beldingford and then teasing Ken Morgan about their resemblance.

Close inspection reveals that among the Art Collection are two Easter Eggs from previous Hitman games: The U’wan Idol, and A Jade Figure of a dragon on top of a stone. Others are items that reference previous missions in the series such as a portrait of Lord Beldingford, etc.

The guests are led to the main auction hall (where the Fashion Show was on The Showstopper) by Sir Howard Moxon. Meanwhile, Yusuke Matsuda goes upstairs to where the IAGO Auction was - which is now converted into a staging area for the Auction’s Staff and Recordkeepers where he will wait.

Meanwhile, arriving by helicopter is a special case, carried by an unidentified person - astute players will note though that this person is none other than Sergei Larin (The Forger, Elusive Target No. 1). He is flanked by four French Policemen.

Agent Smith emerges from the “out-of-order” Mens Room dressed as a CICADA guard. He and the female CICADA guard go to meet Sergei Larin and company pretending to be their escorts.

This group go upstairs where the Forger meets with Matsuda. This conversation reveals that the Forger is delivering a fake artifact meant to be passed off as “The Final Nail” - the fifth nail used in the crucifixion of Christ, an object that simply does not exist. Another NPC who starts on this higher floor is waiting for them. He is Richard Foreman (The Chameleon, Elusive Target No. 18) an actor playing the role of an expert in Vatican relics, who is in on the ruse and is supposed to certify the authenticity of The Final Nail.

The Assassin goes up the barge outside the Palais, carrying his industrial suitcase, climbs the ladder. Up at the highest point, the Assassin assembles his Blaser R93 sniper rifle.

The auction starts now in earnest, item by item. Sir Howard Moxon then goes upstairs to meet with Matsuda, The Forger, and The Chameleon. At this meeting Moxon is tricked into believing the authenticity of The Final Nail. As with many legends surrounding relics from the Crucifixion, The Forger remarks that many people believe these relics can protect people from harm or extend their lives. Moxon offers to buy the artifact outright, but Matsuda is adamant that the relic goes to the highest bidder - putting the artifact at a prohibitively high price and starting bid.

Throughout this time, Agent Smith can’t nail the timing to sneak-syringe Matsuda even as his associate, the female CIA agent disguised as a CICADA guard, eggs him on.

When this meeting is over, The Final Nail is placed in a carefully prepared display case, where the four policemen carry it down the stairs, with The Forger, The Chameleon, and Matsuda following it to go to the main auction area where The Final Nail is to be auctioned off as the last item.

Agent Smith and the female agent will then go out on a balcony (where the drinks were on the top floor on The Showstopper) where Smith will lament the missed opportunity. They had been hoping to kidnap Yusuke Matsuda and use him to learn more about IAGO.

Meanwhile, The Final Nail is brought to the auction. After describing the relic, and after the claim that it “protects its owner from harm and can extend one’s life” there is a strong reaction from the bidders. Gary Busey and Gary Cole (who have been competing with each other all night) end up in a fist fight which momentarily distracts a large number of security personnel.

After The Final Nail is sold, Novikov and Dalia corner Matsuda. The trio go back upstairs, this time to the room where Dalia meets with Helmut Kruger during the Showstopper. There, Matsuda is pressured by Novikov and Dalia to pay his debt now that the auction is over. Matsuda tries to make more excuses, Dalia is obviously out of patience with him, Novikov is trying to cool things down but tells Matsuda to pay now.

Matsuda agrees. But he is obviously upset because he had been hoping to be “erased” by now.

Matsuda goes out to the balcony (where Dalia goes to during the Fireworks display on The Showstopper) muttering to himself “What’s taking so long? How long could it be for professionals to do their work?”

At that point, Dalia gives her signal. The Assassin takes his shot and the Mission Fails.

Gameplay Notes

Erasing Yusuke Matsuda
This objective requires that Matsuda is KO-ed, and the body is found covered in fake blood.

Covering Yusuke in blood is easily done as a simple hold G action but be warned that this is suspicious act and if Yusuke is spotted before you can plant a weapon and use the blood, Yusuke will be woken up and you have it all to do again.

You or other NPC’s won’t be able to drag Matsuda’s body once you’ve covered him in fake blood. The exception is Agent Smith, who will also check Matsuda for a pulse before dragging him away. Agent Smith will drag a KO-ed Matsuda into the cellar Security Room where he will awake Matsuda if the coast is clear this triggers a “Matsuda is Escaping” message as Agent Smith escorts him off the map which normally won’t matter with default objectives enabled.

Note that if this is done before The Final Nail is carried down to the auction the optional objective for ensuring The Final Nail is sold will be impossible to fulfill.

If you wait too long and allow Dalia and Viktor to collect their debt from Matsuda the optional objective where Matsuda must not have paid his debt will fail.

Matsuda is frequently surrounded by other characters, so just reaching him will prove to be a challenge. The nature of his default objective also prevents the use of many shortcuts to winning at this mission (Eg: Throwing Explosives, or using Fire Extinguishers).

IAGO’s Assassin
The assassin hired by Dalia is a new NPC disguised as an Exterminator with the same van from Bangkok now parked outside the Palais de Walewska. The assassin’s van contains a Blaser Jagdwaffen R93 sniper rifle in a large industrial metal case.

The R93 rifle is assembled and disassembled when taking from and placing into the case. The case can be carried by hand. The rifle is an unsuppressed weapon with 2x zoom levels and a very high damage and precision rating.

Shortly after the mission starts, Dalia Margolis excuses herself from Viktor Novikov and discusses with her assistant Sophus Fatale to confirm the plan to eliminate Yusuke Matsuda using an outsourced killer to avoid hard feelings with Viktor. Fatale uses his phone to talk to the Assassin whom we learn has already arrived.

If 47 is near either Sophus Fatale or the Assassin who is disguised as the Exterminator during the phone call, 47 will overhear that IAGO is paying double the market rate for this hit. This will start an Opportunity where 47 can bump off the Assassin and steal the contract for the ICA.

This piques Diana’s interests and tells 47 that “We go where the market is. The final decision is up to you.”

Fatale will then wait in one of the rooms near the main staircase (where the reporter was in The Showstopper) for the Assassin disguised as an Exterminator to arrive. 47 can arrive at this meeting in any disguise as long as the Assassin has been KO-ed first (otherwise this room is a Trespassing area).

NOTE: This Opportunity is lost if the Assassin attends the meeting with Sophus Fatale.

Sophus will give the Assassin, or 47, an earpiece at the end of their meeting and tell him: “Wait for Dalia’s signal.”

If 47 receives the brief and the earpiece, the original objectives are Redacted and replaced with the new objective to Eliminate Yusuke Matsuda and to wait for Dalia’s Signal.

Dalia only gives the signal if the debt was paid. Yoi are free to execute Matsuda once this happens. If the Assassin is no longer present? Matsuda stays at the Balcony but eventually goes downstairs, mingles with guests at an afterparty drinks some more and does these on a loop.

Agent Smith’s Mission
If 47 picks up the note. He can go to the disguised CICADA female guard, hold X to present the note while saying “I need to use the bathroom.”

In the bathroom Agent Smith disguised as a CICADA guard will try to recruit 47, explaining that the CIA want to abduct Matsuda and persuade him to come to them for protection from IAGO in exchange for information. Smith says he has with him a 5-minute sedative that simulates a heart attack and should allow them to fake Matsuda’s death and smuggle him out. Smith laments though that needles give him the nerves.

Smith says he would be willing to pay 47 double the market rate if he agrees to take on the mission with him.

This leads Diana to remark that apparently it’s a Seller’s Market today.

47 can hold G near Smith to accept his offer. Doing so will give 47 possession of the 5 minute sedative and will replace the Optional Objectives, leaving the Erase Objective (if it was not already removed by accepting the IAGO offer) as well as a new Objective to ensure that Matsuda escapes alive.

47 will also be given a push button tracking device (works like a detonator but nothing explodes) which 47 can press to summon Smith and the other CIA agent to the location where 47 pressed the buzzer.

If 47 accepts the CIA mission straight on after the start of the default mission, then it means 47’s objectives are to Erase Yusuke Matsuda and ensure he can exit the Map Alive. This means 47 can fulfill the mission by performing a KO and Fake Blood Routine, allowing an NPC to spot the body, and then buzzing Agent Smith and the CIA agent to get to Matsuda so they can drag Matsuda to the Cellar Security Room, revive him, close a deal with him and then escape the map.

At this point, the player will see a message saying “Matsuda is Escaping” with a timer. Depending on which objectives are active, this can either result in Mission Success or Mission Failure.

NOTE: If you accept the IAGO mission first, which removes the eraser objective, and then accept the CIA mission, you are left with only one Objective: ensuring that Matsuda leaves the map alive. This is useful for a special opportunity involving the Chameleon.

The Chameleon

It is possible for 47 to disguise himself as the Chameleon (who is wearing a hat and a bald cap). This allows 47 to sabotage the meeting with Moxon. 47 will decry that The Final Nail is a fake. This leads Moxon to order his guards (actually the CIA agents) to take custody of Matsuda.

Smith and the CIA agent then escort Matsuda to the Cellar Security Room and talk to him, revealing their identity and striking up a deal with him.

Later Smith and his associate attempt to smuggle Matsuda out of the map. At this point, the player will see a message saying “Matsuda is Escaping” with a timer. Depending on which objectives are active, this can either result in Mission Success or Mission Failure.

Participating in the Auction
47 can also participate at the Auction as Tobias Rieper. However, attempting to participate in the bidding by pressing E will trigger instead a reminder from Diana that the electronic funds needed to participate in this direct bidding are not cleared by the ICA.

Instead, 47 can disguise himself as either Terry Norfolk or the Sheikh and then participate using their assumed identity. By using E to raise continuously on The Final Nail, 47 as either Norfolk or the Sheikh can win the auction for the item. After the win, 47 can then go backstage and actually prevent Novikov and Margolis from cornering Matsuda by pressing G to talk to him first.

47-in-disguise will demand that he would like to have a closer look at the item he has won in private for closer examination. Matsuda will accept, leaving 47 and Matsuda isolated in an area of the map. 47 will have access to The Final Nail, which can be used to assassinate Matsuda.

Once 47 has won the auction for The Final Nail, he can use G to setup this meeting with Matsuda at any time.

Note though that much like Matsuda, Norfolk socializes frequently, and openly flirts with Yuki Yamazaki (she puts him down hard though). Norfolk drinks incessantly and this can present an opportunity.

The Sheikh, being who he is, starts from a speedboat out in the back, beyond the helicopter area. This is to say the Sheikh starts in a Trespassing Zone and spends a lot of time in Trespassing Zones against 47’s suit.

Other Notes

-While there is no actual in-game cash rewards, in theory the biggest possible pay-off occurs by starting the mission in its default state and then accepting the CIA mission without accepting the IAGO mission.

-Yusuke Matsuda is made in the likeness of Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda whose likeness also appeared as a secret boss in a Ni-Oh video game and in Final Fantasy XV.

-Francesca De Santis admires Yuki Yamazaki’s gown. Yuki remarks that her gown was designed personally by Sebastian Sato.

-Silvio Caruso confides to Jordan Cross that he is shy, especially around women. Jordan Cross tries to give him advice to loosen up. At some point Jordan says that sometimes women should be pushed around a bit to get a hint. At that point Jordan remembers something and excuses himself.

-Zaydan, Adaze Oijofor, and Richard Ekwensi discuss writings attributed to Machiavelli.

-Prince Po flirts openly with Francesca De Santis, who is flattered.

-Kalu Oijofor appears to strike up a quick friendship with Jackie Carrington… until his mother shows up to ruin things.

-Blaser Jagdwaffen R93 Sniper Rifle with Industrial Grade Suitcase (the two are considered one item just like they were in Codename 47).

-The Arab Prince Suit (a variant of the Sheikh with raybans and gloves)


Hey! @Dustwolf105 glad you enjoyed the Bonus Missions I wrote.
While I can’t assume all the ones I wrote made it to this “Criterion Collection” ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) I did also write three more in that thread that you may have missed:

  1. “Hot Air” (Colorado) - 47 is sent to kill an ecological terrorist setting up a fundraiser on a farm converted into a carnival. (Create Your Own Bonus Level - #21 by Soupienza - Hitman Wishlist - Hitman Forum)

  2. “The Koala” (Hokkaido) - 47 revisits the totally transformed GAMA center after the events of Situs Inversus in order to hunt down a shadowy figure who works both in the public world stage as a technocratic genius and in the dark web under an obscure alias as a seller of private information. (Create Your Own Bonus Level - #26 by Soupienza - Hitman Wishlist - Hitman Forum)

  3. “Avalanche” (Sapienza) - 47 is sent to eliminate the paranoid patriarch of a political dynasty but finds himself embroiled in a hostage drama involving his target. The story is a prequel to the actual bonus episode “Landslide” created by IO Interactive. (Create Your Own Bonus Level - #183 by Soupienza - Hitman Wishlist - Hitman Forum)


Title: Light’s Out
Location: Hokkaido,Evening.
Objectives: Eliminate Flynt Bernard, Eliminate Pei Oku Weing,Steal the USB drive
Briefing: Good evening; 47. Your target is Flynt Bernard, Notorious Hacker and All-around theif. Our client recently had 1 million dollars stolen from his account and Flynt Bernard was the only person he could suspect. Your target is attempting to steal 60 million dollars from the assistant of Governor Paul Inderman. You also need to eliminate his lawyer Pei Oku Weing who immigrated from Burma when he was caught in the act of nearly killing his Rival and Step-Brother, Feng Shir Weing. Steal the USB drive that shows that Weing Sabotating the chandelier at an opera. Good Luck 47.

