Cross-platform Leaderboards?

I noticed that the PS leaderboards have [STEAM] before some player IDs. Are the leaderboards now cross-platform? If PC players are on the console leaderboards, then that’s a huge disadvantage to console players. It’s far easier to aim more accurately on PC, especially during speedruns.


Xbox supports mouse and keyboard. That argument is starting to hold less water. Not as sure about PlayStation though.

Most console users, Xbox or otherwise, aren’t going to use a mouse and keyboard.

A boxer is allowed to fight with one hand behind his back if he so wishes, that doesn’t mean that the opponent has an unfair advantage.

I noticed this too…but if the leaderboards were cross-platform, why would it say “Steam”? The game is, famously, not on Steam.

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Boxing isn’t designed to be fought with one hand, so your analogy falls apart.


But somebody can win the boxing match with just one hand, and he doesn’t get disqualified. So it actually doesn’t.

Um…not H3. That’s the whole point of Epic exclusivity.

If so, I’ve never heard of it. :man_shrugging:

Nor have I heard that.

Why would you disqualify the disadvantaged party? The analogy was, and is still, nonsense.

You said PC players have an advantage with mouse and keyboard. I pointed out that console players can use the exact same controls. Therefor they are on even footing. If a player chooses not to utilize the mouse and keyboard and stick tk controller he is not “disadvantaged” he is simply choosing to box with one hand behind his back. The analogy makes perfect sense even if you don’t agree with it.

@ZeroGravitas @AttentionDeficitDave I think that you’re right. Maybe I misread something and thought that is was briefly on Steam.

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There’s definitely been some confusing info out there especially with it all swirling around the progression carryover problems.

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Like I said, it doesn’t make sense since boxing isn’t designed to fought with one hand, just as consoles aren’t designed to be used with a mouse and keyboard. Sure, it’s possible in both cases, but not by original design. You could argue that speedrun exploits also aren’t by design, but at least everybody has an equal playing field.

“Consoles arent designed for mouse and keyboard”

An Xbox is LITERALLY a windows 10 pc. They are built from the ground up to support mouse and keyboard.

At the end of the day my point still stands. If a console player doesn’t use mouse and keyboard, that’s his choice. But it’s not a disadvantage as it’s a choice he makes.

Hitman: Codename 47, the first game in the series was designed for PC exclusively. So technically, by your own logic, Hitman isn’t “designed” to play with a controller.

I said consoles, e.g., PS, Switch, and Stadia, not just Xbox. An Xbox comes with a controller, not a mouse and keyboard.

The last paragraph is completely irrelevant. Almost every shooting game is easier to control with a mouse and keyboard. That doesn’t mean that they’re all designed for PC.

Yeaaaa… I’m all done here. My point stands for Xbox which is the only console I am discussing here and I made that clear in my original post.

As a shorter reply to the OP: I certainly hope the leaderboards are cross platform. Those PC players can get wrecked trying to keep up with my console scores.


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I agree that cross platform leaderboards would be cool. Being a smaller fish in a much bigger pond doesn’t bother me. Cross platform contracts would be even better. Imagine if ghost mode had been cross platform ,waiting for other players wouldn’t have taken forever.