Cross Progression (Xbox --> Steam)

I can’t seem to find a answer anywhere to Cross-Progresion.
I have lots of progress on Xbox Game Pass and thus Xbox and Recently enjoyed playing Hitman WoA on PC Game Pass however it has been removed recently.
I was considering buying Hitman WoA on Steam and was wondering if I could transfer my save data from Xbox to Steam?

I don’t have an Xbox so I’m not positive, but I am pretty sure you cannot transfer progress from consoles to personal computers (or vice versa) or between the Xbox and PlayStation for that matter. You’ll have to start over if you’re playing on a personal computer.


Okay, thanks. If i end up buying it again I’ll just grind everything again.

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The game is not cross-platform in the fullest sense of the words.
You can’t do anything regarding cross-platform actions.
Neither play contracts created for specific platform nor move/transfer progress, save files, DLCs etc between platforms.
The game is fully self-contained on each platform