What a show-off
Bernard will sometimes step inside the sauna for a relaxation time, 47 can over-hear two mechanics taking about how Bernard always shows off his “water-proof” phone to everyone, 47 can remove something from the phone that makes it highly electrical, and when Bernard tries to proove that its “water-proof” by putting it in water, it will electrocute him.

Taking the high ground
Weing likes leaning against the railing in his suite balcony, 47 can loosen it and it will make weing fall on a sharp rock impaling him (similar to the vai con dio challenge in landslide)

Unlocks: Dark Hacker Suit & Light Hacker Suit, Laptop Charger (fiberwire) Okinawan Kunai.

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Was worried about crossing the post limit, I’ll post the others.

I hope you plan to write up bonus missions for Hitman 2 and 3. I love how detailed they are.

Title: Hot Air

Map: Colorado (Day Time)

Client: Tien Sha International

Targets And Objectives:
-Eliminate Gerry “Geronimo” Reynolds

Context/Mechanics/Map Changes
The hit takes place at a Hot Air Balloon Festival on an unassuming Colorado farm.
As the center of activity for the small town nearby, the owner of the Farm has allowed the
conversion of the entire area into a temporary Carnival with rides, attractions, and other amusements.

The farm’s owner, however, has links to a group of environmental activists called The Pristine Army,
a group currently fighting against the granting of new logging and Saw Mill contracts on land they have
deemed as being under their protection - even if no other body recognizes them or their authority.

The regional head of TPA in this area is a man called Gerry Reynolds, nicknamed “Geronimo” for his recklessness and propensity for aggressive actions that border on terrorism. Geronimo likes to tell everyone he meets that he is a descendant of a great Native American tribe in the area and that he is protecting “sacred trees” from the selfish interest of capitalists. Reynold, who hails from an area with no Native ancestry, is either a pathological liar or highly delusional.

The ICA’s client for this hit, Tien Sha International, is among a group of companies that Geronimo has
placed in his sights. To that end, Reynolds has organized activity ranging from simple civil disobedience
to breaking and entering, and sabotage with intent to cause harm.

A meeting earlier between Tien Sha and Geronimo descended into an attempt to extort money from Tien Sha for rights to these “sacred trees” (or at least that’s what Tien Sha has claimed).
Geronimo’s campaign against them has delayed a lot of lucrative deals extending not just to local government income and economic activity, but also to the creation of jobs amongst people in the surrounding area - including work for Native Americans, with whom Reynolds claims lineage but not unanimous support.

The Pristine Army have recruitment offices in the area for the Hot Air Balloon Festival, and it is believed some of the income from the farm, including income raised at today’s Festival, will go to the coffers of The Pristine Army.

At this point, it is unknown what Geronimo has in mind for such raised funds, but Tien Sha would prefer that after the Hot Air Balloon Festival, it no longer has to concern itself with such matters.

The mission sees a massive overhaul of the Colorado Farm map as it depicts the area some years before it was converted into the militia base of Sean Rose. Of note is that one of the NPC’s for this mission is an unscarred version of Sean Rose attempting to join The Pristine Army.

All of the main areas of Colorado are replaced with Carnival rides and other attractions of note:
(The Attractions may be scaled down to fit the map)

-“The Anaconda” (Demolitions Area near the Barn and Swamp) a simple smaller rollercoaster with rises, falls, and banking but no loops. It’s a forwards-and-back style roller-coaster with high slanting ends at the start and the finish.47 can sabotage to loosen the lead car so that upon hitting the Emergency Stop at the highest and fastest point of the ride, the lead car is launched into the air and crashes into the swamp. 47 can operate and control the ride.

-“The Big O” (Demolitions Area) a Ferris Wheel which allows two forms of sabotage.
47 can sabotage the Ferris Wheel so that it becomes unhinged, rolling into the roller coaster and killing
all onboard on either the “The Big O” and the “Anaconda” (if either is occupied) coming to rest at the Swamp, or 47 can plant an explosive on any one of the areas attaching the main wheel to passenger cars so that one affected car falls off the Ferris Wheel, killing the occupants in the car only as long as the car is rotated to the upper half of the Wheel’s height. 47 can operate and control the Ferris Wheel.

-“Magic Lasso” - Similar to Hersheypark’s Sidewinder which can also be sabotaged and
controlled by 47. The Sabotage involves loosening one of the seats and overriding the Sidewinder to throw the loosened seat out of the map (Accident Kill, Unnoticed Kill + No Body Found).

-The Barn area used in the Story Mission for the limo hit practice now features a stage for double-header
entertainment performance:

“Malvin the Masked Magician” is an illusionist whose main event trick is to saw an audience volunteer in half.

“The Great Markov”, a bald man with a fake moustache, is an expert dagger thrower who thrills the audience by throwing knives at an audience volunteer who is strapped to a rotating wheel. Markov performs this trick blindfolded.

Smaller attractions and a market with a smattering of Gas Tanks and Generators adorn what was known as the Drug Farm in the story mission.

The Main Farm house is where the Farm’s owner resides and there is food and a buffet at the ground floor and surrounding external areas. Security is concentrated around this area, and the second floor is off-limits to guests. If 47 is trying for a Guard disguise, it will be here, but it can be complicated to acquire due to the many people eating at the buffet and the cramped confines within the second floor.

Notable also is that unlike in the story mission version of this map, the Farm house’s second floor is in pristine condition.

A section of the main Farm features an up-and-down Hot Air Balloon ride called “The Air over Colorado” which can be sabotaged to cause a fatal explosion when the Hot Air Balloon has reached maximum height.

The Front Gate is a ticket stand.

Main Map/Normal Mission Script Sequence
Only the Southern Farm Perimeter starting point with a Suit (non-disguise) is available.

47 can enter the Farm through a main gate after buying a ticket, although he can tresspass through other areas. Once inside the main grounds, a Suit-ed 47 is no longer Trespassing and is indistinguishable from other guests.

“The Big O” is down for repairs, although 47 can fix it if he finds a Wrench (Suspicious Act unless using
Repairman costume).

Geronimo mostly stays in the Farm house with his host, but will eventually be encouraged to try out the
rides and enjoy the show at the Barn.

An unscarred version of Sean Rose enters the grounds at some point and goes to the Farm house insisting to “Meet your boss”. Geronimo eventually meets him and, impressed by his credentials, will meet with Sean Rose in private at the basement.

Throughout dialogue you learn that Geronimo is planning a series of terror activities against loggers and saw mills in the area.

Gameplay Notes

Assassinating Target
-All of the rides have Operators, these need to be subdued and hidden to give 47 the opportunity for operating the ride.

-47 can repair “The Big O” in order to get it started for use, or can sabotage its main hub beforehand, then repair it. At which point, switching on the ride will cause the Ferris Wheel to become detached and roll over everything in its path (destroying “The Anaconda” in the process) on its way to the Swamp.

-Even after 47 has repaired “The Big O”, 47 must perform an “E” action (as the Operator) to inform everyone that the ride is open. Without doing this, no one rides the Ferris Wheel. If 47 repaired the Ferris Wheel without subduing its operator, the operator eventually discovers the ride is ready and opens the ride to the guests himself.

-The highest kill count with “The Big O” is achieved by sabotaging its main hub, repairing it, opening the ride to all guests, and loading it full of passengers (which does not cause the accident) before using the Full Power Mode of “The Big O” (which triggers the unhinging major accident).

-As the Operator, you also have the option of opening “The Big O”, and if Geronimo happens to be the first in line, you only let him (and his guard) into the car, then simply refuse to let anyone else onboard. Timing it with downtime on “The Anaconda” will then allow you to send the Ferris Wheel on its way with minimal Non-Target fatalities (save for the guy with Geronimo in the car). Similar stakes occur if you bomb the arm attachment of the car Geronimo rides without sabotaging the main hub of the Ferris Wheel.

-While using “The Big O”'s major accident is somewhat risky, note that it is possible for 47 to launch the Ferris Wheel with no occupants and simply kill Geronimo by having the Ferris Wheel trample him in its path. Also if “The Anaconda” is idle with no occupants, then no Non-Targets are killed when the Ferris Wheel crashes into it. If, as the Operator, 47 never informs guests that “The Big O” has re-opened, then guests do not line up for the ride.

-As “Malvin the Masked Magician”, 47 can select Geronimo as the audience volunteer for the main trick where Malvin is to saw an audience member in half. By finding instructions back stage in the main barn, 47 can learn that the magic trick relies on a tricked-out box where the bottom panel of the box slips into the “table” allowing this person to lie down arched and slanted in a relatively uncomfortable but safe position so that when the saw comes down the occupant is unharmed. Of note here is that the “audience volunteer” is always the same man (who is in on the act) even if other audience members change between intervals. If 47 selects Geronimo without subduing Malvin’s Assistant, Malvin’s Assistant will coach Geronimo on how the trick works to avoid an Accident. Therefore, the opportunity requires sabotaging the box so that the occupant can no longer trigger the trap door to safety, and then sawing Geronimo to cause an Accident Kill. You also learn that Malvin is actually deaf, relying on a “thumbs up” signal from the Assistant to do the trick. This means that when the box is sabotaged and Geronimo starts screaming that he cannot engage the trap door, killing him now by sawing him in half does not cause suspicion.

-As “The Great Markov”, 47 can simply select Geronimo as the audience member and kill him with a throwing knife for an Accident Kill while blindfolded (which does not affect player vision). Markov, however, turns out to be a retired Spetsnaz assassin, and any frontal subdue causes a random pattern, leaving a high potential for Combat going awry or causing enough noise to be heard. Attempting to flee can also be dangerous as Markov can insta-kill 47 with a knife throw of his own.

-Both the Masked Magician, and the Bald Moustached Knife Thrower, due to the nature of the disguises, are nearly impervious to suspicion.

-When going on the Ferris Wheel, Geronimo reveals he’s afraid of heights and will ask one of the Farm’s guards to accompany him. If 47 is disguised as one of the guards and is closest to Geronimo at this time, 47 will be selected to accompany Geronimo on the Ferris Wheel. You will be alone with Geronimo throughout the ride. At the highest point of “The Big O” while in the car with Geronimo the car will always stop momentarily and Geronimo will act nervous, peering out through door’s window. You can then press “E” to push him out - which triggers a short cinematic in which 47 utters: “Geronimo” before shoving Geronimo out of the car to his death.

-A similar scenario occurs with the Hot Air Balloon ride, except that the Farm Owner will also join him.
If the Farm Owner is “busy” at this time (ie: Emetic Poisoned, or hidden in a box) then Geronimo takes the balloon ride with just a guard (or 47 disguised as the guard).

-Geronimo normally won’t try the “Magic Lasso”, but 47 (as the Operator) can assure him it is perfectly safe. The Farm Owner will also goad Geronimo about how he can claim his Native American warrior pride if he won’t even stick himself into a harmless carnival ride. This conversation does not take place unless 47 initiates it. This ride only accepts guests one at a time, with you using “E” to allow someone onboard. This means you can time your seat sabotage perfectly for Geronimo. If the Farm Owner was disposed of, the dialogue will end with Geronimo refusing to ride the “Magic Lasso” since the Farm Owner’s taunting doesn’t occur.

-Geronimo eats and drinks with his host at the Farm House.

-Overriding the speeds of the “Magic Lasso” with Geronimo onboard, but without sabotaging the seat causes Geronimo to get sick as if struck by Emetic poison and to vomit into one of the waste baskets at the Carnival (near a Gas Tank).

-While not particularly difficult to complete, the nature of the venue and event means that unless precautions are taken, many of the major accidents can cause Non-Target Kills, ruining a Silent Assassin rating.

-A large number of explosives of various types (including Rubber Duckies and The Big One firecracker) are kept in the Farm House basement. These are shown to Sean Rose during his meeting with Geronimo. Sean Rose will act impressed by the display while they discuss Geronimo’s plans. An Accident can be caused here that causes a massive explosion to kill Geronimo, but can be timed with Sean Rose safe behind a pillar during the explosion.

Other Notes
-In his meeting with the Farm Owner, Geronimo claims Tien Sha attempted to bribe him, causing great offense to his Warrior’s Pride.

