Customisable difficulty settings

There are some things I really like in higher difficulties (like extra cameras), but others I detest (like limited saves). Would be great if you had a ‘custom difficulty’ tab in the menu, with a bunch of checkboxes or options to set up your own difficulty (add extra cameras, keep standard enforcers, up combat difficulty, etc). Different achievements could be linked to certain difficulty settings of course - but would be nice to have the option. You could even add additional elements here like ‘no disguises’ or ‘no knockouts’ etc.


We were promissed an extra wise combat AI in HITMAN 2.
But instead we had a total disaster that ruined the whole system.
And we still struggling with consequences even in HITMAN 3. Like expertly telepathic guards who can expose you by one single (silent) sniper shot.
So options are okay, but don’t touch any AI please


I’d like a dishonored style custom difficulty

I do think the current Difficult system is in a overhaul system as the adjustments feel bit generic in difficult escalation.

it should be easy, right? the escalation missions do it… contracts can do it, too…