Custom Suit Builder

Would be cool if when you unlocked a new suit you were able to mix and match the pieces with other suits you already have. So you could choose between all your unlocked pants, jackets, shirts, ties, shoes, wigs, etc. The possibilities would be endless.


Would be nice, but probably a nightmare making sure articles don’t clip, and the UI isn’t really set up for anything like that.

I’d love it if they just gave us the option to remove gloves and head wear so the suits can fit in everywhere.

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Actually not that big of a problem considering that this is done anyway, lots of NPC suits use the same models as 47’s suits but with different combinations of jackets, shirts, ties, pants, etc.

The UI would probably be the bigger hurdle, and IO is very unlikely to offer something like this officialy.
However, in the future with mods you might definitely see something like this become possible.

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Interesting, I hadn’t noticed. For the classic suits I wouldn’t think it would be a big deal, but when it comes to things like tactical wear and themed suits I pictured it being tougher.

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