-In his meeting with Sean Rose, Geronimo speaks at length about how they share the same Warrior Code and how honor and respect of the Tree Spirits has given way to greed.

-At both meetings, Geronimo reveals he is planning “the Big One” against Tien Sha - a bombing that is intended to harm numerous persons.

-If the player follows Geronimo throughout the level, it is apparent that Geronimo’s Native American claims keep changing or are inconsistent. Geronimo will claim to be from one tribe, then another, then both, then none. He will also state flat out inaccuracies and fabrications.

-Conversations around the Farm reveal that many people around Geronimo, including the Farm Owner, believe Geronimo is either crazy, or is conning everyone around him about his Native American roots.

-During the meeting about “The Big One” in the basement, Geronimo and Sean Rose will go through the explosives to discuss which one would be best used for Geronimo’s plans. Sean Rose will eventually suggest that the best way would be to develop a special explosive that can be smuggled in casually as a worn item “such as a watch”.

-There is a Chainsaw in the shed once occupied by Ezra Berg, as well as a disguise called “The Massacre-er” which resembles Ezra Berg’s costume but in black with a white mask and wig. This costume is suspicious everywhere and will cause a mass panic at the Carnival (similar to dropping the stage lights in Paris) if you are spotted.


  • Chainsaw Melee Weapon
  • Ornate Throwing Dagger

Title: The Koala
Map: Hokkaido (Day Time)

Client: Locksley

Targets And Objectives:
-Eliminate Matthew Cyrus
-Destroy the Body (Optional)
-Exit with No Trace of Foul Play (Optional)

Context/Mechanics/Map Changes
A year after the death of Erich Soders and Yuki Yamazaki, GAMA has reopened but with significant changes. It is now a Wellness Center catering to the world’s richest clientele.

KAI has been decomissioned, and much of GAMA’s original facilities, save for the Sushi Bar, Sauna, and Guest/Patient rooms, have been replaced by treatments for Dermatology, IV Hormone treatments, Massage facility, Body Wellness, and Body Fluid Balance Regulatory checks.

The Morgue has been replaced by an In-House Pharmacy and packaging line for custom Supplements, The training gym has been expanded. GAMA retains a Mini-Morgue, and a Treatment Room with an Electric Defribilator set, just in case

There is now an additional Herbal Bath in place of the area once used for Yoga classes (a sign there now warns of the Deadly Fall Risk).

Of particular interest is a Hyperbaric Chamber that replaces the Surgery Table that once held Erich Soders (who no longer exists).

Staff quarters, Staff Cafeteria, Garage, Helipad, and other utility areas remain the same.

Your target in what is now the GAMA Wellness Center is Australian tech magnate Matthew Cyrus. The mysterious Locksley has selected this man for assassination. Cyrus is an immensely popular and much-loved tech entrepreneur and is a recluse at a level that exceeds even Thomas Cross, so his visit to GAMA to sample their new anti-aging and life extending repertoire may present one of very few chances to fulfill this contract.

To the world at large, Matthew Cyrus is a modern day hero and considered one of the greatest living innovators of mobile technology. There is bound to be much attention if something terrible were to befall Mr. Cyrus, more so if it is believed to be an assassination.

The ICA, while uncertain of the motives behind a contract being drafted for Cyrus’ murder, would be at risk of being compromised in investigations that will surely follow any discovery of foul play. Therefore, it has been strongly advised that Cyrus’ death must be an Accident. Failing that, a “mysterious disappearance” will have to suffice and his body must never be discovered (ie: Body Destroyed, not just hidden in a box).

Main Map/Normal Mission Script Sequence
Only Default Starting Point as GAMA Customer (you can wear what you want) is allowed without any loadout or inventory to start.

Matthew Cyrus arrives via helicopter to be greeted by the GAMA Director. The pair plus two guards begin a tour of GAMA’s Wellness Programme. Due to the size of the map, this can last close to 25 - 30 minutes.

The pair also have lunch at the Sushi Bar in one of the cubicles. A random variable may have the lunch occurring before the Tour instead.

After this, the GAMA Director will leave Cyrus to enjoy the GAMA Center’s amenities. At this point Cyrus will sample the following in random order (although you can be clued in by listening to his dialogue as he always announces where he is going next):

-Cyrus will try out the Hyperbaric Chamber
-Cyrus will try out the Herbal Bath
-Cyrus will have his Body Fluid Balance Taken (always followed by IV Fluid Induction to “rebalance his hormones and fluids”)
-Cyrus will lift weights at the Gym.
-Cyrus will get a massage (from Konny Engstrom no less!)
-Cyrus will have a Skin and Face Treatment session
-Cyrus will try the Sauna
-Cyrus will pick up some Custom Supplements

After doing his rounds, Cyrus will relax in the guest room once used by Yuki Yamazaki. Once in a while he may go out again and try any one of the above treatments a second time (though the Body Fluid Balance check will now always give Cyrus a perfect score). Cyrus will also try his Custom Supplements at this time.

Of note is that there are other notable guests at the GAMA Wellness Center on this day who also get greetings from the GAMA Director among them are Helmut Kruger and his wife Jessica Highmoore-Kruger. The Krugers will use the room that belonged to Amos Dexter in the original Hokkaido mission.

Note that the GAMA Center no longer uses Patient Robes in this version so NPC’s are wearing their own costumes.

Gameplay Notes
-Any NPC must strip down in a Changing Room for some of the amenities (Herbal Bath, Hyperbaric Chamber, Massage) this gives 47 the opportunity to snag a disguise without having to subdue some NPC’s.

-The Hyperbaric Chamber is meant only for Gold Card Members (Kruger and Cyrus for example). 47 can pick them up from others, but when the cards are swiped 47 will be caught.

-Alternatively, 47 can have a Gold Card made for his cover identity of Tobias Rieper. The Server which holds Gold Card Members is where the KAI Mainframe used to be. A special machine near the main entrance can be accessed by Gold Card Registrants to receive their issued cards. You will see Helmut Kruger acquire his Gold Card in this way as an example. If you try using it without having manipulated the Server, you will be told that you are not a Gold Card Registrant. It is only after the Server has been tampered that the Gold Card dispenser will recognize Tobias Rieper and issue his card.

-If 47 is disguised as Helmut Kruger, Kruger’s card being swiped does not cause 47 to get caught since no one can detect that 47 is not Helmut Kruger. Jessica Highmoore-Kruger though will see through the deception

Assassinating Target
The lunch provides a specific opportunity to use the Fugu Fish poison, or other poison offerings both for food and drink. But be warned the cubicle is a closed environment so moving away during the Searching phase can prove somewhat risky.

-The Hyperbaric chamber can be sabotaged to increase O2 pressure causing Oxygen Poisoning and death.

-47 can use the Preparation Set in the Pharmacy and a Formula from the Skin Treatment area to create a deadly Skin-absorbed poison that can be used with the Herbal Bath or the Face/Skin Treatment machine.

-When disguised as GAMA staff, 47 can easily use his Fibre Wire on Cyrus while he’s getting his Skin and Face Treatment (Cyrus’ face will be covered).

-47 can drown Cyrus at the Herbal Bath (tribute: Traditions of the Trade)

-47 can choke Cyrus to death while spotting him with the Barbell (tribute: Flatline)

-47 can use the Skin Absorbed Poison with the Skin and Face Treatment if he chooses not to pour it into the Herbal Bath.

-47 can do the Sauna Kill with Cyrus.

-47 can do neck snap massage kill as Konny Engstrom.

-47 can inject poison syringe to contaminate the IV Fluid Infusion system.

-47 can poison the Custom Supplements.

-47 can lure Cyrus into the Treatment room and kill him with the Defribilators either as Melee Weapons or while Cyrus is knocked out. Either will count as an Accident Kill with no further issues.

-Due to all the amenities available, GAMA Staff disguises are quite powerful on this mission, although the Helmut Kruger disguise allows for a lot of accessibility also (as long as one stays clear of Jessica Highmoore-Kruger)

"Destroy the Body"
This objective is only optional, but if 47 exits without this objective fulfilled, Diana will remark that the ICA’s troubles are about to begin and that while the mission is a success, 47 will have to be made to pay a penalty for the ICA’s inconvenience (deduction means loss of any SA Rating).

You can leave the mission before the body is discovered, but depending on the variables set in motion, the optional objective may be revealed in the Scorecard as Completed or Failed. Therefore, it can be useful to allow the body of Cyrus to be found to know for sure.

Placing Cyrus’ body in a Box or Wardrobe leads to failure of the Optional Objective

In reality, in the event of an Accident, once GAMA staff have done their own autopsy of the body in what is a smaller version of the Morgue, they will call the GAMA Director and explain that they can “find no signs of a crime.” The GAMA Director curses his luck about how this location must be cursed following the death of notable clients.

The GAMA Director then reluctantly gives the order to dissolve Cyrus’ body in a vat of chemicals (identical to the green fluid containers in the Ether Lab of Sapienza), thus the “Destroy the Body” Special Objective is always fulfilled in the event of an Accident Kill with no suspicious findings.

Any other kind of death however will pique the suspicion of the GAMA Director in the Mini-Morgue during the Autopsy and will lead to orders to preserve the body for local law enforcement. The Morgue Doctors will therefore refrigerate the body in a chamber similar to where Agent Smith is found. The GAMA Director holds the keycard for this containment unit, making the fulfillment of this objective more complicated.

Throwing Cyrus’ body after a regular Unnoticed Kill so that it falls down the mountain and out of the resort also counts for the “Destroy the Body” special objective.

The Incinerators are still at the same location and can also be used to fulfill the “Destroy the Body” Special Objective.

When guards leave Cyrus’ body in the Mini-Morgue, 47 can also use the box with Green Acid to destroy the body clandestinely.

An industrious player can subdue all the Morgue Doctors and the GAMA Director, preventing an Autopsy from ever taking place. If this condition is met, and the body of Cyrus is destroyed then this Optional Objective is completed and the “No Foul Play” objective is preserved regardless of what method was used for the kill as long as it was an Unnoticed Kill.

"Exit with No Trace of Foul Play"
This objective is only optional, but if 47 exits without this objective fulfilled, Diana will remark that the ICA’s troubles are about to begin and that while the mission is a success, 47 will have to be made to pay a penalty for the ICA’s inconvenience (deduction means loss of any SA Rating).

You can leave the mission before the body is discovered, but depending on the variables set in motion, the optional objective may be revealed in the Scorecard as Completed or Failed. Therefore, it can be useful to allow the body of Cyrus to be found to know for sure.

Requires that the player exits the Mission without Cyrus’ Body Autopsied after a Non-Accident Kill or the player exiting the Mission after an Autopsy shows no signs of Foul Play.

If Cyrus is bodybagged and then opened up in the Mini-Morgue by the GAMA Director and the Morgue Doctors and Cyrus died in an Accident, this Optional Objective remains safe. Any other kind of death however will pique the suspicion of the GAMA Director in the Mini-Morgue and will lead to failure of the Optional Objective at this point.

A special case occurs for ICA poisons. These will be found during an Autopsy if an ICA Poison was used specifically, but the GAMA Director and Morgue doctors will dispute each other’s findings as the compound found is unusual, or can be one of two kinds of substances. The “No Foul Play” Special Objective therefore, does not fail at this time, but doubts lead to the GAMA Director ordering that Cyrus’ body will be kept in refrigerated storage with him holding the keycard.

The special Poison that can be created at the Pharmacy is untraceable, leading the GAMA Director to order the destruction of Cyrus’ body.

An industrious player can subdue all the Morgue Doctors and the GAMA Director, preventing an Autopsy from ever taking place.

Other Notes
-47 learns that Matthew Cyrus has been selling end-user profiles, and using his company’s products to spy on people, functioning as a kind of information broker. He has performed this function for IAGO, as well as for other groups.

-47 learns that “Koala” is Cyrus’ codename in the criminal underworld.

-In a conversation Cyrus has with Kruger, it is heavily implied that Cyrus knows of Kruger’s past association with IAGO. However, Cyrus also reveals that he suspects Kruger killed Dalia Margolis and warns that Kruger should watch his back. Kruger is clearly afraid, but manages to retort: “Yeah? Well you’re not so safe yourself, Mr. Cyrus. You may call yourself the Koala, but you’re no protected species.”

-47 can learn that after the events in Paris, Kruger continued his meeting with Jessica Highmoore and that she is now his wife. It is not clear if Kruger has somehow separated himself from IAGO. 47 also learns that Kruger is preparing for a role in a big budget film where he plays a bald assassin with a mysterious past.

-Jessica Highmoore-Kruger is an enforcer against the Helmut Kruger disguise.

-It seems Helmut Kruger genuinely cares for Jessica, and the pair are obviously in love. However, it is not clear if Kruger is still working for IAGO or may have tried to leave IAGO in his pursuit of Jessica.

-If you take away Helmut Kruger’s clothes while he is in any of the treatments that require him to change clothes, upon discovering his clothes have vanished, Kruger will cry out: “Not again!” then eventually get a new set of his clothes.

-When the real Helmut Kruger takes the Body Balance exam. He will get scores that indicate warnings to his hormone levels and other fluids. If 47 as Tobias Rieper or as Helmut Kruger takes the same exam, he is given a perfect score. The attending GAMA Staffer adds: “Everything in your body is in perfect balance! You, sir, are a perfect diamond!”

-If 47 is disguised as Helmut Kruger and goes to the gym with Matthew Cyrus, 47-as-Kruger can spot Cyrus with the Barbells while Cyrus is on the bench. Cyrus will then say: “Kill me with the barbell will you? With all this security around? Just try it you bald little chicken sh*t!” (In truth the security is outside the gym. This will be an Accident Kill).

-If 47 is disguised as Helmut Kruger and sabotages the Hyperbaric Chamber and stands near it while Cyrus is dying of Oxygen poisoning, a cutscene plays out where Cyrus yells accusations at 47-as-Kruger: “You psycho! You’re trying to clean all of us out aren’t you?!? You can’t keep running from us forever, Helmut! Dalia’s friends will find you! My friends will find you! It is inevitable! Death…comes…for…us…all…”

-Celebrity Suit with Gloves (the Helmut Kruger disguise for this level but with gloves and a pair of RayBan Aviators) - does not count as a free Helmut Kruger disguise.

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Map: Sapienza(Night)

Client: Confidential (implied: Delgado crime family)

Targets And Objectives:
-Eliminate Mario Abiatti

Context/Mechanics/Map Changes:
Your Target for this mission is 70 year old Mario Abiatti. Mario is the incumbent Mayor of Sapienza at the time of the mission. Mario is shrewd and cunning and has been re-elected to office numerous times. However, in recent days he has also been beset by eccentric behavior and paranoia. Rumors link him to numerous dubious parties, including the Delgado crime family in Chile. Recently, Mario Abiatti has also begun reclusing himself from family members who he now suspects of wanting to wrestle power from him.

As Mario deals with threats from all sides, real or imagined, the only definite thing is that someone has put a contract out for him and 47 is on the plane to Italy.

However, upon arriving, it is apparent that other events have overtaken 47’s arrival. Sapienza Town Hall and the immediate plaza outside has been blocked off to the public. Police vehicles are parked all over the main road and cops have their weapons drawn in the direction of the Town Hall.
Mario Abiatti can be heard clamoring that he “Refuses to be taken into the Nut House” - and to that end he has taken the Vice-Mayor hostage as well as some staff and interns.

The entire Town Hall and surrounding perimeter the width of one alley or street is a trespassing zone to civilians. This means for example that 47 can no longer just walk into the alley behind the building to access the climbing pipe or the basement door.

The hostages and Mario Abiatti are in the main office on the second floor of the Town Hall (same office where Marco Abiatti holds the meeting with Salvatore Bravuomo). The curtains are drawn in this version of the map and instinct cannot penetrate this room except when 47 is near one of the doors accessing this office. The office contains six hostages: the vice mayor, his assistant, and four Sapienza city councilors, all together in a row, kneeling at the center of the office.
Curtains are drawn over the office window of Sapienza Town Hall, making it impossible to see what is going on inside.

Mario Abiatti is holding a Lupara sawn-off shotgun and Bartoli pistol, mostly pacing back and forth. Almost always in a threatening state, pointing the Bartoli at his hostages while brandishing the Lupara shotgun indiscriminately. Occasionally, Mario will be checking the window by parting the drapes (a different window at random intervals).

Marco Abiatti, a city councilor of Sapienza and the son of the Target, is outside by a police car with a megaphone begging for his father to surrender to authorities.

Near him is Atty. Salvatore Bravuomo, looking pensively at events.

The shop opposite the apartment building that has the ICA Safehouse and Rocco’s apartment has been commandeered by local police and a telephone has been setup for a Police Negotiator to talk to Mario Abiatti in an attempt to get him to release the hostages and surrender to police. The Police Negotiator is, however, absent and NPC’s will remark that the Negotiator may be hiding due to lack of self-confidence.

An Ambulance is outside the Town Hall, parked on the street opposite the white car exit point was originally. This Ambulance has Medical Worker disguise as well as the Medicine Box item where you can hide illegal objects and carry them around.

Caruso Mansion and the Ether Lab cave area are inaccessible.

SWAT have setup a staging area in the alleyway where the Private Detective was.

A small crowd with signs and wearing Abiatti red,white, and blue Campaign colors is at the beach area. They have come to show support for the Mayor. They believe that the act to try and commit Mario Abiatti to an asylum is politically motivated and they want to defend their man. There’s indications that these people are bought by supporters of Mario Abiatti and many of them don’t even seem to be residents of Sapienza at all. These “supporters” are stuck at the beach, with the police keeping them at bay.

Priests and Nuns are gathered at the Church, praying for a peaceful resolution to the situation.

SWAT have also comandeered the apartment room owned by Rocco and have set it up as a sniper nest, but this Sniper will not take a shot. You can find a Remington 700 Sniper Rifle here. One Sniper carries one as well.

Police are also in the comfort room area beneath the plaza (where Bravuomo almost always goes to throw up).

Main Map/Normal Mission Script Sequence
What is notable in this mission is that the briefing does not mention the hostage taking. Only that the Mayor has been erratic of late.

However, upon starting near the Sapienza main gate, 47 finds that the entire town hall and plaza is cordoned off by police in the arrangement described above.

Diana says she will try to learn more (note: She will not be of any help), but that since the mission has been greenlit, 47 must try to learn what he can to complete the assignment.

As 47 approaches the police cordon, Marco Abiatti, who is leaning on a police car, will take up the megaphone pleading with his father, Mario Abiatti, to let the Vice-Mayor and certain other hostages go.

Occasionally, Mario Abiatti will peek out from curtains of the Town Hall office to yell back that his son is a good-for-nothing. Mario adds that the attempt to have him institutionalized is to allow Marco to “take over the ‘family business’(ie: Mayor’s office).”

Mario also claims he knows the Vice-Mayor is Marco’s mentor in all this and that the Vice-Mayor has “turned my own flesh and blood against me!”

Marco recounts recent “crazy” behavior by his father Mario, and insists that he needs help. This part of the routine is randomized and includes many bits of comical quips such as how his father recently took out all the mushrooms from his spaghetti for fear that they would make him grow too big for his clothes and other bits.

It is notable that there is no Police Negotiator taking control of the situation. This is pointed out by some surrounding policemen who worry that leaving Marco with the megaphone is more likely to get a lot of people killed. But as the highest ranking city official that isn’t a hostage, it’s Marco’s call mostly.

Atty Bravuomo is nearby, head in his hands, by a bench behind the police cordon decrying the terrible mistake they have done by trying to serve the Asylum Commitment to the volatile Mayor.

(being near the event above triggers Intel… which allows 47/Player to piece together the basics of what occurred)

Marco Abiatti will occasionally take a break and confer with police in the command center where they discuss other aspects of the situation such as the deployment of SWAT (additional intel). On the first cycle of this megaphone break, one of the cops will alert Marco to the presence of a crowd at the beach who have come in by boat since the police closed off the Sapienza main gate (additional intel).

Marco will remark that he should have known his looney father would be able to round up an additional gang of lunatics to join his insanity.

This mission, much like “The Icon”, will appear to simply continue in this state with an endless stand-off and Marco firing out an inexhaustible list of “My crazy dad jokes/stories”.

However, the mission does have quite a number of event triggers if 47 can get into the right places to gather Intel.

These will be discussed below.

Gameplay Notes

Mario Abiatti
Mario Abiatti is a unique NPC with a number of behaviors:

  • Abiatti’s first reaction to spotting 47 is to try and kill the hostages. Abiatti’s first reaction to spotting police or SWAT is to shoot at the police or SWAT member (or 47 disguised as them).
  • Mario reacts with suspicion when doors open, a random variable triggers either a command to one of the hostages to close the door, or Mario may approach the door himself to close it reminding others not to move.
  • Abiatti is suspicious of every disguise except the Priest and, during the right circumstances, the TV Anchorman.
  • If the doors to the office are opened with Explosives, Abiatti always goes into Combat, injure a hostage and then go back to normal. Any succeeding alert will cause him to kill a hostage first before engaging attackers.
  • Mario Abiatti has also strapped powerful explosives to his body. This vest acts also as a form of body armor. In the event of a body or leg shot where Mario is downed but not killed, he will ignite the explosives, killing himself and anyone unfortunate enough to be near him.
  • Mario Abiatti can also be triggered to shoot a hostage non-fatally by igniting a CX Remote Explosive (ie: the largest explosive you can own) in an area just outside the Town Hall. This is a special ranged distraction that works specifically for Mario Abiatti to hurt a hostage. Note, however, like in earlier examples, beyond the first alert, Mario’s next shot at hostages will be fatal. The same can be achieved by blowing up a car or Scooter parked close to the Town Hall.
  • Mario Abiatti is a very good shot. His profile reveals he was a champion skeet shooter in his youth. 47 will find it hard to engage him in a firefight and his Lupara is a one-shot kill at medium to short range.
  • Mario Abiatti also carries a detonator for his Bomb Vest. If this detonator is taken. Mario cannot self detonate. His explosive vest functions like a CX Explosive, so shooting it can also cause an explosion.

If 47 is near Mario he can occasionally be heard talking to himself, asking if this is really a conspiracy of the Delgado crime family.

47 learns that Mario had information linking his son to the Delgado organization, but he is unsure if Marco and the Delgados had learned of this.

Mario then adds that regardless of what happens, if he gets out alive, he will “reveal all”.

The Hostages
One of the four City Councilors, a man named “Jeff”, can end up with a leg wound. The condition of Jeff’s injury in the office is useful for some of the mission’s opportunities.

Unless flashbang-ed, or unless using a SWAT-related opportunity, the Hostages act as Witnesses and can cause loss of Crime Noticed and Body Found if Mario Abiatti is killed in front of them.

Police will plant listening devices to medical personnel who will be attending to delivery of help to hostages. This action counts as a frisk and illegal items on 47 if he is disguised as a doctor will be found.

The Police Negotiator
An inexperienced police negotiator has been sent on the scene, but has remained hidden due to his anxiety at never having done a successful hostage negotiation before.

47 can find this police negotiator hiding and cowering in the tunnel near the destructible wall with access to the Ether Lab. (This wall is indestructible in this variant of the map).

The Negotiator has two Policemen with him who are trying to encourage him to take up his post. These two effectively act as his bodyguards and are enforcers against this disguise.

As the Police Negotiator, 47 can enter the Police command center and takeover the negotiation with Mario Abiatti from Marco Abiatti. Marco Abiatti keeps his megaphone, he will just stop using it.

47 can then use the Telephone to contact Mario Abiatti.

During the dialogue, Mario will tell 47 that he knows things about the Vice-Mayor, his son Marco, and their links to organized crime “as far as Chile”.

Mario then exclaims that everything that has led to this is the doing of his enemies and that he’s not really crazy. Mario also says he believes one of the doctors in the Insane Asylum is probably an assassin working for Delgado.

Mario pesters 47, asking him if the Police or Intelligence have noticed any suspicious foreigners flying into Italy.

47 responds with: “I don’t think that’s your problem, Mr. Abiatti. Let’s focus on what you want.”

Mario yells back: “They will dethrone me! Lock me away! Then when no one is looking… they will kill me.”

47 replies: “Don’t worry, Mr. Abiatti… I won’t let any of THEM get to you.”

Mario adds: “If you let me die. The secrets will die with me! Justice will not be served.”

Marco Abiatti interjects that: “As you can see, my dad is spouting a lot of nonsense. We need to get him to the Asylum immediately.”

47 will shush Marco and agree to protect Mario.

This eventually leads to Mario agreeing to surrender to 47.

This leads to 47-as-Negotiator telling the cops he is going in - alone.

47 can use an action trigger (similar to Helmut Kruger walking the runway) which causes 47 to walk towards the Town Hall front door with his hands up shouting: “I’m coming in Mr. Mayor! I am unarmed!”

Mario Abiatti will instruct 47 to go to the Town Hall offices. From the time 47 enters, there is an unlisted time limit for 47 to talk to Mario Abiatti, or he goes into an agitated state and kills a hostage.

Once they make contact, 47 tells Mario to release all the hostages. Mario agrees. 47 then can ask Mario to surrender his gun and follow him. 47 takes the Lupara from Mario and Mario will follow 47 (similar to the Target from the final mission on Sarajevo Six).

Mario Abiatti will also surrender the detonator to his vest to 47.

Note that once this routine has started 47-as-Negotiator must leave the Town Hall with Mario Abiatti in escort mode, otherwise, 47-as-Negotiator arouses Suspicion.

At the start of the escort portion, Mario Abiatti will say he really needs to use the bathroom as he’s been unable to do so since the hostage drama started.

This will give 47 the opportunity to finish Mario Abiatti off. But no other disguises are available, so 47 will have to sneak out of Town Hall - a challenging task.

If 47 waits, the pair eventually exit and Mario Abiatti is placed into a Police Car and a Target is Escaping timer commences.

The police car can be rigged with explosives, or 47 can simply use Mario’s Detonator to blow him up but use of explosives may result in a Non-Target Kill.

Alternatively 47 can lead Mario out of the Town Hall, satisfying the condition for the escort section, wait for Mario to start walking on his own (he will raise his hands up and walk towards the police), then create distance and use Mario’s detonator to blow him up at a safe distance from everyone.

Military Tactics
In the comfort room below the plaza where the coffee tables are, 47 will overhear two policemen discussing a plan to use popular music on the Police’s PA system which is currently warning people to stay back.

One of the cops says he has a copy of “Italian Folk Hits” ready to make this happen, insisting that he has read this can lull the hostage taker into a false sense of calm claiming the act will land him and his buddy in a shower of medals.

His friend says it’s a bad idea.

47 can get the Music recording, in a USB drive, off one of the cops and if he can feed it into the PA System while the PA System is ON, it will play music that is sung by the band in the bonus mission LANDSLIDE.

There will be a commotion, and if Marco Abiatti was on the megaphone, he will stop in confusion.

The incident results in Mario accidentally shooting a hostage and proclaiming at the window: “Damn it! I just shot Jeff!”, Police think of storming the building, but Marco Abiatti gets in the way. Marco will instruct to send in a medical team to evacuate the hostage, which Mario agrees to allow.

Note that there are other ways to trigger this opportunity to alter the sound from the PA System to startle Mario Abiatti.

SWAT without 47
If Marco Abiatti is KO-ed before doing the “Military Tactics” routine, the Police shout about storming the building once Jeff is shot and the SWAT Team Leader will instruct his team that they are moving in.

The SWAT Sniper will also be instructed to take his shot, but the NPC SWAT Sniper though only knows how to shoot Mario in the time that Mario is mentioning at the window that he shot Jeff. Since the NPC SWAT Team Leader only gives the order later (and will be unable to so at all if Marco is awake), the NPC SWAT Sniper will never be able to take the shot. The timing for ordering the SWAT Sniper can be done properly if 47 is the SWAT Team Leader and issues the order to the Sniper at the right time (just after the shotgun blast and commotion is heard outside).

Without Marco to stop them, the SWAT will assault the building, but the resulting raid will result in all hostages being lost as well as Mario Abiatti being killed.

This sequence will be triggered even with Marco Abiatti still active if Mario Abiatti has shot and killed a hostage, which will happen if he is started or alarmed more than once. This can also happen if 47 has somehow managed to infiltrate the Town Hall without proper disguises and has caused Mario Abiatti to go into Combat and kill hostages. Be warned though that if 47 is spotted by attacking SWAT he will be arrested which, following the Fake Arrest routine will lead to combat against an entire SWAT squad.

SWAT with 47
SWAT have a van and staging area in the alley and condemned shop where you find the key in “The Icon”.

A SWAT Team Leader is located here, usually near a squad of SWAT members. The area around the SWAT van is a Trespassing Zone.

47 can find MP5-SD submachine guns here with Flashbang Grenades.

If 47 can don the SWAT Team Leader disguise 47 can order a raid at anytime. If Marco Abiatti is active, he will try to stop 47, but 47 will put him down saying: “He lost his life when he decided to take hostages.”

47 can lead the SWAT Team into the Town Hall. 47 can open a door and while Mario is reacting 47 can throw a flashbang grenade which blinds Mario, allowing for another easy kill.

Killing Mario as a SWAT team member does not affect SA rating. However, note that the SWAT Team Leader is an enforcer for the SWAT Team Member disguise.

Medical Team
There are a number of ways for 47 to disguise himself as a member of the Medical Team. There are Medical worker disguises in the Ambulance near Sapienza main gate, as well as inside the Police command center.

There are also numerous Medical boxes that can each be rigged to hide an explosive or other illegal item.

The real trigger however, involves getting Jeff shot, which is possible by either performing the “Military Tactics” routine, or by being able to cause a distraction (see: Mario Abiatti gameplay section above).

Once Jeff has been shot, and if Marco Abiatti is still awake, 47 can talk to him about sending help for Jeff.

47 and two other medical workers will then go into an area of the Police command center and get prepped for going into the Town Hall. Police will plant listening devices on 47 and the rest of the medical team. Note that this counts as a frisk and any illegal items will be found.

Instead, 47 can hide illegal items in up to three Medicine boxes.

Once ready, 47 and the medical team line up and Marco will tell his dad that some doctors are going up to help Jeff. Mario says to tell them to hurry up.

47 and the medical team can then go to the Office. 47 can press G near Jeff, saying: “Hold on son… you’re gonna be okay.” The other two medical crew place down their medicine boxes but will not open them. They will look after Jeff and then the two medical workers will carry him out after tending a bit to the wound, leaving 47 behind by default.

If 47 is spotted after the two medical workers and Jeff have left the Office, Mario Abiatti will become suspicious. Otherwise, 47 has complete freedom to do what he wants, or even plant a medicine box rigged with an explosive to a spot near Mario and just leave along with the other medical workers.

SWAT Sniper
There is a special opportunity for 47 to take out Mario Abiatti as a SWAT Sniper. It requires that 47 KO’s Marco Abiatti and performs one of the actions to make Mario Abiatti shoot Jeff.

Asides from playing the Italian folk song and running back to the Sniper nest, 47 can also use “47’s Mixtape”, leave it near the PA System, and activate it by remote from the Sniper nest in Rocco’s apartment. 47 can also use other remote explosive or audio distractions he plants within the Town Hall if Mario Abatti is within alarming range.

All of these will trigger Mario to shoot Jeff accidentally.

With Marco unable to stop the police, and while Mario is gesticulating at the window that he has shot Jeff, 47-as-SWAT Sniper will be told to “take him out. Take him out now.”

47 gets a free shot, with any Sniper Rifle, to take out Mario Abiatti with nobody the wiser. (Note: firing any other kind of weapon will cause Susipicion/Combat)

This is the only circumstance in which 47 can fire a sniper rifle, when in Rocco’s apartment floor, and only when told to do so.

An alternative version of this opportunity can be performed by taking over the SWAT Team Leader’s walkie-talkie. SWAT’s command is in the shop and alley where you find the key in “The Icon”. 47 has to KO the SWAT Commander, and use the SWAT Walkie Talkie to issue the kill order to the SWAT Sniper, who will take his shot at the first opportunity.

Note, however, that while this area is secluded, civilian NPC’s occasionally walk past and may see 47 calling to take the shot which is always an Illegal Act even if 47 is disguised as the SWAT Team Leader - unless 47 exploits the time window when Mario has shot Jeff (this version of the Kill Order works even if Marco Abiatti is not KO-ed).

A TV news crew is parked in the area in front of Caruso mansion just outside its walls. The setup includes a bucket truck where one cameraman is poised to take footage of the scene.

A Camera is in the news van and can be rigged with an explosive.

The TV crew team is in a bind because they are ready to broadcast from the scene but their Anchorman is missing.

The TV crew mention that they were all ready to go when the Anchorman ran off with some tall pretty Italian girl without even leaving his microphone with them.

47 can find the Anchorman in the apartment occupied by Brother Akram in “The Author”. The Anchorman is in bed, sleeping with a woman in bed. His clothes and his Wireless Microphone are nearby.

By default the TV crew are all enforcers for the Anchorman - unless… 47 picks up the Anchorman’s Wig, which is still on the sleeping Anchorman. 47 has to approach the Anchorman just close enough to press G and grab the wig. If 47 bumps into the Anchorman, the Anchorman will wake up.

If 47 KO’s the Anchorman, the Anchorman’s Wig will fall off and 47 can press G to pick it up.

When 47 has both the Anchorman Wig and is wearing the Anchorman disguise, then the TV crew can no longer distinguish 47 from the Anchorman.

As the Anchorman 47 is now able to walk into the area surrounding the Town Hall and can pretty much go anywhere but the Police Command Center and the SWAT van area. The Mayor’s Office is still a Trespassing Zone, unless 47 activates a special opportunity with the Cameraman.

By pressing G near the Cameraman, 47 says “Let’s do this.” and a Cameraman will follow 47 in tow. The Cameraman will pick up the Camera from the news van and follow 47 around.

The Cameraman posts himself up in an area in front of townhall (this is near where Dr. Lafayette starts in World of Tomorrow) and 47 will say some stuff describing the situation to viewers.

47 says: “Cut. Good work. Now. How about you and me get the real scoop of the year?”

The Cameraman is nervous as 47 reveals he plans to get inside the office. As the Anchorman, 47 now has access to a number of options to infiltrate the Town Hall, including the pipe climb and, if 47 has lockpicks, he can use lockpicks to open the basement door and is actually shielded from detection. The Cameraman simply exclaims: “Where’d you learn to do that?”

To which 47 replies: “Just a couple of things I picked up along the way.”

The Cameraman is in awe: “You, sir, are a real pro.”
47 quips: “You got that right.”

47 can also climb the pipe, and the Cameraman will follow after him.

If 47 pulls out an illegal item, however, the Cameraman will panic and 47 will be detected.

If 47 has the Cameraman in tow, 47 can enter the Office without triggering suspicion. 47 can then talk to Mario Abiatti and interview him.

This will also reveal more story. Mario will narrate about the treachery of the Vice-Mayor (at one point Mario will hit the Vice-Mayor when the Vice-Mayor tries to talk back). Mario will rant about how the Vice-Mayor has plotted to be rid of him for years, decrying that he has used his son Marco to betray him, prompting Marco to come up with a hackneyed scheme to try and get Mario into a mental institution to take control of Mario’s property and advance his own political career.

At some point, the Cameraman asks if he can put the Camera down and 47 tells him to set it by a table.

In the middle of the interview, Mario Abiatti will excuse himself and use the bathroom. 47 can follow him. Note that there is a challenge for knocking Mario Abiatti out with the TV microphone.

When the interview is complete, there will be a brief moment where Mario gets up and walks past the Camera on the table before the Cameraman goes to get it.

If 47 has successfully rigged the Camera with an explosive, this is the chance to get an Explosive Kill. Take care, however, to note that Mario’s explosive vest will also detonate during an explosion.

Otherwise 47 can press G near the Cameraman to tell him “We’re done here.” 47 can then bring the Cameraman back to the TV news van where the escort will end, or 47 can just walk with the Cameraman and take the exit. This is a convenient way to finish the Anchorman cycle if 47 killed Mario Abiatti during the toilet break.

People Power

If 47 can steal Marco Abiatti’s megaphone (which is the only one on the map), 47 can go to the beach and incite the gathered Abiatti supporters to storm the police barricade and the Town Hall.

No special disguise is required (imagine the hilarity of doing this as Corky the Clown!).

The mob march up the main street from the beach shouting slogans and surround the Town Hall.

47 can walk at the head of the mob pressing E to rile them up just for fun.

The mob surrounding the whole Town Hall provides cover for 47 to lockpick any of the doors or climb the pipe to gain access to Mario.

This mob also goes into wild cheering if 47 decides to climb the pipe after they have taken over the perimeter.

While technically 47 is still mostly Trespassing in the Mayor’s Office during this opportunity using most disguises, it must be noted that Mayor Mario Abiatti will be distracted, admiring the crowd from the window muttering: “You like me! You really like me!”.

Father 47

47 can also disguise himself as a priest and persuade Marco Abiatti that he can talk sense into Mario.

Note, however, that while this allows 47 to enter the Office and talk to Mario, in the course of their conversation, Mario does not agree to leave with 47.

47 then tells the hostages to leave, and Mario is powerless to stop him. 47 then offers himself as a hostage.

This will result in 47 being alone with Mario in the office.

Note, however, that all the priests and nuns are outside the Sapienza church, in a group, praying together so getting a disguise will be tricky.

Other Notes

  • In some of the cycles of Marco Abiatti using the megaphone, he will plead with his father to let go of a certain “Jeff” who has “done nothing wrong”.
  • If 47 issues the Kill Order as the SWAT Team Leader and Marco Abiatti is awake, Marco Abiatti will react to the SWAT Sniper firing and fall on his knees and cry for the loss of his father. His sorrow, however, is not entirely convincing. (Note: The Challenge to complete this is named: “Crocodile Tears”)
  • When posing as the leader of the Abiatti supporters, and to finally command the crowd to storm the barricades, 47 will use the megaphone and shout: “Alea acta est!” (“The die is cast!”). This is a reference to Julius Caesar who supposedly said this before crossing the Rubicon river with his own army and occupying Rome.
  • 47’s E dialogue prompt while leading the mob up the main street is with chants of “Hell No! We Won’t Go!” which was a chant popularized by a Vietnam War protest held in New York in 1967.
  • Mario Abiatti’s line when admiring the gathered mob, “You like me! You really like me!”, is a reference to Sally Fields’ acceptance speech when she won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1984.
  • After 47 guns down Mario Abiatti while disguised as a SWAT Leader or Member, 47 will utter: “Tango down” which is a call-out to the Ubisoft series Rainbow Six.
  • Hostages dying count as Non-Target Kills
  • In phone conversations done in private, it is revealed that Marco Abiatti was never colluding with the Vice-Mayor. Rather, he had been colluding with the Delgado crime family. 47 learns that the Delgados had been unable to reach an agreement with Mario to use his town as a conduit for delivering illegal drugs because Mario wanted a cut that was too large. Marco is able to make a deal with the Delgados and hence hatched the plan to send his own father into an asylum to elevate him to “head of the family”.
  • In a different variation of his secret phone conversation with a Delgado representative, Marco will be told that they can see what is happening in Sapienza on TV and that the Delgados warn him that if he cannot wrap up his own circus, the Delgados have already sent an “insurance policy” to make sure Mario “goes out quietly and immediately”. Marco asks for more time. Saying he only wants his father out of the game. He doesn’t want his father to die. The Delgados tell him that either Marco fixes it or “someone we sent will”.
  • Mario Abiatti’s profile also states that while he is 70 years old, the man is as strong as an ox and is a certified triathlete. This leads further to the pressure on both Marco Abiatti and the Delgado crime syndicate to use extraordinary measures to be rid of the physically resilient Abiatti patriarch.
  • Due to the fact that Mario Abiatti is wearing an Explosive vest with CX Explosive attributes, it is impossible to use Fire Extinguisher kills directly on him for SA rating.
  • If somehow 47 has been able to assassinate Mario Abiatti with no one aware, and Marco Abiatti still has his megaphone, Marco will be confused about why his father is no longer talking to him. (“Dad? Dad! Are you awake? Oh… I know this… this is the silent treatment isn’t it?”).


  • FlashBang Grenade
  • Lupara sawn-off Shotgun
  • MP5-SD
  • Remington 700 Sniper rifle (3x zoom with nearly zero sway, unsilenced)
  • Tacky Suit (the Anchorman but without Wig)
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By @Aegis_Chrome:

Of Highest Society - Community Created Bonus Level

Level Name: Of Highest Society
Location: Paris Morning
Target(s): “The Curator”


  • Eliminate Albrecht Volger
  • Destory the Jewel of the Serpentine

Briefing: "Good morning, 47. Your destination is the Palais de Walewska, a national treasure that hosts balls and gatherings for only the highest of societies. Your target, Albrecht Volger, curator of the Munich Ancient History Museum, is a prominent member of the Enlightened Few, who have funded Volger’s newest exhibition, a prestigious order of intellectuals and scholars from around the world. The organisation is frequently put under suspicion due to the horror stories that come out of their chambers; stories of psychological torture and brainwashing are plentiful, and are not helped by the subtle social elitism and lower class hatred exhibited by Volger. It seems the rumours are true, for a recent escapee, the famed banker Julian Gardeter, posted a sizeable dossier on the group to the internet containing enough evidence of criminal activity and human rights violations to bring them to their knees.

Coincidentally, he was found dead the next day in his New York apartment, and the EF were immediately suspected. The dossier has recently disappeared without a trace, and, naturally, they immediately denied the claims, being let off on the grounds of a lack of evidence. But, they do say that justice is blind.

Our client, Locksley, has managed to gather enough evidence of the incident and has traced the kill order back to one of the leading authorities: Albrecht Volger. They have hired us to take out the schemer, in any way you deem fit, and retrieve the exhibit’s prized piece: The Jewel of the Serpentine. Stolen from Arabia and smuggled around the world during an archaeological dig, it has been priced at around £1.2 million, and the client has requested we destroy the stone, as the one being displayed is, in fact, a fake. It is to be sold at an auction in Zurich, and Locksley doesn’t want the deceitful transaction to profit the EF in any way. Security will be tight, especially as you close on the Jewel, but you always were one for a challenge.

I will leave you to prepare, 47."

Map Description: The palace looks just as it did in “The Showstopper”, but the various posters are replaced with images of exhibits, and the Helmut Kruger poster is replaced with a picture of Albrecht standing empirically behind the JotS. The lights have changed to a light green and gold shade, and the fountain is much more active than in Paris, occasionally shooting water in arcs and waves. The level is highly hedged, and the pavilion is replaced by a hedge maze with a large well that has a grate and water pump (we’ll come to that later). Classical music plays quietly over the speakers, with occasional interludes that mention the different available exhibits. There are 4 exhibits, excluding the Jewel of the Serpentine : The Ancient Asia exhibit, the Precious Stones exhibit, the Wars And Weapons exhibit, and the Pirates And Plunder exhibit. The JotS is in the area where the stage would usually have been. It is surrounded by large, glass walls (bulletproof), and is accessible from a small security booth behind the box. The ceiling above it is open, as before it was just a cover, and the light is shining on the emerald.

Unavailable Areas:

  • Attic + Third floor
  • Fireworks timing plans and Kruger call area
  • The area outside the dressing rooms
  • The area occupied by all of the trucks

Unique Disguises:

  • Vincent Chertoff, Chief Exhibitions Officer
  • Dr. Lorie Meron, the precious stones evaluator and expert
  • Professor Mallory, a member of the EF and VIP supervisor
  • Samuel Mellor, an archaeologist with a bone to pick
  • John Carmel, Sound Organisations Officer
  • Terence Yordle, the engineer contracted to fix the pipes
  • Lenny Porchan, Chief Security Consultant

Minor Disguises:

  • Security Guard
  • Exhibition Technician
  • Maze Guide
  • Waiter
  • Sound Technician

Opportunities - Albrecht Volger:

  • A Skeptical Soul -
    • "47, the man in the tweed is one Samuel Mellor, a professor of archaeology at the American Archaeological Society and a staunch critic of Volger’s exhibition acquisition methods, calling him a “fraudulent thug”. He has come to the showing to take a look around and have a talk with the curator, a meeting we are almost sure won’t end well for Mellor, considering that Volger is expecting his appearance. Let’s give him a little hand, shall we?
    • If you get Mellor’s outfit, you are able to meet with Volger in private in the Sheik’s room, and you have the opportunity to drop a whale skeleton down on him, or eliminate him in some other way.
  • Simply A-Maze-Ing -
    • “I have intel, 47. The maze schedule reads that Volger is to be meeting with a formerly unknown of member of the Enlightened Few, Professor Orwell Mallory. One of the founders, to be granted an audience with him is a privilege of the highest order, and we believe he will be discussing further membership and benefactor services, after the Gardeter incident landed them in the biggest trouble they’ve seen in a while. He is set to meet in private in the centre of the maze, mostly due to the intimidation factor, if anything. Maybe we should be more than a fly-on-the-wall this conversation.”
    • If you are able to get a Maze Guide outfit, you can lead Volger through the maze for however long you want, to any part of the maze, or you can get Mallory’s disguise and set up the meeting with Volger. This will allow you to push him down the well, lock the gate and, while he shouts and swears, you can turn the water pump on and drown him.
  • His Final Performance -
  • “According to this pamphlet, it appears that Volger himself will be giving a presentation on the Serpentine, and is waiting for the all-clear by his Chief Exhibitons Officer, Vincent Chertoff, to enter. Apparently, to keep the stone in pristine condition, the room is pumped with a special gas that is highly toxic to humans. If Volger is to present, the pump will have to be turned off, but a small leak in the piping is making it difficult to stick to the schedule. A local engineer has been called in to fix the pipe, but he has not reported to the proper station for registering. Maybe we should pay the rouge repairman a visit, 47, and make Volger’s most important presentation his last.”
  • For this one, you can either: A) Get the CEO’s outfit and send Volger in prematurely, and the leaking gases will lead him to start feeling dizzy, stumble around, and fall into the small pit surrounding the jewel (used to help filter the gases away) or B) Find the technician, take his disguise, “repair” the pipe so that when Volger is in there, you can turn the gas all the way up, bursting the pipe and obscuring Volger in a cloud of smoke. When it dissipates, he is seen lying on the floor, surrounded by a pool of blood.
  • A Medieval Malfunction -
  • “The “War And Weapons” exhibit supposedly contains an authentic medieval battering ram, being stored in a room to the side of the exhibit. The ram is attached to a wheeling system and is supposedly fully function; proposed for a part of the show, but deemed too unsafe for use, it is now under protection in case of vandalism. The Chief Security Consultant is due to check on it, from time to time, and will be given full access to the area containing it. With Volger giving several speeches throughout the different wings, this would be the perfect opportunity to send him off with a bang.”
  • If you get the Chief Security Consultant’s outfit, you can pull a lever to position it directly behind the mini-stage upon which he will give a talk, and, when he does give the talk, you can cut the rope holding the ram up with a saber (required item) and it will show a cinematic kill from the side, half of the screen on the ram, half of Volger, of him being thrown across the room and dying due to the ram smashing the wall.
  • Priceless, Spineless -
  • “It appears the famous geologist and gem expert, Dr. Lorie Meron, has made one of his fabled appearances at the exhibition. In a statement he made, he claimed to be able to prove completely the falseness of the Jewel on show. According to the planner, he intends to make a dramatic entrance during his final talk, and Volger would no doubt like to have words with him afterwards. I’d suggest you try out a bit of method acting, 47.”
  • Getting the gem expert disguise will lead to 47 taking his place and proclaiming how fake the gem is. Volger will look on in anger and signal the sound technicians to cut off the sound, telling you to follow him. He will lead you to an area behind a screen in the Ancient Asia exhibit. There will be an ancient Japanese nodachi (big katana) and, during the conversation, the prompt to “Kill With Nodachi” will appear. It will them cut to the other side of the screen and show the shadow of 47 lifting the sword behind his head and stabbing the sword down viciously into the chest of Volger’s shadow, blood spattering against the screen. He will be left kneeling with the sword propping him up.
  • Opportunities - Jewel of the Serpentine:
  • Structural Damage -
    • “Interesting, 47. The schematics show the use of a decompression facility inside the cube, due to the fragility of the Jewel. It seems Volger is going all out to convince everyone that this is the real piece. The company that created this type of funnel went into liquidation 5 months ago, and it was found that entering the right code would overload the air compression filter, potentially crushing anything inside…”
    • If you can get the CEO’s outfit, you can manually enter the code leading to high decompression, and the crushing of the stone. Or, you can get the engineer’s outfit and stab a hole in the pump, meaning that it will take about 2 minute for the decompression to fully take place. It will cause the glass of the cube to shatter, also, making the glass splinter and shatter inwards.
  • A Crushing Moment -
  • “The sound system, as told by the two technicians, has a certain support bar loose. And that support bar is supporting the entire sound system that, coincidentally, is above the Jewel. The sound technicians are supposed to be doing a sound assessment on the command of the John Carmel, the Sound Organisations Officer. If the assessment and the beam were to be tampered with, it could be potentially disastrous for both the stone and anyone inside of the chamber…”
  • If you can get a the SOO’s outfit, you can initiate the sound test, and it will only drop a bar down onto the Jewel, not killing anyone inside the cube. But, if you have already loosened the bar, the test will cause the whole rig to crush the whole of the glass cube, with anyone inside.

Straight Flush - Community Created Bonus Level

Level Name: Straight Flush
Location: Bangkok Night
Target(s): "The Crime Lord, “The Sheikh”


  • Eliminate Henry Viceroy
  • Eliminate Sheikh Afzal El-Hashem

Briefing: "Good evening, 47. Your targets are one Henry Viceroy, millionaire British crime lord, and Sheikh Afzal El-Hashem, an Arabian casino tycoon who uses his wealth to fund criminal and terrorist enterprises all over the globe. After the death of Thomas Cross, the hotel was put up for property auction and ended up being sold to El-Hashem, who quickly set to work transforming it into a luxury casino, while still retaining the general look the previous owner had set. Naming it the Golden Lotus, he called in some workers from one of Viceroy’s secondary businessess, to whom he was already on good terms with, for a much lower price. However, during the construction, a government inspector and a group of 17 of Viceroy’s employees suddenly vanished during a scheduled health and safety check and suspicion was immediately placed upon both men.

However, the criminals used their respective wealth and intimidation to blackmail, coerce and kill their way to innocence, destroying any evidence of criminal intent. This did, however, cause a rift between the two men, and ICA sources indicate that their relationship has been getting worse and worse, and the Sheikh’s funding less and less.

Our client, the Royal Thai Government, has been gathering information on both the men, with the help of the British M16, and has finally collected enough to warrant a contract. They have told us that the casino is to be holding a gala for all, with some of Thailand’s social elite; a night of gambling and drinking for the benefit of the El-Hashem, and for the further endorsement of Viceroy.

I will leave you to prepare, 47, good hunting."

Map Description: The hotel has been converted into a casino, and so has had a few changes. The trees and plants are now much straighter and uniform, the butterflies are gone and the main colour palette contains dark reds, dark greys, whites and greens. At the front door, there is a large rotating poker chip sign that reads, “The Golden Lotus - Casino And Hotel”. The restaurant has had all the screens removed, and there are poker, blackjack and slots machines riddled around the room. The food stand now has party food instead of full meals: cocktail sausages, sandwiches, steaks, etc. The kitchen is basically the same, just with more boxes and crates around. The main lobby has basically the same layout, just with a disco ball and slot machines lining the walls. The hotel rooms have been done up in a more modern style, and are occupied by some very rich folk. Upstairs, above the old restaurant, the two Abel de Silva rooms are the restaurant and private smoking libraries respectively.

Unavailable Areas:

  • Jordan Cross’ whole side
  • Morgan’s Queen Suite
  • The tuk-tuk’s garden area

Unique Disguises:

  • Bonchay Sampatoree, Senior Casino Administrator
  • Mark Donovel, Head Chef
  • Harvey Barnham, slots engineer
  • Walter Tulley, senior accountant
  • Sakchai Thaksin, undercover government official
  • Janwa Hokchey, VIP oil baron
  • Steve Olivers, Head Of Security for Viceroy

Minor Disguises:

  • Casino Security (Sheikh)
  • Card Dealer (Sheikh)
  • Waiter (Sheikh)
  • Chef (Sheikh)
  • Bodyguard (Sheikh)
  • Casino Doorman (Sheikh)
  • Technician (Sheikh)
  • Gangster (Viceroy)

Opportunities - Sheikh Afzal El-Hasem:

  • A Drop Of Oil -
  • “That man is Janwa Hokchey, the millionaire owner of the Thai Oil Corporation, one of the most successful oil companies in the world. Intel suggests he is here for business as well as pleasure, to present the Sheikh a sample of his finest oil, a mutual business agreement for both sides. Money for oil, oil for money, etc. Perhaps we should try and get an ear in on that conversation, maybe more.”
  • By getting Janwa’s outfit, 47 can approach the Sheikh, you can take him to the oil and you will be left alone to talk. At some point during this talk, the prompt to “Push Into Vat” will appear and 47 will push him into the oil barrel and lock the lid, drowning him in oil.
  • Justice Is Served -
  • “According to this kitchen schedule, El-Hasem is to be enjoying a dinner with his more distinguished guests and Viceroy, and is waiting for the Head Chef to notify him of his dinner’s completion. The Sheikh is partial to a special type of stew his mother used to make, and would no doubt be fully interested if it were to be served as quickly as possible. Maybe we can add a bit of flavour to the dish…”
  • If you acquire any type of chef/waiter outfit, you may poison his stew. But, if you have the Head Chef’s disguise, you are able to bring the plate to the Sheikh yourself, and he will be very excited just before he starts spluttering and choking and falls face first into his food.
  • British Civility -
  • “It appears that Viceroy is set to meet with the Sheikh in a very private meeting, concerning future benefactor and funding ideas, due to the incident that led to our contracting. Viceroy has, apparently, been harbouring some very negative opinions towards the Sheikh, and is intending to blackmail him into paying more and more money into his endeavours, something I’m sure the Sheikh won’t take lightly. According to this, El-Hasem will make his way up to the meeting spot as soon as one of Viceroy’s gangsters makes the call, and Viceroy isn’t noted for his calm demeanour. I imagine you can find this information useful, 47.”
  • If you get the Head Of Security’s outfit, you can make the call to the Sheikh to send him up to the meeting room. This will allow you to take him out privately, without Viceroy being there, or you can tell Viceroy that the Sheikh called and said he’s making his way up to the meeting place, whereupon Viceroy will march to the meeting place. The conversation between them shall begin, with Viceroy getting ever angrier as the Sheikh mocks him, until he finally pulls out his switch blade and stabs the Sheikh repeatedly in the gut. There will be no bodyguards in the room, and Viceroy then stamps on the Sheikh’s head and walks to the window, pulling out a cigarette and smoking on the balcony. If you don’t push him over, he will walk out, motion to his bodyguards, and they will then shoot the Sheikh’s bodyguard with silenced pistols, dragging him into the room along with the Sheikh. Viceroy will then just return to his route.

Opportunities - Henry Viceroy:

  • The Lucky Number -
  • “Henry Viceroy is noted to be a gambling man, always up for the challenge of chance, and he is particularly partial to the slots machines. However, the slot machines have been acting up, lately, and the engineer called in to help hasn’t showed up to work, yet. He has been called for multiple times, but he keeps not appearing, and the certain model has been noted to dispense more coins than needed, so the problem is a high priority. Maybe we should pay the man a visit, 47.”
  • If you take the engineer’s outfit, you can “fix”, the slot machine, overpowering it so it’ll shoot hundreds of coins out at once and be an instant win on the next play. As long as you are in the animation, no NPC will try and play it, so you can stop as soon as you see Viceroy coming. Of course, he will play and win and the coins will shoot up into his face, killing him instantly.
  • A Cracking Deal -
  • “Playing cards is noted as one of Viceroy’s specialities, and a place at the centre table has been booked by the Senior Casino Administrator, who is to deal in the game. If someone were to win, they’d be escorted back to the money counter for a while why they hand over the money; notably one of the more private parts of the casino floor. Maybe we should get a look on that game, 47.”
  • 47 can do one of two things with this opportunity: A) 47 can get the SCA’s outfit and work out the table himself, cheating and swaying the cards into Viceroy’s favour, eventually having him win and get really excited. You can then walk him to the cash desk, ask the guards for some privacy and, as he is inspecting the money case, press the button on the shutter (if you have already broken it with a screwdriver) which will fall down and snap his neck, leaving him trapped between the desk, or you can just kill him any other way you want. B) Take one of the places at the gambling table, obviously cheat so that Viceroy notices you and follows you to the cash counting desk, shouting at everyone to get out. You can then grab the case and smash him around the face, or just kill him some other way.
  • Undercover, Under Fire -
  • “Well, this is interesting. That man is an undercover policeman working for the TPD, and it seems he is here to spy on Viceroy, in the event that he does anything illegal, but ICA sources indicate that Viceroy has already been alerted to his presence by a mole in the police, and intends to out him in front of everybody. Sounds like trouble, we could relieve the poor rookie of his duties.”
  • If you get the undercover officer’s outfit, you can approach Viceroy who will laugh and guide you up onto stage. He will then start proclaiming that you are an undercover cop, thank you for your/
    service, and to come up to his room for a drink and a “chat”. You can either A) follow him up to the room, whereupon he will sit down and offer you a drink. He gets a phone call, will walk to the window, and the prompt to “Switch Glasses” will come up. After the phone call, Viceroy will invite you to drink, saying cheers (47 will stand and stare at him as they both have a drink), and keel over in agony and die, seizuring on the floor. It turns out her poisoned your drink, but you did a bit of the old switcheroo (kill as credited to DruidJ, seriously he’s a genius). Or B) rig the disco ball so it falls down when he slams the mic stand down on the stage.

By @Aegis_Chrome and @DruidJ:

Countdown - Fan-Made Bonus Level

Level Name: Countdown
Location: Marrakesh Dusk
Target(s): “The Inventor”, “The Arms Dealer”


  • Eliminate Stefan Lindberg
  • Eliminate Adrijana Novak

Briefing: "Good evening, 47. Your destination is, once again, Marrakesh; more precisely, the newly-managed Swedish consulate. After the failed coup, the acting chief, Erik Olander, disappeared without a trace, and the Swedish government decided the building needed a change. It has now been converted into part science exhibition, part consulate, with one of Sweden’s top scientists as head of the facility; your target, Stefan Lindberg. Lindberg is holding a ball at the consulate, under the guise of a scientific breakthrough, revealing his new “Stormbringer”. Proposed as a cheaper and safer alternative to fossil fuels, it can, reportedly, take wind energy and, using a special superconductor in the core, create pure lightning.

The power of God at One’s fingertips, shall we say.

Lindberg, after demonstrating his technological marvel, intends to sell it off in a very cloak-and-dagger exchange with the Serbian arms heiress, Adrijana Novak. ICA sources indicate she is to use it in a major terrorist attack within Serbia, with the intent of bolstering her own financial and political standing; so, our clients, the Serbian government, have hired us to eliminate them both; dealing with the fallout and the removal of the Stormbringer, as long as we can deal with the masterminds.

With the ball being a high-societal event, security will be tighter than usual; but, 47, I do know how you love a challenge. I will leave you to prepare."

Map Description: The consulate looks exactly the same on the outside, apart from a flag that flies the flag bearing an atom in the Swedish colours. It also has some standing signs showing off the ball, and the wall has been replaced by one made of glass. The windows have the same atom symbol on and the front door now resembles more of a hotel, with 2 armed guards at both the turnstile (which is now replaced with a revolving glass door). Outside, you can only access the area up until the arches leading to the market, and those are the exits; it’s quite small, like The Icon. Outside, there are some stalls and pop-up bars for tests to relax and smoke, etc. The top floor of the consulate is now laboratories and rooms for meetings, and the downstairs is like the consulate, just more posh. There’s a main kitchen, a mock ballroom, a bar, and the offices (which are being used by a group of interns). The labs, meeting room and bio-facility are all staffed by some scientists, and the Stormbringer is upstairs, waiting to be wheeled down on the special track that was built for the presentation. Some experiments are being performed on it, to make sure it is okay to demonstrate.

Starting Location: Sitting at a table by a small, pop-up cafe in the courtyard.

Inaccessible Areas:

  • Everywhere but the consulate up to the arched gateways

Unique Disguises:

  • Sergei Oskolyev, Russian FSB spy
  • Hans Mattelline, Chief Lab Coordinator
  • Oliver Boothroyd, English private investigator
  • Mikael Jensen, Lindberg’s personal doctor/physician
  • Giordino Alliami, Famous Italian violinist
  • Georg Hendersson, Facilities Maintenance Officer
  • Frederik Mnjak, Hanmjry Jagtak leader

Minor Disguises:

  • Personal Bodyguard (Novak)
  • Security Guard (Lindberg)
  • Waiter (Lindberg)
  • Goon (Novak)
  • Intern (Lindberg)
  • Orchestra Member (Lindberg)
  • Janitor (Lindberg)
  • Maintenance (Lindberg)

Kill Opportunities - Lindberg:

The Power Of God

  • “From the schedule, it seems that Lindberg is eager to present the Stormbringer as soon as possible, but, until he gets the all-clear from his Chief Lab Coordinator, the ball stays on. It is to be wheeled through from its laboratory, onto the stage, and the reception should be a large one. A doting audience and an obsessive inventor? What could go wrong…”
  • Step 1. Find and read the schedule which is in the massage room.
  • Step 2. Get Hans Mattelline’s disguise (CLC).
  • Step 3. Tamper with the safety and overload the Stormbringer (requires screwdriver).
  • Step 4. Talk to Stefan Lindberg.
  • Step 5. Go to the moose drop room and talk into the microphone to announce that it’s time to reveal the Stormbringer.
  • Step 6. Take a seat in the audience and watch the Stormbringer zap Lindberg, making him float slightly and shake, then fall back to the stage.

The Final Song

  • “According to that pamphlet, the violinist to close the reception is the famous musician Giordino Alliama, a man whose violin skill knows no bounds. He has been booked by Lindberg, personally, to give the final performance of the night. Now, Lindberg has always been noted as a sentimental man, so has asked the violinist to play a famous song from his homeland, With such positive emotions swelling, a hearty congratulations and a toast is sure to follow. Maybe you should polish off your Stradivarius, 47.”
  • Step 1. Obtain Giordino Alliami’s outfit.
  • Step 2. Meet with Lindberg and a group of his scientist’s for a short rehearsal.
  • Step 3. Play violin. Well.
  • Step 4. Walk onto the stage to much applause.
  • Step 5. Play violin, again. More well.
  • Step 6. Meet with Lindberg afterwards.
  • Step 7. Poison his drink, press appropriate button to smash violin and stab brutally in neck with sharp splinters, or do the boring thing and not do that.

Meeting The Rieper

  • “The memo on the intern’s pad has a meeting scheduled with Lindberg for one Oliver Boothroyd, an English private investigator, recently hired by Lindberg to investigate a rival company, BioCorp, who is, supposedly, using some of Lindberg’s stolen technology to research the infamous castor bean, also known as the bean from which ricin is taken. Maybe we should take a further interest in the horticultural world, 47.”
  • Step 1. Find the castor beans in a secure part of the lab.
  • Step 2. Get Boothroyd’s outfit.
  • Step 3. Collect the castor beans and meet with Lindberg in his office.
  • Step 4. While he is looking out of the window, drop all but one of the castor beans into the peanut jar he dips his hand into from time to time.
  • Step 5. Wait for Lindberg to mindlessly take a handful of peanuts, not noticing the castor beans, and eating them (thoroughly).
  • Note: This is similar to destroying Soders’ heart. As ricin doesn’t kill instantly, but stop protein production, he will die after you finish the mission, with Diana saying, “Good work, 47. Lindberg will be dead by sunrise, and nobody will be none the wiser.”

Kill Opportunities - Novak:

A Fall From Grace

  • “A Russian FSB agent? How curious. It seems we aren’t the only ones taking an interest in the Stormbringer. With the power that one could obtain from owning the Stormbringer, it’s understandable why they’re taking some notice. The agent seems to be photographing Novak at any point he can, and I’m sure she wouldn’t appreciate it if he were to be caught. Interesting…”
  • Step 1. Take Oskolyev’s outfit and camera.
  • Step 2. Take a picture of Novak in front of her face.
  • Step 3. Be taken up to the roof and cuffed by her guards
  • Step 4. Press kill button to pick your cuffs, and, as she gets close, put them on her and throw her off the roof.
  • Step 5. Watch her fall, handcuffed, and be impaled on one of the consulate’s flag poles.

Positively Shocking

  • “The maintenance schedule shows that the hot tub in the VIP lounge seems to be out of order, and a high priority notice has been placed on it. Novak is to be testing out some of the buildings higher class facilities, and the hot tub is one of them. The maintenance officer is to personally repair the tub. Maybe we should give him a hand, 47.”
  • Step 1. Take Hendersson’s outfit.
  • Step 2: Dismiss the other maintenance engineers.
  • Step 3. Expose a wire in the hot tub’s wiring.
  • Step 4. Attach wiring to water tube.
  • Step 5. Invite Novak to try out the hot tub.
  • Step 6. Go into the control room and fry dat biatch.

Shootin’ The Breeze

  • “47, I have intel. The man in the fur is none other than Frederik Mnjak, the leader of the Hanmjry Jagtak, a Serbian arms gang that Novak is to be meeting with in a very “cloak-and-dagger” meeting, sometime during the ball. ICA sources indicate that they are to discuss a new, experimental weapon Mnjak has brought along to the meeting. Interesting…”
  • Step 1. Get Mnjak’s disguise.
  • Step 2. Go to the sentry gun and deactivate its safety code, so that it targets Novak and Novak alone.
  • Step 3. Talk to Novak and tell her to meet you upstairs (by the windows that Strandberg stares out of).
  • Step 4. 47 will give a talk about the weapon, and the technician will go to activate it.
  • Step 5. Novak will press the big, red button and be blown out of the window by the bullets.
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I had this idea written down somewhere to use Miami’s Expo Center and part of the public area for a mission set during an outdoor movie premiere red carpet event. Specifically the cinema screen would be about where the start finish line is in the current Miami layout. The idea is that 47 could actually slip behind the screen. There was also supposed to be a clever kill where 47 appears in front of the projector and he has a giant shadow and he stabs down the knife on an actual target in the projector booth and it’s not detected because it’s in timing with a sequence in the film that is playing similar to the shadow knife scene in the real life film PSYCHO.

There was another thread about "suggest the next celebrity elusive target " and I was thinking Michael Bay doing a Victoria Secret ad shoot at Hawke’s Bay would have been perfect. :stuck_out_tongue:

HITMAN 3 definitely has potential. Chongqing is just asking for a Chinese New Year themed mission. There’s also possibilities in Berlin and Dubai. I’ll be sure to post if and when the ideas become whole. :slight_smile:


This would also be a good opportunity for Mendoza, since in The Farewell, the cinema area doesn’t have much going on in it.


A user on Reddit just posted this, anyone want to follow up?

Dartmoor - The Haunting of Thornbridge Manor
A few years after the Carlisle family lost all claim to the Thornbridge estate, it was purchased by an occult society. You infiltrate the property at night, during which a summoning will take place. A small audience of wealthy individuals are there to see the spectacle, and are paying through the nose for it. The targets would be the head magus, an Aleister Crowley type who has many enemies, and one of the wealthy benefactors who is using the occult society as a money laundering front.
Opportunities include:

  • killing all the lights in the middle of the summoning, leaving the magus in a pool of blood, and maintaining SA because onlookers will suspect demonic forces
  • haunting the benefactor into believing it’s all real and he’s being punished for his greed
  • barricading the exits and starting a fire
  • a confrontation between the magus and the benefactor during a recess that leads to the magus stabbing the benefactor with a ceremonial dagger
  • hallucinogenic poisons

Berlin - A Matter of Integrity
A demolition crew is tearing down the old reactor to repurpose the land. The target is the land developer, who owns 20% of the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolis, and is charging both her tenants and the city of Berlin itself extortionate prices. Broad daylight, construction crew and site security everywhere, target has more than 2 bodyguards and is hard to get near.
Opportunities include:

  • Disguising yourself as the foreman to get a private meeting
  • So much accidents
  • Having the entire structure collapse with the developer inside
  • Staging emergency phone calls to the target that gets her to find a quiet place to think, possibly on top of a roof somewhere

Dubai - The Harder They Fall
A sniper map, in which you are sitting in a helicopter outside the Burj Al-Ghazali, giving the pilot instructions to move to the other sides of the building and up and down. Targets are a cartel of US arms dealers looking to branch into oil, following a lucrative US military contract for their legitimate branch.
Opportunities include:

  • Sheikhs Omar and Salman Al-Ghazali both make appearances and will have private meetings with targets occasionally.
  • Destroying balconies that targets are on
  • Crates of explosives being held in storage rooms
  • Weapon demonstration accidents

Mendoza - No Rest for the Wicked
The son of a former nazi officer who had been in hiding in Argentina, has bought the former Yates estate, but this purchase set off some alarms. The former vineyard being used as training grounds and the winery as barracks for a neonazi militia planning a terrorist strike. Targets are the owner of the estate, who is an old man holed up in the mansion, and a militia leader. Militia kills do not affect your score.
Opportunities include:

  • Stabbing the old man with his nazi paraphernalia
  • Tipping off local authorities to start a firefight between them and the militia
  • Killing the militia leader first, and the old man being called down to the training grounds when his body is found

Chongqing - Cog in the Machine
Chongqing in daylight is bustling with people. The ICA facility has been turned into a large corporation’s datacenter, and has publicly visible entrances now. The target is a supervisor of the engineering team and a secret prototype on his computer that spells potential catastrophe to cyber security. The facility itself has a lot more employees walking around and is physically less security, but also offers less privacy.
Opportunities include:

  • A corporate spy trying to infiltrate the facility, who may be caught and interrogated by the target (during which you may either be that corporate spy in disguise, or have the opportunity to get the target away from their computer).
  • Many employee types to disguise yourself as, in order to cause disruptions in specific parts of the system.
  • Destroying the prototype first to get the target to freak out, cause a scene, and have to report to his boss or HR.

This seems familiar

“Some works, such as the 2014 book Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler by British authors Simon Dunstan and Gerrard Williams, and the docudrama film by Williams based on it, suggest that Hitler and Braun did not commit suicide, but actually escaped to Argentina.”

-From Conspiracy theories about Adolf Hitler’s death - Wikipedia

I think it’s a reference to Adolf Eichmann, the brains behind the Holocaust, who hid in Argentina after WW2.

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Two more from Reddit, by u/cretinous_oaf (previous batch is from u/PityUpvote).

Title: Past the Veil

Location: Chongqing

Targets: Byron Washington and Jiao Mei.

Description: As described in Mendoza, Byron Washington has put together a team to find and kill 47. Jiao is his chief partner in this endeavor having lost most of her team as well as a livelihood to 47 in Berlin. They have traveled to Chongqing to find information on 47. Jiao roams the streets looking for and interviewing witnesses to what happened in Chongqing while Byron Washington roams the facility as his employees search the facility and attempt to breach the data core. The level takes place at a smog tinted pink sunset during a New Years parade. The city now bustles with people and floats while the facility is worse for wear. The foliage has overgrown and the stark white walls have yellowed and dirtied. The core is sunken into still boiling coolant and burn marks scatter the facility.

Story Missions:

  • The Third Rail: Tip Jiao off discreetly that 47 will arrive at the train station (the small area is now fully opened). Jiao goes with a full armada of armed guards but realizes it was a lie. Her guards leave while she stays and broods giving you the perfect chance to push her into the regularly passing train.

  • Those We’ve Lost: Jiao plans to conduct a funeral ceremony to honor her fallen comrades in Berlin. You can either do an incense stick through the eye ala the pen kill or push her off a balcony into the river afterwards.

  • All That’s Left: 47 overhears Byron would give anything to have a one on one conversation with his daughters murderer. 47 can then send a message through a facility computer offering a meeting. Byron will have armed guards stand outside his door while you sit across from him and talk. You can either apologize or double down. Either result’s the same, he pulls a gun out his drawer and the prompt is shown to shoot him which 47 does, sending a squirt of blood against the picture of his daughters behind him. Alternatively you can find and present a letter from his daughters saying they planned to have him killed so they could inherit his think tank. This will cause him to decide to let you kill him, or he will shoot himself if you take too long.

  • The Molten Core: Byron has conscripted divers with heat resistant suits to dive and retrieve physical pieces of the core to analyze. The divers have cold feet and worry about the safety of the super heated water. You can disguise yourself as one and initiate a meeting at the entrance to the core room saying you’re now willing. You then are able to push him into the boiling coolant. If you take too long to push him he realizes it’s you and calls his guards.

Title: One Last Party

Location: Berlin

Target: Heinrich Roth

Description: This level takes place in Club Hölle at the end of its tenure. Most of it is being refurbished to be turned back into a functioning nuclear plant besides most of the main building. The level happens during the very start of dawn as the sun rises. The club has just had a going away part and is filled with sleeping, hungover, and tired guests slowly leaving. Deflating balloons and limp banners litter the premises. Under the surface a dastardly plot is simmering. Heinrich Roth, a neo nazi terrorist, has activated a handheld nuclear device somewhere on the premises and is planning to set it off after he leaves in order to pin it on a foreign country and hasten the collapse of civilization. He is roaming the club in order to make sure it goes off without a hitch and subtly gloat to the soon to be dead guests. The nuclear device is located in either the club owners office or at the top of a now accessible cooling tower. 47 has been dispatched to eliminate Roth and disable the nuclear device before it can go off/ retrieve it and take it to an exit. The device is designed to go off once he has reached a safe distance but will automatically countdown 15 minutes if he dies. Roth will also leave the club after 25 minutes unless impeded through various opportunities.

The assassinations would include but not be limited to:

  • A Final Hurrah: the DJ had passed out and has been replaced by a pathetic open mic of tired or high patrons. Roth is hoping for something climactic or entertaining to top off the night. 47 can enter as either a musician or comedian. Coincidentally the construction has rigged explosives to take down the giant tree above the dance floor. 47 can enthrall Roth with either a killer comedy act or a beautiful guitar solo into either an electrified puddle or use the explosives to crush him with the tree.

  • A Pit of Snakes: Roth has his group of fellow terrorists holed up in the former bikers hangout. 47 can find out that Roth and a few fellow members plan to leave without telling another half, leaving them to die in the explosion. This betrayal is due to a severe ideological schism. 47 can disguise as a member of the group and call a meeting in the hideout. 47 can then give the documents to the other members of the group and hide as the entire terrorist group, including Roth fire on and kill each other.

  • An Unforeseen Problem: Roth is intent on nothing going wrong with his plan and as such will investigate any perceived problem with the device. In a disguise and with the right tool you can break the device and inform him. This will lead him to head to its location hoping to fix it. Once there you have one of two options. If he is at the cooling tower you can push him into it, or if he is at the club owners office you can kill him in a unique way by hitting his head on a pipe and dumping him down a shaft.

  • A Morning Stroll: disguised as his second in command you can tell him that you have surveyed the conditions and are confident that nothing will go wrong. This will lead him to go on a stroll through the woods before he leaves where you can kill him into multiple ways. You can drown him in the pond as he passes by, you can push him of the radio tower which will impale him on a jutting branch, or you can wait for him to head to the petrol station and either electrocute him with the pay phone or blow the whole thing up.

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An idea from myself. Rosamund Pike deservedly won a Golden Globe for her performance in I Care a Lot, where she plays a conwoman who runs an elaborate scam: declaring elderly people mentally unfit, having a court assign her as their guardian, stick them in a care home for the rest of their miserable life and sell all of their possessions.

I think she would fit perfectly in Whittleton Creek as an elusive target or a “special assignment”.

Almost everyone in that movie could be a Hitman target: the conwoman, her partner, the care home manager, the doctor, the judge, the mob boss, the mob lawyer, the mob assassin, etc. We could have space for a Sarajevo Six or Patient Zero style campaign.

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This is too Good to be a Bonus Level,it should be a Full New Level,Set in a Third World Country.